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Saw IV
There's a reason why the plot is a secret.
Saw IV
Jigsaw Returns for "Saw IV."
OPENING WEEKEND: $17,000,000
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $48,000,000
OTHER PREVIEWS: Alatriste (7/10)
  This Film is NOT a Future Release.
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August 20th, 2007: Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead. Now, upon the news of Detective Kerry's murder, two seasoned FBI profilers, Agent Strahm and Agent Perez, arrive in the terrified community to assist the veteran Detective Hoffman in sifting through Jigsaw's latest grizzly remains and piecing together the puzzle. However, when SWAT Commander Rigg is abducted and thrust into a game, the last officer untouched by Jigsaw has but ninety minutes to overcome a series of demented traps and save an old friend or face the deadly consequences.

What to Expect: It is almost fall and that can mean only one thing, it is time for yet another overly violent Saw movie to hit the big screen. This one is so violent that the opening scene that was supposed to be screened at Comic Con was rejected by the organizers for its gore. Well here is a suggestion for a new beginning: Man, who is a film critic by trade, wakes in a man sized fish tank that is surrounded by TV screens. There is a single water valve in the opposite corner of the tank, but there is a chain attached to his testicles preventing him from ever reaching the valve. Then, out of no where, all TVs turn on simultaneously and begin to play Saw III. The man, already having scene Saw III before, realizes what he must do. He tears off his jewels thus liberating himself from the chain. Wasting no time, he runs to the valve and turns it to full blast, mercifully filling the tank with water and ending his suffering once and for all. Roll opening credits! I know it needs some work, but it would probably be a better beginning than the one they had, and a lot better than all of Saw III and most of II. The only really good installment in the series is the first Saw. I thought it was original, clever and the ending completely blindsided me, unfortunately it was all down hill from there. Not much has changed from II and III, same director (Darren Lynn Bousman), 90% of the production is back, they are even filming in Toronto again, so I am expecting much of the same.

The one good thing about having the same production crew is that you know you can trust them to keep a really tight lid on all aspects of development and story. Consequently, the fan sites and blogs have been flooded with all kinds of rumors pertaining to the movie leaving it for people like me to dig through the information and find the truth. Here is what we know for sure. It was rumored that David Moreau (The Eye) or Xavier Palud (The Eye) was going to direct, but now it is official that Darren Lynn Bousman, who has directed II and III, is actually doing IV. I kind of wish James Wan, who directed Saw, would return and do it, but I guess he is happy just producing. Another thing we know is that Thomas Fenton wrote the script for it. Much of the story has been kept a secret just like everything else having to do with the movie, but here is what has been leaked out. Bousman said that the script has four different story lines going on that are a combination of Saw I and II but we do not what they are. I am thinking maybe each story will involve a different character. The first will be the current time "trial" of Detective Hoffman. The second a flash back story explaining Amanda. The third explaining Jigsaw's back-story and relationship to some of the characters. The final storyline can be either a totally new person or one of Jigsaw's old victims like Jeff Reinhart (Angus Macfadyen), who was the guy trapped in Saw III, or maybe Dr. Gordon (Cary Elwes)? We also know that Jigsaw and Amanda were in fact killed at the end of III, but both actors are back on set for Four. At first I thought they were going to be used only in flashbacks, but then Bousman said in an interview that Jigsaw would be in both flashbacks and present tense. How in the world is a dead character going to be around in the present tense? Maybe Jigsaw set some traps and recorded some videos for them to be used after he died? The director also promised that many questions would be answered; he even said that after watching, "you will look at the entire series in a completely different light". He did not elaborate much on what we are going to find out, but then in a separate interview he did revealed that, "we will find out about the tape Jigsaw pours wax over, Obi's (drug dealer from Saw II) connection to Jigsaw, among other things."[, and in a separate interview producer Mark Bern said that "the practice of cutting a jigsaw piece in his failed victims will be further explored." Bousman even hinted that all the movie posters contain cryptic clues to the plot of IV, yet no one has figured it out yet. Maybe Bousman is just having a little fun with all the hardcore fans. Even some of the actors from the movie have had some fun with the clues; Donnie Wahlberg being the most prominent when he spoiled the fact that his character, Detective Eric Matthews, is back even though he was left for dead in III. Even Tobin Bell, Mr. Jigsaw himself, got into the fray when he revealed that we will know how and why his character is still in it right in the first scene. This revelation led me to my earlier conclusion that the traps and videos are all preset by Jigsaw before his death.

Have fun putting all the clues together and get your theories together because the only way to find out is by watching the movie. Great job of marketing Mr. Bousman, that guy is a genius. He takes very average movies and turns them into gold. He is the first and only horror director to have his first two movies (Saw II & III) open #1, and it is safe to assume he is going to be 3 for 3. The movie is supposed to be the most disturbing of the entire franchise. The first cut earned an NC-17 rating and had to be re-edited just to get an R rating. Rumor has it that disgust with the content was widespread amongst the veteran crew, and even Bousman himself said he regurgitated when working on one scene. Once again, that can just be good marketing on Bousman's part since there seems to be a good part of the public that needs a high level of violence to enjoy a horror movie. I think it is just a bunch of bells and whistles to distract you from the crappy plot.

In Conclusion: Don't believe the hype. Bousman is a master promoter, being able to create a huge amount of buzz without spending a dime. He churns out Saw clones every year and people go and see them. There will be a Saw V and VI and beyond. Get ready for the 2018 release of AVPVS III: Alien vs. Predator VS Saw. You have the power to save me from writing a preview about a bunch of people stuck in some sadistic traps for some stupid reason and of course a twist(i.e. The victims find out they were actually in outer space). Simply do not go see this one and perhaps we can defeat Bousman. If everyone just stays away then perhaps by 2020 we can finally spend the fall without a new Saw. It is all up to you!

Similar Titles: Saw III, Hostel
October 26th, 2007 (wide)
January 22nd, 2008 (DVD)

Lions Gate Films

Darren Lynn Bousman

Tobin Bell, Scott Patterson, Betsy Russell, Costas Mandylor, Lyriq Bent, Athena Karkanis, Justin Louis, Simon Reynolds, Mike Realba, Marty Adams

Total: 356 vote(s).

Horror, Suspense

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Rated R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture throughout, and for language.

108 min




Saw IV at AskMen.com

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