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Brothers Solomon
The unofficial counterpart to the Dumb and Dumber sequel
Brothers Solomon
Will Arnett and Will Forte Star in the Comedy "Brothers Solomon".
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $18,000,000
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February 8th, 2007: Dean (Will Forte) and John Solomon (Will Arnett) have always been sheltered by their father, who has done his best to nurture them and cater to their every whim following their mother’s early death. They’re good boys, but since they’ve been isolated from the general population, they’ve never developed the necessary social skills that are required to exist in a civilization. With their father on his deathbed, the two learn that his dying wish is to have a grandchild. Neither one is equipped with the necessary knowledge and ability to even talk to a girl for more than a few minutes, much less to have a child with her. Still, both are going to go out into the world and attempt to make their father’s final wish come true by finding someone that will be willing to have a baby with one of them.

What to Expect: This is essentially a three men project between Will Forte, Will Arnett, and Bob Odenkirk. Forte, the writer and one of the stars of The Brothers Solomon is looking to make a comeback after getting fired from “Saturday Night Live.” He fared quite well as one of the principal beer-chuggers in the overlooked comedy Beerfest, but is looking to take his juvenile sense of humor to a whole new level. Arnett, the standout performer in the brilliant and often misunderstood series “Arrested Development,” is well on his way to making the inevitable happen – becoming a huge comedy superstar. Odenkirk already cast him and sadly misused him in his bomb Let’s Go to Prison, which hit theaters last November, but completely missed the mark with audiences. With Arnett playing a snobbish brat, there was a lot of hope that he would once again generate the same kind of magic as on “Arrested Development,” but those hopes were dashed thanks to Odenkirk’s miscalculation and mishandling of the story. Still, with Hot Rod, Spring Breakdown, and two projects opposite Will Ferrell (Blades of Glory and Semi-Pro) all yet to come, Arnett should have many more chances for the ultimate breakthrough. Fortunately, The Brothers Solomon looks like a perfectly goofy and appropriate comedy to start with. Both Wills are ideally cast, as they are both pretty much flawless when it comes to playing likeable, well-meaning idiots. Odenkirk, the film’s helmer, will hopefully be able to bounce back from his disastrous Let’s Go to Prison. The man that brought us the cult sketch series “Mr. Show” has been a bit hot and cold throughout his career, but that’s how it typically works when you swing for the fences with your comedy. It seems that with The Brothers Solomon, he’s going with safer, much more moronic content.

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Of course, there’s always a danger that this may turn out to be just another deadbeat “SNL” comedy. With Forte writing the screenplay and “SNL” alumni Kristen Wiig, David Koechner, and Bill Hader all getting parts in the flick, it certainly does look that way. Hader reportedly plays a retarded person, which doesn’t make things any better either. Wiig will portray a surrogate mother that agrees to have a child with one of the brothers for $10,000. Once she sees their parenting skills, however, she attempts to keep the child for herself. On a side note, Chi McBride, who was also cast in Odenkirk’s Let’s Go to Prison, will play Wiig’s foul-mouthed boyfriend, whose colorful use of the “F word” dominates the movie for a good few minutes. Jenna Fischer, who has established herself on the acclaimed series “The Office,” will play a would-be mother.

The movie will be full of absolutely ludicrous humor, a bit a la any of Adam Sandler’s early masterpieces like Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore. The opening credits, for example, show the two brothers giggling like complete idiots for no apparent reason. We later learn that they were raised on the North Pole because that’s what they wished for upon their mother’s death. With their over protective father giving in to such demands, their social ineptness shouldn’t come as a surprise.


At one point, in order to test whether their baby’s crib can keep shards of glass from passing through the cracks, the two brothers toss some empty bottles at it. Unsurprisingly, there’s also tons of homosexual tension between the two. A little bit more surprisingly, however, both brothers reveal that they have a strange fetish for indigenous women.


Most of the material here has already been covered in similar movies like Dumb and Dumber and probably with much more style, and frankly, substance as well. According to opinions coming out of early screenings, much of the movie is very sketch-like and disjointed, which is not at all that surprising coming from a writer and a director who both have worked on sketch comedy shows. The humor ranges from random and offbeat to quirky and awkward to forced and stupid. Essentially, for the most part, this is typical “SNL” stuff with Forte’s particular brand of subtly juvenile comedy at the center. The ending is supposedly very predictable, but everyone knows that a well-developed story arc is not fundamental in this genre since it all boils down to episodic tomfoolery. I believe that as long as you know what you are getting yourself into, you may walk away satisfied. The days of glorious “SNL” comedies like Happy Gilmore or Tommy Boy are now behind us and this second generation stuff is not likely to ever recreate that same infantile movie magic. If you will approach this comedy with genuine hope for another classic, you will most likely walk away thinking that it was a waste of time and a waste of talent. Otherwise, you may be able to get some dumb fun out of it.

In Conclusion: The similarly themed, but much more high-brow comedies Knocked Up and License to Wed will hit theaters a little earlier in the summer. It will be up to the filmmakers to make sure that neither one outdoes The Brothers Solomon in sheer stupidity. I don’t think that will be a problem. Typically, comedies like this are too juvenile to attract an audience outside the 13 to 17 demographic. With that said, this is probably not going to be the breakout film for either one of the two Wills. Still, it should be a good time for anyone after a few beers.

Similar Titles: A Night at the Roxbury, Beerfest, Black Sheep
September 7th, 2007 (wide)
December 26th, 2007 (DVD)

Columbia Pictures

Bob Odenkirk

Will Arnett, Will Forte, Chi McBride, Malin Akerman, Kristen Wiig, Lee Majors, Jenna Fischer, David Koechner, Bill Hader

Total: 33 vote(s).



Rated R for language and sexual content






The Brothers Solomon at AskMen.com

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