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Dwayne Johnson to Return for Two New "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Sequels
Commented on Aug 15th, 2014
Comment: fucken awesome news, loved the 2nd one, with the exception of that annoying latino family.
"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" to Introduce Dimension X and Villainous Krang?
Commented on Aug 13th, 2014
Comment: micahel bay is the king of that sort of advertising, or marketing...i dunno the difference, anyways... like that part in transformers when marketing mark drinks the bud light or whatever the fuck it was...i was really perplexed by that bullshit.
Two Separate "Aquaman" Scripts in the Works
Commented on Aug 13th, 2014
Comment: i think the depths of the ocean can be quite a terrifying place. if i was tasked with competing against another writer i'd be coming up with crazy shit like ancient super beasts that Aquaman can summon, or if he has to go on land make him not give a fuck about human life and just rip apart his enemi... (more)
Man of Steel
Review: (Jun 14th, 2013) Really DP? How easy is it to just list your favorite scenes and give the movie an average rating? It's hard to take you seriously at all, when every single movie is spoiled in your review and you go and rate it a 5/10, lumping it in with 95% of all your other ratings. How hard is it to exclude your ... (more)
Your Highness
Review: (Apr 22nd, 2013) Once again I am forced to rectify DP's lame ass review by instilling a righteous order to his insanity.

First of all, you must understand that comparing Your Highness to the likes of "Year One" is a futile mistake. Comparing ‘Year One’ to Monty Python is plain stupidity. In no way do these... (more)
Review: (Apr 22nd, 2013) This movie does lack originality, it borrows from some very core sci-fi films, but the main thing I hated was the ending.

You would think that a giant fucking A.I. core operating directly next to a field of clones would have some form of offensive capabilities other th... (more)
A Haunted House
Review: (Apr 21st, 2013) This website's review is coming from the most unconscious individual to ever dwell the Earth, to put it nicely.

The first five minutes of the film tries to suck you in with Malcolm using his dog as comedy relief, until it runs outside and is immediately crushed by his girlfriend’s car. He t... (more)
Dark Skies
Review: (Apr 6th, 2013) I went to see Dark Skies a few days after its release and just recently went again. I've been bragging about this movie to my friends for a while now. I got the same feeling after watching it a second time, a little jumpy, and afraid to walk around in the dark, which is generally what a proper scar... (more)
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