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"Captain America: Civil War" Concept Art Shows Two Avengers Teams
Commented on Sep 1st, 2015
Comment: agreed with Locutus
General Zod to Have Flippers Instead of Hands in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Commented on Aug 24th, 2015
Comment: Probably Alex already started packing food cans and emergency inflatable spiderman dolls.
General Zod to Have Flippers Instead of Hands in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Commented on Aug 24th, 2015
Comment: Just keep triggax away from me. I don't want AIDS.
A Good Day to Die Hard
Review: (May 16th, 2013) You'll find plenty of negative reviews about this movie so i won't repeat what others have said - just this,I hope this is John Moore's last movie.This guy is just a horrible director.Can't really blame Bruce for this - we know he agreed to do it just for the money.
Die Hard 6 ? I would say yes ... (more)
Star Trek Into Darkness
Review: (May 13th, 2013) I expected a bit more after all those fancy trailers but the story was quite weak and resembling in some parts 'wrath of khan' - the special effects are the best thing going for this movie and the 3D was well made for a change.
Unfortunately the actors who play kirk and spock are lacking the pow... (more)
Review: (May 10th, 2013) 8/10 ???

highly recommended?

nothing happened in this movie ! very little action,statham is wasted here and J-LO lost her mojo together with her big ass 10 years ago.the second half of the movie is quite embarrassing in which statham tries to talk with a texas accent and gets beat ... (more)
Review: (Apr 28th, 2013) slow,boring,pointless,crap.

tanman probably gives this 10/10
Iron Man 3
Review: (Apr 27th, 2013) I really wanted to like this movie,The first Iron man was a great movie and after the letdown of the dull 'Iron Man 2' - the 'Iron man 3' trailers and buzz promised redemption but alas much like the overrated 'the avengers' - Iron man 3 is just mediocre.The main problem is the script and the directi... (more)
Jack Reacher
Review: (Apr 22nd, 2013) I enjoyed this movie very much.perhaps Tom Cruise was not the perfect casting but he defiantly gives one of his better performances in recent years.the overall cast is also pretty good and the action is stylish and exciting.
I agree with Tanman - movie could have been a bit shorter.
Review: (Apr 15th, 2013) 'Oblivion' last 20 minutes were superb - the problem is that the build up towards this ending was boring as fuck.almost nothing happens in the movie till it's last act,true,the visuals(much like Tron Legacy)are breathtaking but the story is just weak and leaving you with the feeling of 'why should i... (more)
Dark Skies
Review: (Apr 11th, 2013) I disagree with the previous reviews.this movie was 90 min long and during those 90 minutes almost nothing happened.the characters in this movie seemed to be lacking that function called 'brain' and keep following every stupid move with an even stupider move.There are almost no aliens in this movie.... (more)
Transporter 3
Review: (Apr 1st, 2013) The first transporter was the one which made Jason Statham an action star - a solid action movie despite an annoying appearance by the lead actress.
'Transporter 2' was the best of all 3.a mind blowing adrenaline rush action extravaganza without a dull moment.
'Transporter 3' was a poor effo... (more)
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