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Neill Blomkamp Unveils Concept Art For His "Alien" Sequel
Commented on Jan 3rd, 2015
Comment: Can I add an "S"
Neill Blomkamp Unveils Concept Art For His "Alien" Sequel
Commented on Jan 3rd, 2015
Comment: Miguel Farter snorted coke off fake tittied.
Neill Blomkamp Unveils Concept Art For His "Alien" Sequel
Commented on Jan 3rd, 2015
Comment: These 4-5 pics were better
than ALIEN 4 and PROMETHEUS combined.
Review: (Dec 18th, 2013) There are some great things in this film (psst...Jodie Foster is not one of them--she's terrible), but those great pieces don't add up to a great whole.

The fx is great, as Blomkamp really excels here. For the most part, his action sequences are good, but a bit underwhelming. The problem ... (more)
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Review: (Dec 18th, 2013) I liked the film. It is better than last year's AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, but I'm getting bored with Tolkien's/Peter Jackson's world.

First off, I hate Thorin Oakenshield. I don't know if it's the actor who portrays him or the way his character is written (probably a bit of both), but he suck... (more)
12 Years a Slave
Review: (Nov 14th, 2013) Powerful film. Chiwetel Ejiofor gives an excellent performance as freeman Solomon Northop (I think that was his last name), who is kidnapped under false pretenses and brought to the south and sold into slavery.

There are some intense scenes or brutality, as the filmmakers don't shy away ... (more)
Thor: The Dark World
Review: (Nov 14th, 2013) Very good sequel. I enjoyed it more than the first film. It's a lot busier, and the FX and action sequences are well done. It's definitely impressive visually. I just recently marathoned GAME OF THRONES, and was impressed by the episodes Alan Taylor directed. They were some of the more cinematic of ... (more)
Review: (Oct 7th, 2013) The first hour is solid, but some of the twists are unrealistic and a bit confusing.

I really liked the director's visual aesthetic in this film. There's an ominous and foreboding quality to his shots. The story becomes a bit muddled during the second hour, as I could not buy into Jackm... (more)
Review: (Oct 7th, 2013) Visually stunning, with great direction from Cuaron, but I felt it could have been thrilling.

It's a marvel of achievement. The scale and scope are beautifully realized, and the viewer is totally immersed int the cold, dark, emptiness of space. There are some very intense sequences that a... (more)
Review: (Sep 4th, 2013) I was prepared to watch an awful movie. Everything I heard said it was terrible, but I liked it. I wasn't drunk or high when I watched it either.

The premise is basically Men in Black for the supernatural crowd. It's nothing original, and the story about the gold pieces and the return ... (more)
We're the Millers
Review: (Aug 27th, 2013) Yes, there are ridiculous situations that would never happen. Yes, the plot is stupid. But this is a comedy, what the fuck do you want? I want to laugh, and I laughed quite a bit. Jason Sudekis is extremely funny in this; he couldn't have picked a better first post-SNL role. Jennifer Aniston is... (more)
Now You See Me
Review: (Aug 25th, 2013) This is a film that tries to be smart and clever, but relies on implausible tricks that use a lot of cgi to accomplish them.

I'm not going to take the time to explain the plot, but why these "Four Horsemen" magicians would risk spending the rest of their life in prison just because they hav... (more)
The Lone Ranger
Review: (Aug 21st, 2013) I actually liked a lot about this film. Gore Verbinski really knows how to direct some inventive action sequences (the opening train prisoner breakout and the end sequence on a train). He made a gorgeous looking film. If Disney decides to go with another director for STAR WARS EPISODE VIII, choos... (more)
Olympus Has Fallen
Review: (Aug 20th, 2013) This is definitely 'Die Hard in the White House', but it's lack of originality doesn't take away from the fact that this is a pretty good action flick with a good performance by Gerard Butler.

It mimics Die Hard in a lot of ways, which probably why it worked for me. Hell, the scene where D... (more)
The Big Wedding
Review: (Aug 19th, 2013) I didn't hate this movie, and I had a couple of laughs, but its contrived, nonsensical plot and characterizations were ridiculous at times.

Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton have been divorced for 15 or so years, but reunite at DeNiro and Susan Sarandon's home for their son's wedding. The "lo... (more)
Grown Ups 2
Review: (Aug 12th, 2013) This is Sandler's worst film ever, and that's saying something, because he hasn't exactly been the vanguard of modern cinema. Look-- I always used to tell people Sandler's films are stupid comedies, but if you find him funny, you'll like his movies. I always find some silver lining in his comedies... (more)
The Conjuring
Review: (Aug 3rd, 2013) Damn, James Wan, you surprised me! I wasn't expecting much from the guy who directed SAW, a film I didn't like. But THE CONJURING delivers great chills, scares, creepiness, and it's well-directed.

It's essentially a bit like POLTERGEIST, but supposed to be based on a true story. Farmiga... (more)
Evil Dead
Review: (Jul 31st, 2013) This isn't a bad movie. It just isn't too scary, but it is gory as hell. The problem I see with a film like this nowadays is that there have been so many variations of this theme since the original EVIL DEAD. The recently released CABIN IN THE WOODS is a straight repack of EVIL DEAD, but it had a c... (more)
Jack the Giant Slayer
Review: (Jul 31st, 2013) The story is not that bad, but seems a little rushed. Once they get to the giant world in the clouds, they don't stay too long. They never really take full advantage of the 'big giant/little human" aspect ratio, which in films like HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS, made it a lot of fun and clever. And whe... (more)
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Review: (Jul 30th, 2013) Oh, man, what a steaming pile o'shit. The Rock gives a "good" performance, but the story and director fucking sucks. There's a halfway decently shot mountaintop scene with ninjas swinging around in the air, but that's about the only highlight of this turd. You will be dumber for having watched t... (more)
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Review: (Jul 29th, 2013) Carell is great, and Carrey is mildly amusing, but I felt the laughs were few and far between.

It has potential, but Carrey seems underused. He's a cross between David Blaine and the incredibly retarded Criss Angel. Seriously, if you like Criss Angel, go kill yourself. I did have a few l... (more)
The Wolverine
Review: (Jul 26th, 2013) I liked this better than 2009's WOLVERINE; it has better character development, the story is more focused, and it's not cheesy.

It just doesn't have much of a WOW factor for a superhero film. A battle on top a train is done well, and the end fight with the Silver Samurai( or whatever he i... (more)
Pacific Rim
Review: (Jul 16th, 2013) PACIFIC RIM is one if the most visually impressive "big" movies in recent memory. The kaiju and jaegar battles are so mind-blowing in their scale and execution, I was giddy like a kid during those scenes. Kudos to ILM (I'm assuming ILM)...you guys are fucking amazing!

It's everything betw... (more)
Promised Land
Review: (Jul 10th, 2013) This is a likeable film that is essentially about the conniving corporate world meets small town America. Two associates of a natural gas company try to convince townsfolk to sign off on their frakkin' plans, but the company turns out to be a real motherfrakker. Yes...I went there. Fuck you.
<... (more)
The Purge
Review: (Jul 10th, 2013) The premise is just hard to buy. It's actually well-made for a low budget flick, and this director should get bigger work as a result. It's just hard to swallow a "ten years from now" storyline where America sanctions an annual night of guilt-free violence.

Ethan Hawke gives a great pe... (more)
Side Effects
Review: (Jul 10th, 2013) A very good film that is a bit of a slow burn in the beginning, but once the twist occurs it picks up steam and finishes strong.

I like Soderbergh a lot. He's not a director that uses a lot of heavy-handed camera movements. He frames his shots, then saturates them in vivid(or not-so-vivid... (more)
This is the End
Review: (Jul 10th, 2013) Ok...this is a stupid comedy. If you like the humor in SUPERBAD, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, or EASTBOUND AND DOWN, then you'll like this. If not, then you'll hate it and won't laugh at all. I laughed a lot. I enjoyed the "inside" Hollywood humor, and there were a lot of interesting cameos (Michael Cera, ... (more)
A Good Day to Die Hard
Review: (Jul 5th, 2013) A pointless sequel that has a few good action sequences, but is wrecked by a stupid script with terrible dialogue.

"I'm on vacation!" That's 50% of Bruce Willis' dialogue right there. No shit. He says that a lot, and it's not funny. In fact, none of his dialogue is, and his character usu... (more)
Review: (Jul 4th, 2013) I love Danny Boyle. He's still technically on top of his game here, but the story seemed empty and unrealistic about halfway into this film.

It starts out strong, with an art auction heist that goes wrong. McAvoy's voiceover narration reminded me so much of Ewan McGregor from TRAINSPOTT... (more)
World War Z
Review: (Jun 27th, 2013) This review is copy & pasted from my WWZ news thread comments:

I lked it. It was pretty f*cking tame, though. A zombie movie with no bite. I know the studio needed a PG-13 rating to help make back it's $200 million budget, but this is a genre that needs blood and guts. There was very little... (more)
Man of Steel
Review: (Jun 26th, 2013) I liked MAN OF STEEL, but I did have problems with the script. And does anyone else think Snyder's direction of this, with all the hand-held, was bland? I thought he arrested his style, a visual aesthetic that I loved in 300 and WATCHMEN, and it was sorely needed in this film. The fight scenes looke... (more)
Review: (Jun 6th, 2013) This film is nothing new for the horror genre. We've seen it a lot--a supernatural entity haunts a family, but all it really needs is closure over it's loss. MAMA is effective, though, because the director makes it visually appealing.

The chills are used effectively, even though the direct... (more)
Review: (May 28th, 2013) I was hooked from the beginning. I thought Kosinski's TRON LEGACY was gorgeous looking, but boring. And his direction of intimate scenes between actors and flashback scenes was terrible. He corrects those shortcomings with OBLIVION, and delivers an engaging sophomore effort.

The story se... (more)
Star Trek Into Darkness
Review: (May 28th, 2013) I loved the 2009 film. This film--not so much.

First of all, I like JJ Abrams as a director. His visual style, fluidity of camerawork, choreography of action scenes, and pacing are all excellent, imo. He does a great job with this film. It's just too bad he had a SHITTY SCRIPT to work w... (more)
Jack Reacher
Review: (May 28th, 2013) Tom Cruise is serviceable as the main character, a guy that is written as a patriotic, off-the-grid badass. Some scenes are too heavy-handed with that bullshit; one scene with Cruise talking about country and its citizens and blah, blah, blah....cheesy.

McQuarrie does a fine job directing... (more)
Iron Man 3
Review: (May 5th, 2013) A weak villian, repetitive one-liners, and a tired formula make this a dull kick-off to the summer season.

RDJ is great, but his neverending one-liners begin to lose their comedic punch quickly into this film. His PTSD sub-plot is kind of stupid, and I never really bought it.

The ... (more)
Silver Linings Playbook
Review: (Apr 30th, 2013) Excellent performances all around highlight a bittersweet rom-com dealing with mental illness and painful losses in one's life.

Bradley Cooper gives his best performance ever. This film really changed how I view him. Jennifer Lawrence is great as well. I don't know why have the posters a... (more)
Dark Skies
Review: (Apr 21st, 2013) This is SIGNS meets POLTERGEIST. If you liked those films, you'll probably like this.

It's about an hour of creepy, intelligent set up, with the last half hour being a lackluster conclusion. There is nothing mind-blowing in the concept, but it at least tries to make you empathize with thi... (more)
This Is 40
Review: (Apr 20th, 2013) I won't lie--I've enjoyed Apatow's films since KNOCKED UP. FUNNY PEOPLE was good until Sandler found out he no longer had cancer, then it kind of derailed. This film has a lot of laugh-out loud scenes, and hilarious performances by all the cast.

Leslie Mann probably gives her best perform... (more)
Django Unchained
Review: (Apr 16th, 2013) Great performances by Waltz and DiCaprio can't carry an uneven film with a miscast Jamie Foxx.

This is a mediocre film with flashes of Tarantino's brilliance with dialogue. One problem is Tarantino doesn't do enough to make you feel Django would move heaven and earth to find his beloved Br... (more)
Review: (Apr 1st, 2013) What happened to you, Steven Spielberg? You used to be fucking beautiful.

I'm a huge Spielberg fan, but this effort is his most forgettable film ever. Technically, he's still a master of his craft. But not even he can do anything to keep this film from being a long, slow, boring slog. T... (more)
Killing Them Softly
Review: (Mar 28th, 2013) I must admit, I don't know Andrew Dominik's work that well. I saw some of his "too long a title" Jesse James flick, but don't remember much about it. This film, though, he blew me away with his direction, which was so visually inventive and fresh.

Brad Pitt is good, even though he seems... (more)
Zero Dark Thirty
Review: (Mar 20th, 2013) Seriously, ARGO won Best Picture? Argo fuck yourselves academy. ZERO DARK THIRTY is THE best political thriller of last year, hands down. It is superior to ARGO in every way. Kathryn Bigelow crafts a fine film, all building to a crescendo in the last half hour.

The acting is top notch ... (more)
Review: (Mar 19th, 2013) This film is probably one of the most beautifully shot Bond films ever. The cinematography is rich and deep. Sam Mendes brought a gravitas and weight to 007 that was a welcome pleasure. I felt Craig really owned his role as Bond this time. It had a feel that reminded me of Connery films and some... (more)
Review: (Mar 19th, 2013) Good film with great performances. But that's it. I don't know why all the love for it. I enjoy political thrillers, but there is not enough thrills or intrigue in this to push it into rarefied air. It's average, at best.

Ben Affleck is serviceable as the lead, but I think a better acto... (more)
The Man with the Iron Fists
Review: (Mar 14th, 2013) Absolutely terrible. I like kung-fu movies when they are done well, but this is not one of them. RZA should not have been allowed to write or direct. He's terrible, as are all the actors. Russell Crowe, WTF? Really, really bad film.
Review: (Feb 5th, 2013) Robert Zemeckis returns to the world of live-action film, his first in 12 years. "Flight" is a welcome return for him, though the ending is a little too predictable.
The cast is excellent. Denzel gives a great performance as a boosing, coke-using airline pilot, whose heroic action i... (more)
Hotel Transylvania
Review: (Jan 31st, 2013) This is the best Pixar film of the last few years. I know--Pixar didn't make this. But why is it that other studios are putting out better animated features, while they are mining their old classics with subpar sequels? Except Toy Story 3...that film was great.

Genndy Tartakovsky does a ... (more)
Cloud Atlas
Review: (Jan 22nd, 2013) The PROBLEM: Imagine that you are watching a TV that only gets four channels. You start watching one channel, then someone changes it every couple of minutes to another channel.
And this goes on for 3 hours. Wouldn't that frustrate the living
shit out of you? I don't mind jumps between... (more)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Review: (Jan 8th, 2013) The first 90 minutes is slow, whimsical, bloated. I started to lose faith, and began to think Jackson had Phantom Menaced it. But once they get to the Hidden/Secret Pass it begins to cook, and the last 90 minutes is damn good. This gives me hope that Jackson has hit his stride for the follow-ups,... (more)
Review: (Jan 8th, 2013) This ain't fucking Shakespeare, folks. If you want a brawny, ballsy, action-packed 90 minutes, this is your film. Very similar in structure to "Raid Redemption", it moves at a brisk pace with some great action sequences. Karl Urban nails it as Dredd. The visuals are well-done, and enjoyed myself ... (more)
Review: (Nov 27th, 2012) Little girls and moms will love it. It's an empowering tale for the ladies. But it is very thin in terms of plot. I was expecting the young princess to go on a sweeping, epic quest. Instead, she spends most of the time at the castle, and when she does venture out, it's not too far out in the woo... (more)
Life of Pi
Review: (Nov 24th, 2012) The Life of Pi is a beautiful film, with almost each shot being a master's stroke by Ang Lee. Lee truly is a great filmmaker, and this film lets him employ his visual mind with a rich and vibrant canvas. The 3D is excellent, some of the best I've seen. Some 3D films tend to lose their "3D-ishnes... (more)
Moonrise Kingdom
Review: (Nov 16th, 2012) I normally don't agree with Dustin Putnam's reviews, but he summed this one up perfectly. He gives the necessary detaiils that I'm too fucking lazy to offer up at the moment. Just go read it.
The Campaign
Review: (Nov 16th, 2012) Comedies are the one genre for me where reviews are useless. Everybody has a different sense of humor; what I find funny, you may not, and vice versa. I happen to like Farrell(some don't), and he is very funny here. Galifanakis is good too. It had some laugh out loud parts, was raunchy at times,... (more)
The Raven
Review: (Nov 11th, 2012) This has all the makings of a great thriller, but McTiegue's direction kills any chance at that. The elements are there( grisly murders, a race against time, whodunit), but the suspense is never ratcheted up enough, and that's the directors fault. I thought McTiegue did a great job on "V for Vende... (more)
The Amazing Spider-Man
Review: (Nov 10th, 2012) I was going to give it a 4, but knocked it down to 3 and here's why. Sony clears the table, is going to start fresh with a reboot. Yet this is the best they could come up with after a five year break between films. Marc Webb was a terrible choice to direct. He can direct emotional close-ups of a... (more)
Dark Shadows
Review: (Oct 25th, 2012) A huge misfire by Tim Burton. I can see why he was drawn to this; it's essentially a Beetlejuice-esque story. A family in a large house, a girl who talks to ghosts, a cursed dead guy who "helps" the family with a task. But the "fish out of water" aspect, with Barnabas resurrected in the '70s, fal... (more)
Snow White and the Huntsman
Review: (Oct 14th, 2012) I enjoyed it for the most part, but it could've have been much better if the director and Universal gave a shit. Charlize Theron was great, but at times overdoes it. After this, Prometheus, and last years Jason Reitman film(funny, I can remember him but not the name of his shitty movie), she reall... (more)
The Dictator
Review: (Aug 29th, 2012) I like Sacha Baron Cohen. He is a funny guy. He is really good in this, but the film is not consistently funny. I found the best, biggest laughs came from the interaction he had with his former head of nuclear weapons. That guy was hilarious(unfortunately, I'm too fucking lazy to look up his nam... (more)
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