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Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer
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Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Surfer
Everyone is Back in the Sequel to "Fantastic Four".
OPENING WEEKEND: $63,000,000
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $166,000,000
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November 13th, 2006: Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd), AKA Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), AKA The Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm (Chris Evans), AKA The Human Torch, and Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis), AKA The Thing, return as the superhero group known as The Fantastic Four. After dispatching Dr. Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon), the foursome learns that they are not the only ones with special powers when the enigmatic galactic traveler known as the Silver Surfer (Doug Jones) arrives on earth to prepare it for total annihilation. The Surfer is actually only a pawn as he serves a far mightier being, the planet-eating creature known as Galactus. While the four heroes struggle to find a way to defeat this new and unfamiliar power, they also have to cope with the surprising return of Dr. Doom, who has quite a few surprises still in store.

What to Expect: Reportedly, two scripts have been written and the filmmakers are trying to use the best of both for the film. Marc Frost, who wrote the screenplay for the first picture, is back once again and has been collaborating with My Super Ex-Girlfriend scribe, Don Payne. Tim Story returns to direct and has been very vocal about his strategy for the sequel, claiming that part two promises to be much darker. Additionally, a ton of information has already leaked out about his plans for every character so perhaps it will be most useful to discuss each one individually.

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The big event early in the film will be the wedding of Sue Storm and Reed Richards. Interestingly, Jessica Alba has admitted that her character will actually be part of a love triangle in the sequel. During the ceremony, however, Sue will have to prevent a helicopter from crashing into her wedding. According to Alba, her character is the most powerful of the four and will reveal an ability that people have never seen before.

In what seems like a bit more of an excessive idea, Johnny Storm will be involved in a love triangle of his own. Model Beau Garrett will play scientist Frankie Raye, who becomes one of his love interests. The other will be played by sexy MTV hostess Vanessa Minnillo. As far as The Thingís girlfriend Alicia Masters is concerned, actress Kerry Washington promises that her character will have a far more important role this time around.

The Baxter Building, the fictitious 35-story skyscraper in downtown Manhattan where The Fantastic Four occupy the top five floors, will be revamped with a multitude of Reedís high tech gadgets. The ď4Ē logo will reportedly be everywhere as the group has now officially become a corporation. Story has also mentioned that the foursome will travel around a lot in the sequel, perhaps in the Fantasticar, which has been confirmed to make an appearance. The Fantasticar is the Fantastic Fourís flying vehicle (duh) and will apparently be the cause of constant bickering between Johnny and Ben as to who should be behind the steering wheel.

Of course, the most important element of the sequel is named within the filmís title. Renowned physical performer Doug Jones, who also stars as the otherworldly Pan in Panís Labyrinth, has been hired as a reference for Weta Digital to render the Surferís movements into CGI. Consequently, the villain (or hero) will be entirely computer generated and with the type of technology available today, the results should be spectacular. The Surfer is likely to be the most interesting character in the sequel and not only because of his appearance, but also because of his moral complexities. History has shown him to be a fairly conflicted individual. While his initial purpose on earth is to destroy it, he is reluctant to do so and chances are that he may eventually stand by The Fantastic Four in the end.

Inevitably, wherever The Silver Surfer goes, the planet-devouring Galactus soon follows. Story claims that the movie will depict the super villain as a much more realistic character and not simply the cartoonish, purple-helmet-wearing giant found in the older comics. More recent comic book storylines have portrayed Galactus (under the name Gah Lak Tus) as an immense composite of city-sized robots that work together as one mind. Whichever version of Galactus the filmmakers happen to choose, his primary objective will still be to eat planet earth.

Finally, Julian McMahon returns as Dr. Doom and both he and Story have claimed that his character will be much more menacing than in the first film. Additionally, they plan to make better use of Doomís intelligence this time around by having him go toe-to-toe with Reed gadget-wise. Story has also promised a big surprise courtesy of Dr. Doom. Some have speculated that he may steal the Silver Surferís powers, but thatís only a rumor at this point.


Hereís how the film is likely to play out: The Silver Surfer will oppose his master Galactus and will defeat him alongside The Fantastic Four. Frankie Raye, one of Johnnyís two love interests, will gain new cosmic power from Galactus and will become his new herald, Nova. All this should help Fox to successfully spin-off the Silver Surfer into his very own franchise.


In Conclusion: The first film was dull, talky, unremarkable, and provided no real insight into the characters. The Fantastic Four franchise strikes me as the most immature of any of the successful comic book adaptations and the new film appears to be heavily boggled down with an excessively crammed and banal plot. I really donít see how two love triangles are necessary. Itís as if the filmmakers are trying to one-up the Spider-Man series in that department, while taking a page out of the X-Men book in terms of littering the screen with characters. From a critical standpoint, thatís a negative, but it will probably help attract a wider audience spectrum. The original had a $100 million budget to work with. It had a respectable $56 million opening and went on to collect a grand total of $155 million domestically. With an estimated budget of $130 million and the shooting taking place in Canada, the second film is likely to have plenty of cash for special effects. The filmmakers are going to pack a lot into this one, which should result in some exciting trailers and superior box-office performance, but like the first part, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer will not win over any critics.

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June 15th, 2007 (wide)
October 2nd, 2007 (DVD)

20th Century Fox

Tim Story

Michael Chiklis, Ioan Gruffudd, Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Julian McMahon, Beau Garrett, Andre Braugher, Vanessa Minnillo, Doug Jones, Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne

Total: 331 vote(s).

Action & Adventure, Science Fiction

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Rated PG for sequences of action violence, some mild language and innuendo.

92 min





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