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For those that enjoy a non-stop bloodbath
A Scene from the Horror "Feast".
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $12,000,000
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July 3rd, 2006: On one snowy and fateful evening, an odd assortment of diverse characters, known only as “Heroine,” “Hero,” “Bozo,” “Beer Guy,” “Boss Man,” “Grandma,” “Bartender,” “Vet,” “Coach,” etc., are brought together at a secluded bar. A man covered in blood suddenly bursts through the door, with some bizarre creature gripped firmly in his hand. He warns everyone of an inexplicable invasion: a group of flying, flesh-starved beasts, eager to devour anyone that stands in their path, is out on a rampage. Now, this bizarre group of people must band together if they are going to survive the night. They have to stave off this invasion by any means necessary, or else they will all be picked off one by one.

What to Expect: Feast is the third film to get produced thanks to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s reality television show “Project Greenlight.” The series, which follows the entire process from pre-production to eventual screenings, gives one winning group of filmmakers their lucky break in the industry and allows them to have their project made. After two somewhat lackluster results with “serious” films, Damon and Affleck decided to give a genre horror film a try and the results have been decidedly positive.

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Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan wrote the winning script for Feast and John Gulager was selected to direct. Naturally, this was the first major project for each of the three men involved. Following the real-life drama that played out on “Project Greenlight 3,” the filmmakers took their movie to screen at several festivals seeking a distribution deal. Feast blew its audiences away and the word of mouth spread fast. Horror master Wes Craven, who actually produced the feature, publicly praised his director. Despite the overwhelmingly positive response, there were no eager buyers anywhere in sight. Finally, super-producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein acquired the rights to the film for their brand new Weinstein Co., which they formed after they split from Miramax. Regrettably, they continued to delay the flick’s release, much to the dismay of its new fans. The future was rather uncertain.

Fortunately, the Weinstein’s have since set a firm release date for Feast, which is scheduled to hit theaters across the country on September 22nd. The bad news is that there is a DVD release planned for October, which implies that the theatrical release is likely to hit a very limited number of venues. On the plus side, the DVD is expected to feature an uncensored version of the horror film, which all gore fanatics are likely to appreciate.

Part of the fun with the film is in the casting and you can judge for yourself how each character will turn out. Here is how it looks:

Navi Rawat – Heroine
Krista Allen – Tuffy
Balthazar Getty – Bozo
Judah Friedlander – Beer Guy
Jenny Wade – Honey Pie
Duane Whitaker – Boss Man
Josh Zuckerman – Hot Wheels
Eileen Ryan – Grandma
Clu Gulager – Bartender
Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss – Vet
Eric Dane – Hero
Chauntae Davies – Drunk Girl
Diane Goldner – Harley Mama
Somah Haaland – Charlie
Tyler Patrick Jones – Cody
Jason Mewes – Edgy Cat
Henry Rollins – Coach

Reportedly Mark Wahlberg was originally offered the part of “Hero,” but turned it down. Josh Duhamel (“Las Vegas,” Transformers) showed interest, but eventually had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. When director Gulager asked to have his friends Vincent Gallo and Sage Stallone in the flick, the producers rejected his idea. As a result, the cast is largely a collection of B, perhaps even C movie stars, many of whom are surely recognizable, at the very least on screen if not by name. Jenny Wade (Monster-in-Law, Red Eye, Rumor Has It…) reportedly steals the show as Honey Pie, the waitress. On an interesting side note, Gulager has cast his character actor father as the “Bartender” and his wife as “Harley Mama.”

For anyone who has not caught on to the idea yet, Feast toys with well-established movie character stereotypes. For example, if the audience is watching a couple of guys named “Hero” and “Beer Guy,” they will have very specific presumptions about each one. In Feast, those expectations are shattered. It’s the attractive women that represent the tough core rather than the guys, most of whom are wimps in comparison. Consequently, the audience can never fully predict who will be the next victim and the film generates non-stop suspense and excitement. However, it is not simply a reversal of character roles, but rather a re-imagining of genre conventions. Reportedly, Feast pushes the gore and mutilation to the extreme and creates this stimulating amalgam of horror, action, and black comedy. One drawback to the relatively low budget – it has been rumored that the monsters look a little silly and are not shown on screen for long periods of time.

In Conclusion: The comparison to From Dusk Till Dawn is obvious, but quite frankly there are a lot of films in the variety that are similar. Feast appears to flip the genre upside down, while still paying homage to all the classics. All those that have been fortunate enough to catch this flick are raving about it on message boards across the Internet and the general consensus is that Feast is one wild and thrilling ride that never lets go – a total bloodbath in the best tradition, with lots of black humor. Most cannot believe that they’ve had to wait this long for an official release date. The good news is it is coming and even if it doesn’t have a long life in theaters, it’s sure to have lots of bite on DVD.

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September 22nd, 2006 (limited)
October 17th, 2006 (DVD)

The Weinstein Company LLC

John Gulager

Navi Rawat, Krista Allen, Balthazar Getty, Judah Friedlander, Jenny Wade, Duane Whitaker, Josh Zuckerman, Eileen Ryan, Clu Gulager, Diane Goldner, Jason Mewes, Henry Rollins, Eric Dane

Total: 22 vote(s).

Comedy, Horror, Suspense

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Rated R for pervasive strong violence and gore, language, some sexuality and drug content

95 min






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