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Georgia Rule
A mixture of bad ideas
Georgia Rule
The Cast of "Georgia Rule."
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $20,000,000
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February 15th, 2007: Rachelís (Lindsay Lohan) compulsive and uncontrollable behavior has finally become too much for her mom Lilly (Felicity Huffman). No longer able to understand her daughterís anger and with her patience wearing thin following Rachelís recent car crash, Lilly sends the rebellious girl away for a while to live with her grandmother Georgia (Jane Fonda) in a farm in Idaho. Although at first it may seem like a dull and carefree vacation, Rachel soon finds out that her time at the farm will be filled with discipline and hard work. While Georgia attempts to impose the rules of the house on her unruly granddaughter, Rachel looks for new ways to shake up the quiet Mormon town. As much as she tries to resist, however, the young girl begins to feel a connection with her grandmother and slowly reveals the vulnerabilities buried beneath her tough exterior. Shocking revelations will soon bring the three women closer than ever before and will test their loyalty to each other.

What to Expect: Along with Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Tomkat, and Brangelina, Lindsay Lohan is probably the biggest celebrity in America right now. It is a sad fact that she has become the mediaís darling primarily thanks to her antics, but it is also an inescapable reality that will essentially help this movie garner attention, free of charge. Without Lohanís involvement, the movie would be of little interest to the public, but her inclusion gives the project that intriguing, art-imitating-life angle. Letís take a look back to what brought this about.

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After making a decision to stick to projects to which big name directors were attached, Lohan passed on another interesting movie titled Bill and opted to focus on Georgia Rule. Even before filming began (long before filming began), Lohan started to garner attention with her bizarre or questionable health problems. In January of last year, she was hospitalized after reportedly suffering from a severe asthma attack. The very next month, she was back in the hospital with chest pains and was diagnosed with bronchitis.

When filming began last summer, the problems continued. After a grueling day of shooting in the sun, Lohan wound up in the hospital once more. This time she was treated for heatstroke and exhaustion. Her publicist defended the actress, claiming that her grueling schedule was the underlying cause, but many speculated that Lohanís late night partying the night before may have been the biggest factor. A few days later, Lohan actually took a trip to Vegas, and it wasnít to rehearse her lines or do research.

Soon, the general consensus became that Lohan would hide behind her doctors whenever she would stay out too late and didnít feel like putting in the work the following day. Many attested that the young actress constantly pulled similar stunts due to hangovers while shooting Herbie Fully Loaded. James G. Robinson, the CEO of Morgan Creek Productions, actually sent a very serious letter to the young starlet, reprimanded her for her total lack of professionalism following the hospitalization that occurred while Lohan was shooting Georgia Rule. He reportedly called her a spoiled child and pointed out that her actions alienated the other cast members and endangered the progress of the picture. As a result, he even threatened to sue if the problems continued, and rightfully so. Interestingly enough, Lohan later admitted to never having received the letter, which would explain why she continued to make headlines. During a break in filming, Lohan and a bunch of her friends were invited over to Disneyland, for an after-hours open park. Unsurprisingly, they showed up intoxicated and were reportedly so raucous and abusive to the Disneyland staff that they had to be closely monitored by upper management. As recently as just a couple of weeks ago, Lohan went into rehab while filming I Know Who Killed Me, causing more delays and proving that she would continue to do so, regardless of whose set she happened to be on.

Of course everyone, including Rosie OíDonnell, has already weighed in with an opinion on Lohanís behavior. My favorite comment thus far has come from actor William H. Macy, who co-starred with Lohan in the recent drama Bobby. When talking about the actress, her late arrivals on set, and her unprofessional behavior in general, Macy said that she ďshould have her ass kicked.Ē And while Jane Fonda initially sided with Robinson and his comments in the letter, she was quick to also gush about Lohanís talents, giving the girl credit for her amazing ability to access emotion. Fonda has actually admitted that Lohan made her cry with her acting and has said that some guidance and nurture would probably be best for the wild starlet.

Clearly, a lot of what Lohan appears to be going through off-camera will parallel what will take place in Georgia Rule.


The big family secret in the film (which does not mirror Lohanís real life story) is that Rachel, Lohanís character, has been molested by her stepfather, who is played by Cary Elwes. Elwesí character is an otherwise squeaky-clean figure, which is one of the reasons why the crime is never revealed to Rachelís mother. Of course, the incident becomes one of the driving factors behind Rachelís uncontrollable and seemingly unexplainable anger.


She vents her sexual frustrations on a local Idaho boy named Harlan (Garrett Hedlund). Pictures of the controversial scene that takes place in a boat and show Lohanís character and the sexually inexperienced boy getting to third base have been making waves on the Internet for some time. Early word from screenings suggests that the scene in the movie may not be as explicit as it seems, but it continues to be a topic of interest.

The filmmakers here are reportedly aiming for a very realistic story of abuse and complex mother-daughter relationships, with a touch of dark humor mixed in. Reportedly, Lohan does well with material that forces her to stretch her acting muscles more than she has ever had to before. Fonda, who will turn 70 years old later this year, plays Georgia with the necessary sass required of someone who has to enforce the rules of the house. Huffman has the most on her plate, however, as she finds herself caught in the middle of her two dysfunctional relationships: the one with her daughter and the one with her mother. This is a movie that will explore family problems, particularly ones more unique to the female of the species. The dark humor in the film has been described as a bit like the type found in the recent comedy about a dysfunctional family, Little Miss Sunshine, only not quite as good. As a result, it comes off as both strange and random and perhaps not entirely appropriate with the subject matter involved. Ultimately, this is supposed to be a story of motherhood and redemption and is therefore bound to feature a tearjerker ending.

The screenplay was written by Mark Andrus, whose scripts have been getting progressively less impressive since he penned the Oscar winning As Good as It Gets. Life as a House may still have been respectable melodrama, but Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, which he also wrote, is decidedly not top-notch Hollywood territory. One of my main concerns with the script is that it reportedly shows Elwesí characterís perspective in addition to Rachelís point of view in order to confuse the audience as to who is telling the truth. This seems like an unnecessary, thriller-like distraction that may keep the audience from following and identifying with the central grandmother-mother-daughter dilemma. Furthermore, Iím not entirely convinced that Garry Marshall is the right director for the job. Heís helmed several memorable pictures in the past, like Overboard, Frankie and Johnny, and Pretty Woman, but his resume also features flops like Dear God and Exit to Eden. Regardless, none of those films ever delve into the type of subject matter that Georgia Rule revolves around. When I hear that the director of Runaway Bride is helming a child molestation flick with a touch of dark humor thrown in for good measure, I cannot help but cringe a little.

In Conclusion: There is a possibility that this movie may end up getting an R rating, which would certainly keep a good portion of Lohanís teenybopper fans away from the theaters. The actress hasnít exactly been bringing in the crowds with her last few outings either. You would have to look back to 2004ís Mean Girls for a genuine hit. Last yearís Just My Luck was an absolute flop, despite putting Lohan in the type of story that younger audiences should have just been dying for. Furthermore, the combination of her off-screen and on-set antics, her rather conveniently Lohan-like role in the film, and the movieís molestation plot, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. With Garry Marshall brining in his sappy, manipulative direction, I expect Georgia Rule to turn into a bad Lifetime movie of the week, not very much unlike Marshallís very own The Other Sister, which placed mentally retarded characters in the middle of a shameless and exploitative plot.

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May 11th, 2007 (wide)
September 4th, 2007 (DVD)

Universal Pictures

Garry Marshall

Lindsay Lohan, Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman, Dermot Mulroney, Cary Elwes, Garrett Hedlund, Christine Lakin, Laurie Metcalf, Hector Elizondo

Total: 65 vote(s).

Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Rated R for sexual content and some language.

113 min





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