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Lots of New "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" Photos and Story Details
Commented on Jul 3rd, 2015
Comment: How embarrassing.
New Photo From Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight"
Commented on Jul 3rd, 2015
Comment: I'm sick of Tarantino. Forced, annoying, time wasting, regurgitated, all-over-the-place 70s throwbacks don't make a film. It's all his films are at this point. You might as well make a fucking movie that's pieced together like some Frankenstein monster with 70s footage from every genre that doesn't ... (more)
It's Official: "Jurassic World" Beats "The Avengers" for Biggest Box Office Opening
Commented on Jun 16th, 2015
Comment: Just play Fallout 4
You're Next
Review: (Dec 17th, 2014) I honestly still don't understand why some people view this as a horror film and not what it really is; a black comedy having fun with the tropes of various home invasion horror films.

I thought this film was brilliantly crafted, although a tad forgettable. I give it a brisk 8/10
Review: (Dec 28th, 2013) This film made my bones hurt, along with The Raid.
It really brought me back to the films I watched as a child, the films I remembered and familiarized with as an action flick. Scary villains along with a small, yet big idea, a badass hero, and cleverly toying with a psychic sidekick.

... (more)
Man of Steel
Review: (Jun 19th, 2013) Bababooie Bababooie.
Review: (May 13th, 2013) Enjoyed every second of it. Underlooked film.
Casa de mi Padre
Review: (May 8th, 2013) Casa de mi Padre was probably Will Ferrell's only good movie in 4 years. I had fun with the concept of such violence associated with a Will Ferrell script, that was enough to grant me with some laughter.
As a film, it was pretty fun too. Definitely not the funniest Will has put out, but it's som... (more)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Review: (May 2nd, 2013) This makes InAPPropriate Comedy seem like it's a piece of brilliant Forrest Gump-esque writing. Movie 43 would be ashamed of this colossus camel bunk bucket. Jack and Jill, Pain and Gain, Transformers 2, The Descendants, Jack the Giant Slayer, A Good Day to Die Hard, The Cat in the Hat, Freddy Got F... (more)
Pain and Gain
Review: (Apr 25th, 2013) Convoluted, Contrived, Cluttered, and an all around foolish move to make this actual incident a comedy.
This movie is the definition of a giant piece of foolish, awful, unneeded, tasteless, SHIT.
Michael, you have once again made another Transformers 2 of a movie. A Pearl Harbor. Fuck you.... (more)
Men in Black 3
Review: (Apr 14th, 2013) This film was a lot of fun! Surprisingly great twist ending that brought a tear to my eye.
The Descendants
Review: (Mar 26th, 2013) Unlikable characters, paper thin storyline, some breakthrough acting.... This movie was horrendus.
Jack and Jill
Review: (Mar 12th, 2013) Lol.

<... (more)
Project X
Review: (Mar 10th, 2013) The half-aborted retarded cousin of American Pie, Road Trip, A Weekend at Bernie's, Porky's and just about any other god-awful teen film.

Oh, yeah. Still not as bad as Movie 43.
Review: (Mar 3rd, 2013) Good god, this was a bad film. Not horrible, not good (AT ALL), not god-awful (Movie 43) either.
It's just a very, very bad film. Don't really know what to say about the film, really. Characters are unlikable dipshits, the film's gravity is SFX, the direction is crap, riddled with plot holes, i... (more)
Review: (Mar 2nd, 2013) This comedy is a very special comedy. Not very many comedies can take such a dark and ultimately intense structure, in this case, Political matters and what our country is going to, and form it into a very hilarious, thought provoking film. I, for one, was surprised to see that the creator of Beavis... (more)
Jack the Giant Slayer
Review: (Mar 2nd, 2013) Characters are cartoons, villains are cartoons, CGI was awful, riddled with cliches, and all around boring.
The Happening
Review: (Mar 1st, 2013) "Hello, my name is Elliott Moore, just want to talk in a very positive manner. Giving off good vibes. We're just here to use the bathroom then we're just gonna leave. I hope that's okay.

Great staple in cinema, just brilliant.
The Last Exorcism Part II
Review: (Mar 1st, 2013) There was a Blair Witch 2? I gotta watch it!
Hostel: Part II
Review: (Mar 1st, 2013) If the 8mm tapes in Sinister were replaced with these, Ethan Hawke would have just been ASTONISHED by how awful, vile, pointless, disgusting, unscary, worthless piece of shit this film is.

This film is not only a disgrace to horror films, but films in general. At least the Saw series had so... (more)
Texas Chainsaw 3D
Review: (Mar 1st, 2013) Well, I saw this film.

Worse than the Beginning. If Trey Songz died in a gorier way, I would have bumped the rating to 10/10. But, no. Just some blood.
Awful piece of Garbage, will not recommend this film to blind people.
The Last House on the Left
Review: (Mar 1st, 2013) Caught up with this film a few months ago. Kinda liked it. Okay film.
21 and Over
Review: (Mar 1st, 2013) Not as bad as Movie 43. Had SOME VERY LITTLE funny parts, still comes off as what I like to call, SHIT.
Review: (Feb 25th, 2013) Caught up with this film. Characters are unlikable dickwads, makes no sense whatsoever, is riddled with Plotholes, boring and cliche storyline, 6/10.

But, when the Super 8 scenes appeared and the ending....Oh my fucking god, scariest thing I have ever seen in YEARS. I haven't been... (more)
Movie 43


I'D RATHER FUCK ... (more)
Bullet to the Head
Review: (Feb 18th, 2013) I actually REALLY liked this film quite a bit, brought back some 80's Nostalgia.
A Good Day to Die Hard
Review: (Feb 18th, 2013) Need I say more? Good god, I want to shoot myself in the fucking head. I'd rather watch Arnie's comeback.
Parental Guidance
Review: (Dec 31st, 2012) rather stick my cock in a blender than sit through an hour and a half of this shit
Les Miserables
Review: (Dec 31st, 2012) this film suffers untalented, horribly paced, inconsistent, and actors never meant to sing ever ever ever ever ever ever ever syndrome.
Anne Hathaway however has the voice of fergie mixed with jesus
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Review: (Dec 31st, 2012) Bland.
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