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Member Since: Jun 21st, 2008
Last Online: Feb 3rd, 2010
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Age: 27
Gender: Male
Location: Sydney, Australia
Job: Actor for Television, Stage, Film, Voiceover.
Hobbies: Drama
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Drag Me to Hell
Played on Aug 2nd, 2009

Result: 1/10 in 22.2 sec
Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
Played on Aug 2nd, 2009

Result: 2/10 in 13.6 sec
Dragonball Evolution
Played on Aug 2nd, 2009

Result: 4/10 in 15.1 sec

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Game #10: Will Smith - Kevin Smith (Result: 200 sec on Jun 27th, 2009)
Game #9: Lindsay Lohan - Will Smith (Result: 200 sec on Jun 27th, 2009)
Game #8: Brad Pitt - Reese Witherspoon (Result: 8.5 sec on Jun 27th, 2009)

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Chris Evans Up for "Captain America," John Krasinski is Out
Commented on Mar 10th, 2010
Comment: I would have been fine with Chris Pine, who was reported like 1 and a half weeks ago. Since then, we've had like 15 guys rumored. I'm kinda not caring anymore. I only know Chris Evans out of this group, and would be an interesting Cap I guess. We at least know he works well in a superhero ensemble m... (more)
Chris Pine in Talks for "Captain America"?
Commented on Feb 13th, 2010
Comment: Awesome!
Logan Lerman Says He's in Talks for "Spider-Man" Reboot
Commented on Feb 11th, 2010
Comment: This guy is a pro. He was great in "3:10 to Yuma" and looks good in the Percy Jackson movie. I think he'll be a good choice.
Review: (Feb 9th, 2009) Not in the box office as such. Just adapting this onto film is something even the writers arn't looking forward to! I personally don't like Snyder style. Good luck to you people exited for the film though.
Review: (Nov 21st, 2008) Thus far this year, the biggest notable animated films of 2008 have been Wall-E, Kung Fu Panda, Horton Hears A Who, Space Chimps, and Bolt.

I thought Horton had its funny moments, but I didnt think muchg of it as a movie, even for kids.

Kung Fu Panda was quite funny, and I enjoyed... (more)
Wild Child
Review: (Nov 19th, 2008) It has already been released here in Australia, thus my review. We have been fortunate thius year with great films, such as The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Quantum Of Solace, Australia, Get Smart, Indiana Jones 4 and others, so Wild Child doesn't end up high on my list of great films of 2008. However, ne... (more)
Quantum of Solace
Review: (Nov 19th, 2008) I've gotta say, I saw this film today, on its first screening on the first day of release (here in Australia) and I was so blown away. It was fantastic. Why American reviews are harsh on it, I cam see, because their CIA are made too look like they are supporting the bad guys. All of the CIA, with th... (more)
Review: (Oct 16th, 2008) Im an Aussie, and I have gotten to see the new movie a couple of weeks prior to the release. It is fantastic. Hugh Jackman is possibly the best male actor in Hollywood. Best film since The Dark Knight last July.
Tropic Thunder
Review: (Aug 15th, 2008) Not like he would give a shit about what a small time actor in Australia has to say, but Robert Downey Jr, is a talented actor, but he knows it. Just cause he was in a number one film this year for a rival company, still doesnt make sence to talk about The Dark Knight in such a foolish manner. I kno... (more)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Review: (Aug 12th, 2008) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LE2lqBnrA0&feature=related

Watch this and look at how Cyclops is gunna look like a piece of shit in this movie. His role was reduced in X-Men 1, he was neglected in X-Men 2, and was killed off quickly (and offscreen may I add) in X-Men 3, and a bad actor is p... (more)
The Dark Knight
Review: (Aug 4th, 2008) I got to see this before the world premier, due to an erly screening, thanks to myspace (im an australian by the way). I was mega exited to see this as soon as I saw Batman Begins, and I gotta say, it was worth the three year wait. Simply a great film. No flaws. Great dircting, great casting, great ... (more)
X-Men: The Last Stand
Review: (Jul 29th, 2008) Being a huge X-Men fan, I highly anticipated the latest X-Men movie. However, Cyclops, Mystique and Rogue - who all had big roles in the first two - were highly underused in this film. Although Beast looked extremely cool, he was almost pointless. If you dont play video games (and i dont), you would... (more)
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