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There are worse films out there, but there are better ones too
Justin Long Stars in the Comedy "Accepted".
Theatrical Review: On paper, there's little doubt that the idea of combining Animal House and Camp Nowhere sounded like a good idea. Both films are entertaining, though the former obviously much more than the latter. Not too surprisingly, Accepted takes the scant mundane parts of Animal House and pastes them on the Camp Nowhere plot, and then decides to throw in a little Van Wilder for old time's sake. If you saw any of these films, expect an uneasy feeling of recycling.

Bartleby (Justin Long) is a clever high school student, but not specifically good at working. He can trick people and has an unnatural ability with words, but he can't get into a college to save his life. Several of his fellow friends and classmates are finding the same problem. After a failed plan to trick his parents, Bartleby decides that the only way to quell his parents' worries is to get an acceptance letter from a fake college. So, on a whim, he and a pack of ravenously creative friends set up a website, buy a space, remodel it, and make it look about as college-like as possible. It works for Bartleby's parents, but soon, hundreds of students are at the gates of the school, ready to learn.

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What was just typed only exists in the first 20 to 30 minutes of the film. We haven't even gotten into Bartleby's best friend Sherman (Jonah Hill, a veritable tommy-gun of one-liners), who is trying to get into a frat (Flounder!) or Bartleby's yearning for schoolmate Monica (Blake Lively). There's a lot more, and somehow it all gets done in 88 minutes. Accepted seems to be just another piece of terminal proof that movies must be rushed and packed with plot instead of given time for actual structure and character. That's already forgiving the polite stab at ingenuity by naming the main character after the hero of Herman Mellville's classic short story.

Preaching the death of cinema aside, Accepted can't really be screamed about too much since its intentions are met for the most part. Jonah Hill steals nearly every scene he's in, and Lewis Black, marking his first real movie role, does a solid job playing the wacko fake dean of the school. Laughs come and go but none really stick out. Long, who is given the burden of carrying the film, has worked well as a supporting player (Dodgeball, Waiting) but here, given way too much time by himself, his charming-nerd persona lacks the bravado of elder statesmen like Vince Vaughn and Ryan Reynolds. Truth be told, there are worse films out there, but there are better ones too. It's just a matter of whether or not you want to remember your moviegoing experience or not.

Cread your very own college in this "Accepted" Game.


Movie Review: 4/10
DVD Review: 7/10
Overall: 6/10

Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1
Video: Surround Widescreen (2.35:1)

Spoken Language: English, Spanish, French, Feature Commentary
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French


Adam's Accepted Chronicles: (11 Min)
Adam Herschman takes you through what it takes to play Glen, as he prepares for his role, and then attempts to get a bigger part, or maybe even getting his own trilogy. All that, with the entire cast avoiding him. After which, everyone shares their horrible experiences with Adam, and how difficult it is to work with him.

Reject Rejection, The Making of Accepted: (10 Min)
The entire cast and crew talk about their love and hate relationships with the first-time director, Steve Pink, Jonah Hill, Adam Hershcman. Also shows some behind the scenes footage and the fun that went on set.

Self-Guided Campus Tour:
Browse the many locations of the S.H.I.T. campus

Half Pipe: (1 Min) Shows some of the skateboarding stunts performed by professional X-skaters.
Party Hall: (1 Min) A behind the scenes look at the huge party from the movie.
Common Room: (1 Min) The cast is shown the inside of the messy room.
BKE Fraternity: (1 Min) The many takes of the scene where Sherman Schrader reveals his little secret about Monica. (Recommended)
Pool: (1 Min) Takes you behind the scenes of the motorcycle into the pool stunt.

"Hangin On The Half Pipe" - Music Video: (3 Min)
Music played to the many shots of half pipe skateboarding

"Keepin' Your Head Up" - The Ringers Music Video
Music played from the party scene in the movie, performed by The Ringers

Feature Commentary with Director Steve Pink, Justin Long, Lewis Black, Jonah Hill and Adam Herschman:
Pretty interesting, the commentary reveals some of the intentions behind the scenes and what went into making them.

Deleted Scenes: (12 Min)
1. Walking into the abandoned mental hospital for the first time
2. Glen helping Dean Lewis park his "house" (Recommended)
3. Asking students what they are interested in studying
4. Fashion show, introducing the new S.H.I.T. outfits
5. Extended flirty conversation between Bartleby and Monica
6. Glen shows Dean Lewis his Dean suit
7. Monica moves into her dorm room, meeting her roommate, who meets Monica's boyfriend
8. Schrader's explanation of what he meant, when he mentioned his activities while thinking of Monica, followed by the introduction of the guys
9. The two girl roommates discuss a sensitive topic
10. Dean Lewis talks to the students during Beerology 101
11. Glen attempts to drill on a latter, 10 feet away from the building
12. Glen begins his food preparation, using expired products
13. Schrader is woken up to be buttered up to reveal some information (Recommended)

Gag Reel Presented by Volkswagen: (8 Min)
Outtakes from the movie, including some funny improvisation, and loads of cursing

Get Accepted with Movie Music MP3s:
You can access special MP3 files for the movie "Accepted" by opening the folder "Accepted MP3s" located on the DVD disc.

List of MP3s:
"B Goes to BKE"
"Uncle Ben's Theme"
"B + Hoyt Showdown"
"Party at BKE"
"Monica Goes to S.H.I.T."
"B Kisses Monica"

Easter Egg: (30 Sec)
Deleted scene where Schrader convinces Bartleby to ask him about his wiener, which follows by his answer.

August 18th, 2006 (wide)
November 14th, 2006 (DVD)

Universal Pictures

Steve Pink

Justin Long, Blake Lively, Lewis Black, Jonah Hill

Total: 41 vote(s).



Rated PG-13 for language, sexual material and drug content.

90 min






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