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Breaking and Entering
A mood piece from Oscar winning director Minghella
Breaking and Entering
Jude Law Stars in "Breaking and Entering".
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $29,000,000
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May 31st, 2006: Will (Jude Law) is a yuppie landscape architect, in the midst of a personal and professional crisis. His state of the art office happens to be located in the seedy inner-city area of London called Kings Cross, making it an irresistible target for the many local prowlers. After Will encounters a young Muslim thief breaking into his office, his life undergoes a dramatic transformation. His curiosity about the event leads him on an investigation, out of the safe confines of his familiar world. Will’s confrontation with the young burglar, as well as a series of related, intersecting events that follow, have a dramatic impact on him and cause him to re-examine his life, including the affair he is presently having.

What to Expect: This is quite an intriguing project for Anthony Minghella, particularly since it originates from a screenplay written by him directly for the screen. Typically, the Oscar winning director adapts his scripts from novels, but Breaking and Entering will mark his first original screenplay since the one for his 1991 film, Truly Madly Deeply. In fact, that is the only other time he has not used a previously published source as the basis for his feature. Truly Madly Deeply is a nice little drama that eventually won Minghella a Best Original Screenplay award from the British Academy. The director’s three most recent projects, The English Patient, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and Cold Mountain, have all been serious Oscar contenders – two of them epic in scale. Of course, The English Patient holds nine of those awards including Best Picture and Best Director for Minghella. It is therefore a little perplexing, in a good way, to see the filmmaker returning to much more understated material for his next project. If anything, Breaking and Entering is likely to resemble The Talented Mr. Ripley or Truly Madly Deeply more so than the other two epics.

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Following a busy 2004, with no less then 6 separate movie releases, Jude Law seemingly took last year off entirely. Now it appears that his name will once again be heard in the media repeatedly since he also has All the King’s Men and The Holiday scheduled for release before the year’s end. Breaking and Entering reunites him with Minghella for the third time after the two collaborated on The Talented Mr. Ripley and Cold Mountain. Combined, the parts in both features earned Law a pair of Academy Award nominations. Rumor has it that Law accepted the role in this film because the London shoot would allow him to keep his party-going fiancée Sienna Miller within sight. That’s not the best reason to do any movie, but I still feel confident that he should be able to turn in another fine performance and one that might go on to become his most personal and introspective. Veteran French-born actress Juliette Binoche already has her golden statuette thanks to her supporting part in Minghella’s The English Patient. Her delicate and gracefully sensual persona always adds to a film’s emotional core. Early buzz has swirled around her performance in the film. Robin Wright Penn, on the other hand, probably belongs on a short list of exceptional actresses that have never received an Oscar nomination, although she probably deserved one for her memorable turn as Jenny in Forrest Gump. Perhaps this will be her opportunity.

The subject of the film is supposed to be criminal as well as emotional theft, which, in all likelihood, relates back to Will, his affair, the way he approaches everyday life, and the parallels between him and the Muslim thief. There is another theme that may emerge – one of the contrasts between the London locals and the immigrants. Certainly the film’s title could be interpreted in such a way. Reportedly, the initial screenings did not go over well with the audiences. However, following some additional editing, recent screenings in New York have been largely positive. Even Oscar winning directors need good editors to tidy up their mess once in a while.

In Conclusion: Thinking about Breaking and Entering, I’m envisioning a movie comparable to Mike Nichols’ Closer, minus the cold cynicism – a human drama that is a little bit thriller, a little bit mystery, but mostly a moody and entrancing psychological study. The relatively small-scale approach by Minghella may not earn him more Oscar attention, but the acting talent here seems to stand out. As I mentioned previously, Juliette Binoche’s performance as an immigrant woman has received tremendous responses from filmgoers. I’m hoping for a melancholic, deliberately paced, character study, although the movie reportedly contains a healthy amount of humor. This slight film should get recognition from critics, but will probably lay too low for audiences to notice. As always, everything depends on the marketing.

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January 26th, 2007 (wide)
December 15th, 2006 (limited)

The Weinstein Company LLC, MGM

Anthony Minghella

Jude Law, Martin Freeman, Ray Winstone, Mark Benton, Juliette Binoche, Robin Wright Penn, Vera Farmiga, Rafi Gavron, Poppy Rogers

Total: 29 vote(s).


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Rated R for sexuality and language

120 min





Breaking and Entering at AskMen.com

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