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Trailer for Juan Antonio Bayona's "A Monster Calls"
Commented on Jun 30th, 2016
Comment: Lmao someone hacked the site and this is the only article that'll let me comment. RIP WP!
Trailer for "Midnight Special" Sci-Fi Film, with Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton
Commented on May 5th, 2016
Comment: Shut up dink, you're adopted
Trailer for "Midnight Special" Sci-Fi Film, with Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton
Commented on Apr 27th, 2016
Comment: How's everyone doing?
Jurassic World (Jurassic Park 4)
Review: (Jul 31st, 2015) Excellent film. Was far better than I had expected. Christ Pratt was a great casting choice. Also loved the special effects.
Review: (Jul 31st, 2015) Didn't watch the movie and won't anytime soon.
I just can't believe there's a new movie to review..
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
Review: (Dec 18th, 2013) The Sequel or "Second part" to The Hobbit was pretty damn decent. Saw it last week on the first day but just remembered to write a review.

I saw it in 3D, Which I absolutely hate. It made the film seem worse in my eyes and I didn't adjust to it until about 15 minutes in. Anyways, I persona... (more)
Delivery Man
Review: (Dec 4th, 2013) Most people will hate on me for liking this movie, But most people do anyways so who really gives a shit lol This film was nice.. It had a nice Life lessony-Feel to it.

Had some decent laughs as well. 7/10
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Review: (Nov 28th, 2013) It's started off really slow.. But picked up towards the end just to kind of leave you at a cliffhanger. Meh, Was never the biggest fan of the books anyways. I suppose they're just staying true to how the second book was?

Iunno, Anyways. 7/10
Last Vegas
Review: (Nov 8th, 2013) Too lazy to write a huge review but it was funny and the actors in it are great actors. A truly great cast and a nice story.
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa
Review: (Nov 8th, 2013) I actually really like it. It's for the most part the same jokes, But with a beat spin. They took the usual public pranks and made an interesting story behind it, And it was funny, at times even hilarious. I recommend, but only of you have a sense of humor.

Review: (Oct 28th, 2013) Chloe is as sexy as ever. Actress who plays her mother (Forgot the name) does phenomenal. But it's still not as good as the original. regardless, It's still a nice little remake that takes the classic Stephen King story and brings it up to date.
Escape Plan
Review: (Oct 22nd, 2013) Neat little action film. Loved the chemistry of Stallone and Swarezenegger.
Review: (Oct 14th, 2013) Amazing film. The obvious first thing you notice is how amazing the Special Effect are. Like cress said "Visually Stunning".

Great directing, great Story and great acting. I don't know what else there is to really say. Go see this.
Don Jon
Review: (Oct 5th, 2013) Saw it last week, was pretty good, lots of boobies! Lol Scarlette johansen was gorgeous as fuck throughout. I'm too lazy to write much more. Have a good day.
Review: (Sep 26th, 2013) Holy fucking shit. I haven't seen a movie quiet this good in awhile. It's phenomenal. The acting is amazing and award worthy, The directing is right on spot. Even the location scouts should get props for their work.

The story is so well told, And those twist at the end! Oh man, edge of your... (more)
Insidious: Chapter 2
Review: (Sep 24th, 2013) I enjoyed this sequel, had a lot of the great touches the first did. I also enjoyed how they set it up that most of the crazy unexplained ghost stuff had deep meaning behind it.

I'd explain much better but... I don't wanna spoil it. Just watch it, A lot of the stuff from the first will now... (more)
The World's End
Review: (Aug 30th, 2013) Alright. Dustin's review is all wrong, But that seems to be an often occurrence, so what's new. This movie was hilarious, The plots a little whacky but the comedy in the film is spot on. As well as the cast, Couldn't have been better cast.

The only thing I disliked in any way was the endin... (more)
Review: (Aug 26th, 2013) I can't think of anything wrong with this movie! I think Ashton kutcher portrayed Steve Jobs perfectly. The story was amazing the way it shows his rise to fame throughout the years up until his introduction of the iPod.

Absolutely Zero complains about this movie. It was just a very well do... (more)
We're the Millers
Review: (Aug 16th, 2013) Laughed a lot during this movie, very well casted and written. i Seriously couldn't find anything wrong with this movie. but in risk of getting criticized for giving a "Ten outta Ten"

I'll give it a moderate and fair Seven.

But seriously, this shits funny. go see it. Hell Jennife... (more)
2 Guns
Review: (Aug 8th, 2013) Two actors I love to watch together starring in one film! Whats not to like?. The movie is very funny with plenty of laughs and the story line is almost just as good. My real ONLY thing that I disliked wasnt even about the movie.

It's about the fuckface that made the trailer. Why do they ha... (more)
Review: (Aug 3rd, 2013) Watched this the other week. Too lazy to do a huge review, But it seemed to long and just wasn't as funny as the first. It also didn't have as good of a plot. Still enjoyable and I'll always watch a movie with Bruce in it.

So 6/10.
The Conjuring
Review: (Jul 28th, 2013) The Conjuring is a genre of film that I believe for the most part isn't easy to make (Succesfully). Mainly because of all the cliches that exist now. But this film came past that and actually did a terrific job.

Being a huge Horror film fan and watching many have made me notice and hate ce... (more)
Grown Ups 2
Review: (Jul 18th, 2013) Seriously this wasn't nearly as good as the first film. many would just say "Tanman The first sucked as well" Yeah, Well bite me. i liked it lol

but as for this Sequel.. Meh, Meh at best. The comedy was just.. Forced? It's like they weren't even trying to come up with the best story-lines a... (more)
The Lone Ranger
Review: (Jul 18th, 2013) There's not much to say really. They put 250 Million Dollars into a film that could have easily been made on $150 or less. They took a decent action film and made it a flop all because the studios suck with their budget money lol

I Enjoyed this quite a bit, i like the acting and the story ... (more)
The Heat
Review: (Jul 5th, 2013) The chemistry between these two character is amazing and well acted as EXSPECIALLY well casted. Loved the film, I'd recommend for Macarthys (Probably spelt wrong) Character alone.

TanMan Reccomends
White House Down
Review: (Jun 30th, 2013) The film has many things about it that I enjoyed. Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx went together very nicely, They were a great on screen duo with much chemistry. They had a great cast of actors whom I've seen before but not recently. The kind of actors where you go "Oh I know that guy!". So I enjoyed ... (more)
World War Z
Review: (Jun 25th, 2013) 'World War Z' Is nothing short of a very greatly acted and nicely told zombie infectious story through the eyes of one person, His family and minor aquaintences.

I don't have much to dislike about this film other then the fact that it wasn't very gory as I had expected. The graphics were g... (more)
This is the End
Review: (Jun 25th, 2013) It was good, Had plenty laughs but kinda lacked something.. Iunno, I just think it could have been better.
Man of Steel
Review: (Jun 14th, 2013) Exactly ^

and now onto my review!

I Actually really liked the reboot. Plenty of action with just the right amount of flashbacks to his childhood, and i like how for once they show you what it was like to live on Krypoton. I don't think they ever did that lol

I Think The ... (more)
The Internship
Review: (Jun 14th, 2013) I don't understand how people and critics talk bad about this movie, It's a good fucking movie! It's got plenty of laughs mixed with a great story involving life lessons and all that jazz. I actually really enjoyed this.

TanMan Recomends. :)
Now You See Me
Review: (Jun 7th, 2013) It is in fact Considerably Boring, BUT still interesting lol..

Just not interesting enough to get a big rating. It's very confusing. I don't recommend watching it.

5 outta 10 for entertaining perpuses only.
After Earth
Review: (Jun 2nd, 2013) Alright. The first 15 minutes I was doubtful on if this was going to be any good, I was actually saying "Wow this sucks" in my head. In the first 15 minutes it's obvious that Jayden Smith isn't ready for a big big movie role. He does however pick up for it during the rest of the film.

The ... (more)
Fast and Furious 6
Review: (May 26th, 2013) Review- This movie was awesome, Great action, Great Story and great characters. I found ALMOST nothing wrong with this film which I'll get into in a moment. I loved the scenes, how they were filmed and the comedy. They've always got that one funny character lol

Things I didn't like: Now gi... (more)
The Hangover Part III
Review: (May 24th, 2013) If you're a fan of the series, then by all meaning go watch this, if not, then why are you even reading this review lol

If you haven't seen the first and second movies then a lot of this one will be confusing. they link quite a bit to the first 2 films.

Anywho, it was good, much ... (more)
The Great Gatsby
Review: (May 17th, 2013) I hadn't had much interest in seeing this to begin with, Only went cause a friend wanted I see it. Anywho. I had never heard of this story until I saw the trailer, which did an absolutely awful job of telling me anything to do with the movie.

It starts of slow as fuck and kinda boring and ... (more)
Iron Man 3
Review: (May 13th, 2013) Iron man 3 was okay. Just okay. Seriously it was nothing special, It had some good scenes but the storyline was boring and confusing at points.

It has a couple good scenes, Like the house attack when the house falls into the ocean, That was good. Really the only Great thing about the film ... (more)
Pain and Gain
Review: (Apr 28th, 2013) My review:

This movie was fucking amazing. So well done, Everything was great. The acting, the story, the writing and Exspecially the cast. They took a very interesting 'True' Story and made it into a film. This rarely turns out good, you hear 'True Story' and the film ends up BEIN nothing... (more)
Scary Movie 5
Review: (Apr 25th, 2013) This movie was fucking TERRIBLE! Lmao I'll forever be confused on how people can call a decent movie shitty when movies like Scary movie 5 exist.

This movie had about 3 funny parts in it. That's it. The rest was nonsense and ba humor mixed with bad acting and very poor graphics. Fuck this ... (more)
Review: (Apr 21st, 2013) I can agree with the above, the ending is the best part by far. The middle is boring and hard to follow. It has some great twist dont get me wrong, but it get confusing an hard to follow.

The CGI and effect and such get a 10/10 for sure, all that stuff was VERY well done. But story and the... (more)
Review: (Apr 16th, 2013) '42' Was nothing short of spectacular. If you're a fan of baseball or not, you have to appreciate the courage it took for Jackie Robinson to step onto the field and be a black man in 1940's baseball.

as a true story baseball film, it's accurate and very well done, and even if it wasn't a t... (more)
Evil Dead
Review: (Apr 7th, 2013) Saw this film last night, Was very well done, they didnt add too much humor, Obviously because they wanted a more serious horror film. It wasn't cheesy, It was graphic and filled with great gore.

And remember you can only make an arm being ripped off seem so real, so you can't really bash ... (more)
G.I. Joe: Retaliation
Review: (Apr 3rd, 2013) Could honestly have cared less about this movie..

The plot was everywhere and sort of difficult to follow. Now given I know absolutely Nothing about GI Joe or it's Characters and the fact that I was very tired going into it could be the reason why I didn't enjoy it so much..

Eith... (more)
The Call
Review: (Mar 27th, 2013) I actually really enjoyed this one. But that's not unusual lol, Anyways Some of the scenes were kickass not to mention I found the plot very interesting and Abigail Breslin is sexy as fuck..

The ending was kinda iffy I'd say, It's not very realistic in the way of what REAL people would do ... (more)
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Review: (Mar 20th, 2013) Personally I think it could have been more funnier. Like of they made this rated R and had Will Ferrel in it, They could have made it much much more funnier.

But I understand they were going for a more family friendly comedy, So with that said, Not to bad of a flick. I'd give it a 6.5 outt... (more)
Review: (Mar 12th, 2013) Was a great movie, Very realistic, the rock didn't play some hardcore badass he played a guy risking his life for his kid.. Still, 7/10 :)
Dark Skies
Review: (Mar 2nd, 2013) This was amazing..

Right from the start.. The amazingly done camera work in the opening 5 minutes just gave me that eerie feeling that something scary was about to happen, but then wait?


until boom, something happens and you never even expected it, hell it wasn'... (more)
Identity Thief
Review: (Feb 18th, 2013) Great cast, Funny lines and situations, Made me laugh and that's what I payed for! So i personally thought it was pretty damn funny, I'd recommend this as a leading Comedy film out right now..

Also the theater was fucking packed! So you know this is gonna do damn good..
Review: (Feb 15th, 2013) This was an awesome movie lol saw like a week ago, well worth the money, statham and lopez are a good one screen duo .

highly recommend this one
A Good Day to Die Hard
Review: (Feb 14th, 2013) Die hard is die hard, so no matter what I will always find something to love about these films..

Die hard 5 was downright a crappy plot line, not like anything the predecessors had, but I knew that going in. Anyways..

They still had some wicked action, some great lines, and I sti... (more)
The Last Stand
Review: (Feb 7th, 2013) It's not THAT Bad, It's a nice entertaining movie lol, It's not like they were going for oscars, It's just a fun film, Come on guys lol..

Not the greatest acting, But who cares! Lighten up toots!
Zero Dark Thirty
Review: (Jan 20th, 2013) Very well done, Tells the events nicely.
Gangster Squad
Review: (Jan 20th, 2013) Pretty good flick, Tanman Recommends

Texas Chainsaw 3D
Review: (Jan 6th, 2013) I enjoyed the majority of this movie, I'm a fan of horror movie sequels so long as they have a new outline/plot.

This Sequel was different and the plot was alright, Actors were alright, BUT just like every other installment, The characters are morons!

Like The cop ... (more)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Review: (Jan 6th, 2013) I'm giving this an 8 out of 10 Mainly because of how well done it was. Great actors, great everything!

Lol, But I'm not that much into these types of stories and plot outlines, But Although that, It was a great movie and very well done
Django Unchained
Review: (Jan 2nd, 2013) This movie was hilarious, No doubt. Very well told story and greats acting from Jamie and Leonardo. The only thing I didnt like was how Extremely unrealistic some on the scenes were.

I know that's how Quintin does his films, But still I was like "Comee onnn!"
This Is 40
Review: (Dec 27th, 2012) Literally mt only complaint about this movie was that it was a bit to long, Other then that it was excellent!

Great comedy, Characters, Acting, Plot, Everything was better then I had Expected.

The best scene (Spoiler) Was when the dad character (forgot name) Went to drop off his ... (more)
Jack Reacher
Review: (Dec 24th, 2012)
Lol, Jack reacher was actually a very good and well done film. Good acting, Great story, A little too long but all in all a good film :)
Killing Them Softly
Review: (Dec 16th, 2012) I enjoyed this movie very much. Brad Pitt killed it! Ray liota was good Aswell.. 7/10
Review: (Dec 2nd, 2012) Flight was a terrific film, Denzel delivers like he always has and always will, I'd throw him an Oscar for this one lol The ending is very sad, or at least i though so lol Highly recommend this film :)
Review: (Nov 19th, 2012) As the title says, This film was spectacular, At times boring as fuck but nothin less of spectacular. Daniel day Lewis does an amazing job with his character as well as all the other actors and actresses.

They stayed true to the actual events and fucking nailed the scripting and writing an... (more)
Review: (Nov 8th, 2012) This movie was Phenomenal. Period.

Just as good as Casino Royal in my opinion, and way better then QOS, Which sucked ass lol.. As Rambo said below me, The main Villans first scene is done very well, His whole story dialog is amazing.

The action scenes and chase scenes were also v... (more)
Alex Cross
Review: (Nov 5th, 2012) I don't understand why everyone hates on this film, Its nowhere near as bad as everyone makes it out to seem..

Good plot, good characters and lots of action.
Paranormal Activity 4
Review: (Oct 19th, 2012) i saw the Toronto Premier on the 16th. It's a good movie, not the best horror film obviously, but it keep up with the pace of the last 3, I'd personally say it was better then the 3rd and maybe better then the second. The First was amazing and no sequel will beat that lol..

If you're a fan... (more)
Seven Psychopaths
Review: (Oct 17th, 2012) Everything was amazing about this film. The writing, the acting, the story, the way it was told. Fucking Brilliant. Colin Farrell Does an outstanding performance yet again. along with the entire cast. This film truly lives up to that of Pulp Fiction, which was an amazing story told in such a way tha... (more)
Review: (Oct 15th, 2012) It's a good flick, not the best by the "Creator of paranormal activity and insidious" Which by the way was phenomenal, by that i mean insidious, the first PA was good, kinda downhill since then lol anyways.. I had a love/hate for the slow approach to the film, not very many scary parts at all, but i... (more)
Here Comes the Boom
Review: (Oct 14th, 2012) Was a good movie, not the best movie lol. had lots of potential, good plot, very original comedy film, i liked it but i can see it being hard to make a comedy about wrestling and have a lot of funny jokes. so with the plot the film was given, they did a good job with it.

i also enjoyed the... (more)
Taken 2
Review: (Oct 6th, 2012) it was alright, could have been better lol.. Had a lot of the same stuff from the first movie, but it was still a good film. Plenty of action.

i loved the part where he had that call with his daughter and gave her instructions on what to do with the grenade and then showed her how to find ... (more)
Review: (Oct 4th, 2012) This movie was simply amazing! The Plot, The way they tell it, The acting, Hell everything. In no way was this boring! They explained the time travel very well, the idea is awesome and Bruce and Joseph do an amazing performance.

What else is there to ask for? and what i loved so much about... (more)
Trouble with the Curve
Review: (Sep 28th, 2012) Great Movie. Loved Clint's performance and i loved the emotion in the scene where he was singing "you are my sunshine",

Yea.. i'm gay, fuck you too!

but honestly, it was a nice film. Good characters, nice acting and obviously a great job by Clint. Not to mention Amy Adams and Jus... (more)
End of Watch
Review: (Sep 25th, 2012) It was pretty good lol I hadn't expected the whole film to be in "found footage" style, but it did work out in the end. Good acting, good plot, All in all a 7 outta 10.

the ending was pretty sad, but i still liked the way they did it.. lol
Resident Evil: Retribution
Review: (Sep 18th, 2012) Out of 5 stars.. i'd give this maybe a 2...

it was stupid, there wasn't even a SINGLE real zombie in the movie. they were all fucking set up like some computer game test. It's like they wanted to make a little extra cash before they finished the series with the 6th, so they just made up s... (more)
Johnny English Reborn
Review: (Nov 16th, 2011) Screw the haters, if your a fan of Mr Bean or any of Rowans Work. I Recommend You go see This!
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