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The Eye
Being blind is not so bad with this movie around.
The Eye
Jessica Alba Stars in "The Eye."
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $12,000,000
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November 26th, 2007: A young woman (Jessica Alba) receives an eye transplant that allows her to see for the first time since a childhood accident robbed her of her sight. She soon learns that seeing is not it is all cracked up to be when she realizes that she can see the dead. She then, with the help of her doctor, embarks on a mission to unravel the secret of her new found power and the mystery of her eye's donor.

What to Expect: What do you get when you take a Spartan budget of twelve million dollars, a terrible actress, a script writer whose best work was Snakes on a Plane, the producers (Tom Cruise/Paula Wagner) who brought you Lions for Lambs and a rookie director? If you said a terrible movie, you are right, and it has a name: The Eye. The Eye is going to be a remake of the Pang brothers Hong Kong original, which was really nothing special to begin with. However, by the time Cruise is done with the remake, it is going to make the original look like a masterpiece. This movie truly has nothing going for it and here is why.

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First of all the original Eye did not have a very clever or original concept. It tells the story of a young violin player who was blind from early childhood, but then gets a cornea transplant to restore her vision. However, to her dismay, the operation not only restores her ability to see the living but also the dead! Well, that could kind of make sense until we learn that not only can she see the dead, but she can also hear the dead, interact with the dead and can even foresee disastrous events. That's some amazing cornea!

This movie despite the flaky concept has some very good plot twists and a very sympathetic character you can cheer for. As you would expect there are lots of dead people doing very creepy things. As a result it did very well in the Far East. The movie even had two sequels, The Eye 2 and The Eye 10, yup 10. However, we are quite spoiled in America and have seen the same ideas told well in films like the Sixth Sense and Mothman Prophecies. However, Tom Cruise still thought it was a good idea to remake it. He first attempted to do it during his time at Paramount, but could not make it work. After getting kicked out from the studio, Cruise took the rights with him to United Artists. He partnered with Lionsgate to produce the project with a twelve million dollar budget. Lionsgate has made a fortune producing low budget horror flicks such as the Saw franchise and Open Water, so this project was right up their alley. Cruise then enlisted the help of Sebastian Gutierrez to adopt the script in English. Gutierrez is a very pedestrian writer who can write some clever dialogue but is also not afraid of plot holes and inconsistencies in his scripts. His only enjoyable movie was Snakes on a Plane and that is only because of Samuel L. Jackson; while his other two big scripts, The Big Bounce and Gothika are pretty bad. After getting the screenplay, they hired David Moreau and Xavier Palud to direct. These guys are famous for helming Ils, a very successful European horror movie, but have not done any work in Hollywood.

Now armed with a mediocre script and unproven directors, it was time to cast, unfortunately it is pretty hard to cast a movie with such a small budget. Cruise paid four million to Jessica Alba to star as the main character, Sydney Wells, using up a third of the money. Alba was drawn to the project because she felt this was a good opportunity to shed her "sexy girl" image. Wells is not concerned with her personal appearance, since she spent most of her life blind. Even after getting the transplant, her eyes are always bloodshot, since they are not well adjusted to seeing. What Alba does not realize that the hotter she is in a movie the more we enjoy it. In fact if I had to rank the Alba movies it would go something like this: Sin City (stripper), Into the Blue (five minute montage of Alba swimming around in a bikini), Honey, Fantastic Four movies (I have not seen the others).

Well Alba wants to shed this image and took this role very seriously. She even undertook six months of violin training to prepare for the part. Well the lessons did not pay off and the director was forced to hire a double to play for Alba. This upset the actress so much that she refused to acknowledge her double and even refused to wear the same clothes. She made life miserable for this woman and her diva ways did not end there. Alba was chronically late to the set and often lashed out at the cast and crew. Her diva climax came during the filming of one scene that required one hundred and fifty extras. Alba demanded that none of the extras speak to her, take pictures of her or even eat the same food as her. As a result the extras were served coffee and donuts while Alba and the rest of the SAG members were served omelets. Not surprisingly this did very little to endear her to her fans or improve her acting in any way.

In Conclusion: The Eye is one of those movies that's only purpose is to make money for the studio, and as long as people keep going to see these, the studios are going to keep making them. Since only twelve million have been allocated for the project, it is almost certain to turn a profit. I better get ready to write the preview for Eye 10. Let's hope not...

Similar Titles: The Sixth Sense, The Mothman Prophecies, The Grudge
February 1st, 2008 (wide)
June 3rd, 2008 (DVD)

Lions Gate Films

David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Jessica Alba, Alessandro Nivola, Parker Posey, Francois Chau, Tamlyn Tomita

Total: 54 vote(s).

Drama, Horror, Suspense

Click here to view site

Rated PG-13 for violence/terror and disturbing content.

97 min





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