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Dr. Zombie dissects Michael Myers.
A Scene from the Original "Halloween."
OPENING WEEKEND: $12,000,000
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $40,000,000
OTHER PREVIEWS: Alatriste (7/10)
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April 23rd, 2007: Michael Myers is a very disturbed 10 year-old (Daeg Faerch), who hates everyone in his family, except for his baby sister Laurie (Scout Taylor-Compton), of whom he is very protective. After murdering his family, he is committed to a psychiatric facility, but 17 years later is mistakenly released. Myers immediately returns to his home town of Haddonfield in order to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger.

What to Expect: For anyone that has seen the original Halloween is probably familiar with Michael Myers, who has become one of the most recognizable names in horror, along with Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. The character is silent, brutal and a big mystery as to why he does what he does. He kills at random and cannot be stopped, and the lack of reasoning and logic behind his actions is what made Myers such a frightening character. But that's all about to change.

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The director set to helm the remake is Rob Zombie, who is better known for founding the band White Zombie, and who has always been a fan of horror. In fact, he named his band after the 1932 Bela Lugosi film about a man trying to lure a woman from her fiancée, but instead turns her into a zombie slave. After the band dismembered, Zombie began his film career, by directing the horror flick House Of 1000 Corpses, which took him four years to make. While the film never expanded to more than 847 theaters, it doubled its $7 million budget, yet it can hardly be called a success. Two years later Zombie gave it another shot and made The Devil's Rejects, which was less blood and guts and more thrills. Even though fans found the follow-up to be much better than House of 1000 Corpses, the box office results were not much different. Now that Zombie established himself as a true horror fan and dedicated to bringing his horror stories to the big screen, Quentin Tarantino gave him an opportunity to put together a faux trailer for the movie Grindhouse. It was called Werewolf Women of the S.S. and in my opinion failed in comparison to the other three, which were helmed by Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) and Eli Roth (Hostel). You can check out all four trailers here.

Zombie has tossed around the idea of being involved in the remake of John Carpenter's Halloween, and when the decision was finalized between himself and Dimension Films, Zombie made sure to speak to Carpenter before the news got out. He has always been a fan of the original film and of the many other Carpenter projects (Assault on Precinct 13, The Fog, Escape from New York, The Thing, They Live), so out of pure respect for the man, Zombie asked for approval. According to him, Carpenter had no problem with the remake, but had one request, for Zombie to make the film his own. In order to do that, Zombie had to make a few changes that have made this project one of the most talked about on the internet.

As mentioned previously, what made Michael Myers the freighting killer that he was, was the mystery behind him. In fact, in the original film's screenplay, he was often referred to as The Shape, that was lurking in the darkness. Zombie is going in a different direction, by attempting to explain Myers' actions and try to justify the killings. This will be done by giving more time to the young Myers, who will not only talk, but talk a lot. The things he will say will be the justifications behind the actions of the adult Myers and will even make the audience feel sorry for the monster. In other words, Myers will cease being Myers. Another change is the parents of the character, who will be turned into a stripper and a loser, instead of the normal family that was featured in the original. In addition, the older Michael will be played by Tyler Mane (Sabretooth from X-Men), who is 6'10 in height, and is much taller than the other actors that have portrayed Myers in the past. Even though Mane has lost some weight for the role, it will still be difficult not to compare Myers to Jason, who was always a much bigger character.

Zombie is set on this new version of Halloween, which will reveal much of the background story of Myers, including how he got his mask and why he wears it. In the original, he simply stole it from a hardware store. In Zombie's version, the mask will be a way for Myers to hide and to do the terrible things he does. Also, there is not just the one mask, Myers will have several, and will wear different ones as a way to communicate, since he does not speak in his adult life.

All these changes have started many arguments among fans, especially when the first draft of the screenplay got out. A few of the sites provided an opinion and claimed that Zombie changed the direction of the movie based on their comments to please the fans. It was soon revealed that Zombie not only continued to stay on track, but actually ignored the non-stop complaints. As much as he loves the fans, he feels that he must stick to his ideas in order for this film to come out as planned. One particular scene has stirred some controversy, which includes the young Myers masturbating to pictures of dead animals. In response to all the comments about the script, Zombie stated: "Whatever version of the script that anyone ever read was so old and outdated that anything anyone ever commented on was so long gone or changed it wasn’t even worth commenting on."

There is something good about Zombie making the film his own. If fans want him to re-shoot the exact same scenes from the original, without changing a thing, just go out and rent the 1978 version. But Zombie's film is not completely different; he was able to keep some of the parts intact. He kept the mask, the creepy theme song, the same characters, and shot the film in the same locations as the original. In fact, a few scenes will include some of the famous houses in the background.

Most of the actors in the film have never seen the original Halloween, and that's exactly how Zombie likes it. While Mane watched several installments of the franchise, Zombie expected Malcolm McDowell to avoid anything Halloween related, since McDowell has never seen any of the films. The actor was cast to play Dr. Loomis, but is well known from Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. McDowell's character will have a larger role than in the original, and most of his actions will also be given meaning.

Fans are also desperately trying to figure out what will happen to Michael at the end of the movie. Well, here is a hint. Zombie has stated on several occasions, that his idea of a movie is to have a beginning and an ending, and leave no room for a sequel. But if the studio decides to a make a sequel anyway, he will have no part in it. To take it a step further, don't expect multiple endings on DVD, Zombie makes one ending and that's it. This obviously leads one to think that Myers will die, and the first draft backs this ending up.

In Conclusion: When you go see this new version of Halloween, don't expect to see the same movie as the original, Zombie is planning to make the film believable, with a story that gives meaning and explains Myers behavior. There will be no Jamie Lee Curtis, no CGI and will have lots more deaths. I'm glad Zombie is heading in this direction, and the only bad thing about this film is Zombie himself, who is itching to be a great director, but is still a few movies away from that. But you got to love his passion.

Similar Titles: House of 1000 Corpses, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
August 31st, 2007 (wide)
December 18th, 2007 (DVD)

Dimension Films

Rob Zombie

Scout Taylor-Compton, Malcolm McDowell, Daeg Faerch, Tyler Mane, Sheri Moon Zombie, Pat Skipper, Dee Wallace Stone, William Forsythe, Ken Foree, Lew Temple, Danny Trejo, Hanna Hall, Danielle Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Clint Howard, Courtney Gains, Daryl Sabara, Heather Bowen, Brad Dourif, Udo Kier, Kristina Klebe

Total: 153 vote(s).


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Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence and terror throughout, sexual content, graphic nudity and language.

109 min





Halloween at AskMen.com

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