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The X-Files 2: I Want to Believe
A TV show stretched to two hours.
The X-Files 2: I Want to Believe
The Sequel to "X-Files."
OPENING WEEKEND: $48,000,000
DOMESTIC TOTAL: $119,000,000
OTHER PREVIEWS: Alatriste (7/10)
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April 27th, 2008: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson return for the sequel to "X-Files."

What to Expect: A long time ago, during an era when TV was still scripted, there existed a little show called X-Files. The show was truly a pioneer in that it offered the full spectrum of TV entertainment: aliens, monsters, government conspiracies, autopsies and of course unrealized sexual tension. The show enjoyed a hugely successful nine season run and, along with 90210, helped propel the fledgling Fox network from being the "fourth network" to number one. At its height, the show enjoyed a tremendous cult following which Fox was able to shrewdly capitalize on by making a full feature movie that was nothing more than a long episode in between seasons. The movie was a huge hit bringing in over $180 million on only a $60 million budget. Fox execs were extremely pleased with the return and another movie was planned to be made after the show wrapped up its ninth and final season. Unfortunately, it all fell apart due to production problems and a lawsuit filed by the show's creator against Fox over syndication profits. The ones that suffered the most from this falling out were the show's millions of fans. Well it seems that 2008 will be the year that their loyalty will be rewarded because after being years away, agents Mulder and Scully are finally back in the much anticipated X-Files sequel, entitled "X-Files: I Want To Believe." Even though so much time has passed, it seems that the fans have not forgotten their two favorite FBI agents. The movie has enjoyed a huge amount of buzz and the millions of X-Files fanatics have eagerly embraced every piece of news about the film. The movie should carry all this positive energy of a huge summer release that should easily eclipse the profits made by the first movie, but it is not going to be as good.

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In order to understand why this movie is not going to be as good as it should be we must first examine the history of the show. When it first started, each episode was a standalone episode and the show did not do very well. It really hit its stride when the show began to have a continuing story arc involving the alien conspiracy and their allies in the Syndicate. The 1998 movie focused on this exact storyline, becoming a necessary piece to the puzzle. However, this time around, being ten years removed from the movie and six years from the last episode, the show's creator, Chris Carter, decided to abandon that storyline and make a completely standalone movie. They felt that they can use this as an opportunity to bring in new fans who have never seen the show, but there is one problem: If someone did not watch the show when it was on TV for free then why in the world would they want to drop ten dollars to go see a movie based on a show they never watched, and full of relatively unknown actors? To deal with that problem the producers actually went out and cast bigger celebrities in rapper Xzibit and Amanda Peet as new FBI agents to work alongside Mulder and Scully. It is pretty amazing that they chose Xzibit, the rapper best known for MTV's "Pimp My Ride," when they had nine season-worth of X-Files actors to choose from. The loyal fans who have waited for years to find out what happens next with the Alien invasion are going to be pretty upset to find out that this movie has no intention of addressing this storyline. Instead it is going to try to be your standard horror movie.

Well, I am being a little bit harsh here, despite these little setbacks this is still X-Files! As I mentioned earlier, Carter had wanted to do the next movie immediately after the show's last episode but development problems and bickering with Fox killed the project. Finally, last year they were able to bury the hatchet and the project was green-lighted. Carter was easily able to get both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson to reprise their roles as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, even though both had spent the last six years trying to get away from the iconic characters. Duchovny returned to Showtime to do the new comedy Californation and Anderson had a variety of TV and movie parts. But no matter what they did, people always see them as the X-Files agents. Carter, on the other hand, never really did anything other than X-Files and continued to work on the new script even during in his off time. He just stayed in his hometown of Vancouver where the first five seasons of the show were filmed and purposely wrote the screenplay to be filmed in the city. When it was time to film, he assembled the old cast and crew and it was like old times.

The cast quickly got back into character and everyone was back to doing their favorite thing: trying to keep all aspects of production a secret. As Carter put it, "Ideally I would just have you go into the theater and unwrap the movie like a present you know nothing about." Thus, when the first movie was filmed in 1998, the entire crew went to extreme lengths to keep the plot a secret. The script was printed on special red paper that could not be copied; the project was code named "Blackwood" and disinformation was abundant. This time around, the same level of secrecy was applied. The project was actually codenamed "Done One" with a director named Rich Tracers, which is actually an anagram for Chris Carter, at the helm. The actual name "X-Files: I Want to Believe" was not actually announced until very recently. The name stems from the poster that hangs behind Mulder's desk, but seems to point to a plot that revolves around God or Aliens and we know it is not about Aliens. Although it is hard to tell what the movie is really about with all the misinformation. At one point when security noticed paparazzi in a car parked across the street, he had one of the cast come out wearing a werewolf mask, the resulting photographs made their rounds on the internet fueling speculation that the movie is actually about werewolves. Later in the shoot, another paparazzi became an unwitting accomplice to the misinformation when he photographed Mulder and Scully embraced in a passionate kiss, causing many fans to believe that the autonomy of the relationship would change. Fortunately, Carter quickly came clean and said that the relationship would stay professional as usual. Despite all this misinformation, one huge chunk of knowledge did get leaked: the plot. Fox had hoped to make even more money off the X-Files film so they decided to have a novelization of the movie be released the same time as the film. The publisher of the book actually placed the plot outline on their site to promote the book and before it could be taken down, people like me got to read it. So without further ado, the plot:

"The story picks up six years after the show ended in real time. Mulder and Scully no longer work for the FBI but are forced back when a group of women are abducted in the wintry hills of rural Virginia (hence the Vancouver filming location), the only clues to their disappearance are the grotesque human remains that begin to turn up in snow banks along the highway. With officials desperate for any lead, a disgraced priest's questionable "visions" send local police on a wild goose chase and straight to a bizarre secret medical experiment that may or may not be connected to the women's disappearance. It's a case right out of The X-Files. But the FBI closed down its investigations into the paranormal years ago. And the best team for the job includes ex-agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dr. Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), who have no desire to revisit their dark past. Still, the truth of these horrific crimes is out there somewhere... and it will take Mulder and Scully to find it!"

We also know that the movie will examine Scully's past, looking very carefully at her Catholic faith. Thus between the title, the priest's vision and Scully's past we can safely assume that this movie has God, faith and religion at its core. To further this assertion Carter has always said "I always saw The X-Files as a search for God." So I am sticking with that, some sort of mystery cult is sacrificing women. Another interesting tidbit that we should learn in this movie is what happened to William, Mulder's baby who was given up for adoption during the last season. Well, most people really will not care since the baby was just a subplot that got written out, and any attempt to make him relevant again would be kind of a reach. Carter has also promised many other X-Files characters will be featured in the movie, including their former boss, Walter Skinner. Unfortunately, they have managed to keep the other characters a secret, so I guess you will just have to go see the movie.

In Conclusion: Well, if you spent any time watching the X-Files in the 90's then you should go see this one. Although it does not take place in 2012 and there are no aliens, it is still an X-Files movie. You get a chance to see Mulder and Scully, hear the theme music again, learn a little about the background of the characters and see a mystery solved. However, if you never watched X-Files, then there is absolutely no reason you should see this movie in the theaters, because at the end of the day, this is still a TV show with TV actors and TV writers, just a little longer.

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July 25th, 2008 (wide)
December 2nd, 2008 (DVD)

20th Century Fox

Chris Carter

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Xzibit, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, Callum Keith Rennie, Adam Godley

Total: 233 vote(s).

Fantasy, Horror

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Rated PG-13 for violent and disturbing content and thematic material.





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