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A brash, sinfully stupid joyride
Jason Statham Stars in "Crank".
Plot Summary: Chev (Jason Statham), a hit man for a major West Coast crime syndicate, has just made a life-altering decision to quit the business for good and spend time with his girlfriend (Amy Smart) instead. After allowing his latest target to escape unscathed the night before, Chev wakes up to an unpleasant surprise. A videotape informs him that he’s been poisoned with a “Beijing Cocktail” during his sleep. The toxin works on the adrenal gland and Chev can already feel the effects as his heartbeat has slowed considerably. In fact, he probably only has about an hour left to live, unless he can find a way to keep his adrenaline up. Since the videotape has also informed him that his girlfriend is in danger, Chev is now consumed by enough fury to keep him going for a while. In order to save himself and his girlfriend, he goes on a desperate, 24-hour rampage on the streets of Los Angeles, demolishing everything and everyone in his path, like a runaway train. His thirst for vengeance is enough to overpower the effects of the poison for some time, but ultimately, he cannot survive without an antidote.
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"Crank" Tops DVD Charts
January 17th, 2007
"Crank" reigned supreme among this week's new DVD releases, opening at #1 on both the DVD sales and rental charts. more...
Idiotic DVD Preview (1/9/07)
January 9th, 2007
The most interesting DVD release of the week has to be "Idiocracy," the comedy that only managed to scrap up $0. more...
Dec 9th 2006, 11:23:57 am
chinacool: The GREATEST FUN movie that I've seen in years more...
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