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An unoriginal, but universally appealing idea
Adam Sandler in "Click".
OPENING WEEKEND: $48,000,000
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $140,000,000
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January 21st, 2006: Donít you wish you had a universal remote control that could help you manage your entire life at the push of a button? Frustrated by a demanding boss (David Hasselhoff) and his loving, but nagging wife Donna (Kate Beckinsale), Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is having difficulty balancing his professional career as an architect with his home life. Searching for ways to save time in any way, however minimally, Michael strolls into a department store looking for a universal remote for his entertainment system. He accidentally wanders into a back room where an odd scientist named Morty (Christopher Walken) convinces Michael to take his prototype remote. Soon, Michael is shocked to find all the truly ďuniversalĒ qualities of the gadget he was given. Able to fast-forward past the dull parts of his life or change scenery whenever he desires, Michael can finally spend his days exactly as he wishes. However, his incredibly good fortune takes a turn for the worse once the magical remote begins to malfunction.

What to Expect: This film was actually already released three years ago under the title Bruce Almighty. At the very least, there are many glaring similarities between that summer hit and the upcoming Click, especially the overall concept. In both comedies, the hero is an average Joe, annoyed by the daily tribulations of life. To answer his questions in Bruce Almighty, God gives Bruce unlimited abilities and watches the ensuing mayhem while heís on vacation. The universal remote in Click will give Michael comparable powers, which should be a perfect set up for similar humor. You canít blame the filmmakers for their lack of originality since this formula will hook audiences every time, myself included. Bruce Almighty was an incredible summer hit, making back its budget on the opening weekend and going on to gross over $240 million in theaters. Clearly, the premise appeals to everyoneís desire to control the world with a single wish or at the push of a button.

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Frank Coraci, the director of Click, has already worked with Adam Sandler on two previous projects, The Waterboy and The Wedding Singer. While The Waterboy was a classical study of Sandlerís immaturity, The Wedding Singer was a pleasant comedy that balanced the childish humor with a romantic plot. Sure it was a contrived and manipulative comedy, but it was also funny and displayed Sandlerís ability to carry a movie without making a complete buffoon out of himself. Many hits later, he has matured enough to star in Oscar caliber films. The Academy Award winning James L. Brooks (Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News, As Good As It Gets) directed Sandler in the 2004 comedy, Spanglish. Sandler even got a Golden Globe nomination for his subtle and touching performance in Paul Thomas Andersonís inspiring Punch-Drunk Love. His role as Michael in Click should be a cakewalk and Sandler should deliver the gags with ease. Kate Beckinsale has the Jennifer Aniston role in Click as the attractive, but unfunny wife. Beckinsale hasnít really been impressive in any of her films since she broke through in America in the bloated and exaggerated blockbuster, Pearl Harbor, and I doubt that this script will give her a chance to shine. In all likelihood, her character will primarily balance the movie as the good-hearted voice of reason. The two highly promising casting choices in Click are Christopher Walken and David Hasselhoff. These days, Walken makes a memorable appearance in any film he takes part, regardless of the size of the role. By now, he has become a celebrated talent for his ability to provide uncommonly bizarre and offbeat humor on a regular basis. David Hasselhoff, on the other hand, returns from obscurity with a fitting part that actually caused me to chuckle. The former Baywatch star should deliver an amusing performance full of that false machismo that was played ever so seriously on Baywatch.

Rumor has it that the screenplay is supposed to be quite good. The filmmakers were so happy with the way the shooting went that they pushed Click into a summer release, convinced that they have a genuine hit. I wouldnít argue with that and I am positive that it will be a fun way to spend a couple of hours. In fact, I think it has greater potential than Bruce Almighty with Adam Sandler, David Hasselhoff, and Christopher Walken all likely sources of humor. Ultimately, Bruce Almighty served as an allegory where the hero acquired the indispensable knowledge that perhaps his life is best exactly the way it is, flaws and all. Itís safe to say that once the remote starts to overrule Michaelís choices, he will almost certainly come to the same conclusion. So while Click should provide some decent escapist entertainment, it will ultimately fall victim to the same clichťs. For the most part, the fun premise will probably be utilized for generic humor like Michael hitting the fast-forward button when his wifeís nagging becomes excessive. It will appeal to the most common and obvious desires, without any true novelty. Rather than use it for good or evil, Michael will use the remote for the trivial.

In Conclusion: As I have previously stated, itís a dependable and fun formula, going way back to Its a Wonderful Life for the origins. Adam Sandler should be in good form, with the two oddball Christopher Walken and David Hasselhoff characters showing real promise in support. Itís unfortunate, but the filmmakers will probably avoid taking any real risks with the story and Click will feel a bit watered-down as a result. Equipped with an obligatory happy ending, it should blend in well during the summer season. As long as you donít expect staggering originality, you should be entertained.

Similar Titles: Bruce Almighty, Multiplicity, The Family Man
June 23rd, 2006 (wide)
October 10th, 2006 (DVD)

Sony Pictures

Frank Coraci

Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff, Sean Astin, Henry Winkler, Julie Kavner, Terry Crews, Jonah Hill, Jana Kramer

Total: 43 vote(s).

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

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Rated PG-13 for language, crude and sex-related humor, and some drug references.

98 min






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