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Scary Movie 4
They were never scary and now they’re not even funny.
Scary Movie 4
A scene from "Scary Movie 4".
OPENING WEEKEND: $36,000,000
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $125,000,000
OTHER PREVIEWS: Alatriste (7/10)
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January 1st, 2006: Anna Faris returns as the innocent and cutesy Cindy Campbell in yet another spoof of the horror genre. This time around, the film will parody such recent hits as Saw, War of the Worlds, The Grudge, and The Village, focusing primarily on the last one as the source for the storyline.

What to Expect: The veteran comedy duo of David Zucker and Jim Abrahams, who have delivered such classic spoof masterpieces as Airplane! and The Naked Gun movies, are the director and writer team for yet another addition to the Scary Movie franchise. Zucker, who also directed Scary Movie 3, took over the series from the Wayans brothers after the first two entries. Both Anna Faris and Regina Hall return for their fourth straight time. The 80-year old, now legendary, Leslie Nielsen reprises his role from the previous sequel as President Harris. After being killed off in the original, Carmen Electra also makes a comeback following her absence in the last two. Additionally, countless cameos from such stars as André Benjamin, Chingy, Shaquille O’Neal and Dr. Phil are expected.

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Honestly, this series has reached its full potential long ago. Scary Movie, which, at times, had me laughing so hard it truly brought tears to my eyes, set a standard that the two sequels that followed have not been able to match. When Zucker took over from the Wayans brothers for the third installment, I was surprised to see him make the weakest entry of the three. For one, with a PG-13 rating, Scary Movie 3 lacked the edge of the previous two R rated flicks. Zucker’s patented style of cramming every minute of film with visual references and sight gags felt completely flat. It seemed that simply recreating a scene from another movie, rather than actually parodying it, was enough of an attempt at humor. Scary Movie 3 was littered with jokes, but since most of them failed, the movie seemed like a complete letdown.

Scary Movie 4 appears to be heading in the same exact direction. For starters it is expected to receive a PG-13 rating. Perhaps Zucker’s long time collaborator, Jim Abrahams, can deliver a much-needed fresh perspective as he joins the Scary Movie team. The two have had me in stitches with Airplane!, Kentucky Fried Movie, and their Naked Gun films, but a lot of time has passed since and with Scary Movie 3, at least, it was evident that David Zucker had lost his edge. The one good thing the new sequel has going is it’s massive budget. In fact, at over $100 million, it equals the sum of the previous three films’ budgets. Personally, I couldn’t care less since the original Scary Movie had the smallest budget, but was still the best and most profitable of the three.

In Conclusion: Regrettably, Scary Movie 4 probably will not be worth more than a DVD rental. The series has gone stale since the first sequel. However, as long as bad horror films are still being produced, the Scary Movie franchise will not run out of material. Scary Movie 3 was a surprising box office success making over $100 million, hence another sequel. Clearly there is still demand for it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Scary Movie 4 will perform equally well in ticket sales, with a fifth installment to come in another couple of years.

Similar Titles: Scary Movie 2, Spy Hard, Jane Austen’s Mafia!
April 14th, 2006 (wide)
August 15th, 2006 (DVD)

Dimension Films

David Zucker

Anna Faris, Craig Bierko, Regina Hall, Leslie Nielsen, Simon Rex, Carmen Electra

Total: 74 vote(s).

Comedy, Horror

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Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor throughout, some comic violence and language.

83 min






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