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First Images From Marvel's First Animated Movie "Big Hero 6"
Commented on Aug 9th, 2013
Comment: just don't post a picture,pornfly,it will crash this site with it's size
First Images From Marvel's First Animated Movie "Big Hero 6"
Commented on Aug 9th, 2013
Comment: looks like one of putman's dreams
James Wan Unveils "Fast and Furious 7" Teaser Poster
Commented on Aug 9th, 2013
Comment: wow,full copy/paste collider.com updates today...
The Conjuring
Review: (Aug 9th, 2013) another generic horror movie - you have it all,the squeaky door , the ghost behind the door/closet , demons etc. etc.

Looks like James Wan was a one hit wonder with the brilliant first 'saw' which also had one of the best twists in histroy of filmmaking but ever since then he made mediocre ... (more)
Review: (Aug 3rd, 2013) a 6/10 from tanman equals 3/10 from the average viewer - movie sucked,flat humor,bad acting and cartoonish action in which none of the good guys gets hurt,of course.

save your money.
After Earth
Review: (Jul 29th, 2013) Razzie winner for sure.What a piece of crap.

90 min in which nothing happened,there is no character development,Jaden Smith gives a horrible performance while his father steps back and basically doesn't do anything the entire movie.
Boring,Dumb and slow - 'After Earth' makes 'Battlefiel... (more)
The Wolverine
Review: (Jul 27th, 2013) This was a mediocre wolverine movie with ups and downs,Hugh Jackman was good as always as the lead despite the fact that his character was getting ass kicked the entire movie (poor script), there was a lack of a concrete bad ass villain in the movie and as the movie progressed towards it's ending it... (more)
Pacific Rim
Review: (Jul 18th, 2013) with one exception,I never thought Del Toro was a good director,his 'hellboy' movies were mediocre at best and everything else he's done was meh...
Man of Steel
Review: (Jun 27th, 2013) was very dissapointed by this - Superman was always my fav super hero but 'Man of steel' much like 'Superman Returns' didn't deliver.

The first 10 min or so were almost perfect - great new intro to Krypton with wonderful special effects and strong performance by Russel Crowe - and after tha... (more)
Pain and Gain
Review: (Jun 4th, 2013) so what do you get when you combine a pointless script with 2 of the worst actors in Hollywood ? Garbage.
Michael Bay who has a talent for action movies (The Rock,Bad Boys 2)is taking a break from his cash milk franchise 'transformers' to bring his most personal movie which suppose to make us la... (more)
The Hangover Part III
Review: (May 29th, 2013) I'm one of the few that hated the first hangover - i barely chuckled twice and didn't understand why it became so popular.
The sequel was disgusting and seemed to be hated by everyone.
Now comes part 3 which instead of trying to be comedy simply takes the turn to a part heist movie part dram... (more)
Django Unchained
Review: (Jan 6th, 2013) 1.70's vibe check
2.ultra violence.check
3.casting has been actors.check
4.dumb songs instead of proper soundtrack.check.
5.long boring dialogues leading to gun-shooting.check

all the trademarks of tarantino movies are here.while they work better in other movies(inglorious b... (more)
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
Review: (Jan 4th, 2013) I wasn't bored at all,movie had lots of action and adventure,a bit too much overuse of CGI but overall i was very entertained...great soundtrack,camera work and acting.

overall i give it 8.5/10
Review: (Dec 27th, 2012) This remake had nothing special.simple story...dredd and a rookie caught in a tall building killing bad guys led by a weak female villain.the production is very low budget and Karl Urban doesn't really have the masculinity that Stallone had in brainless but fun 1995 version.
I give this one 5/10... (more)
Cloud Atlas
Review: (Dec 25th, 2012) Hard to say what happened to the directors who brought us in 1999 one of the most amazing movies in the history of film - The Matrix.
It started with one of the brothers deciding to become a woman and continued with the worst sequel ever made - The Matrix Revolutions.
Later on came 'Speed Ra... (more)
Alex Cross
Review: (Dec 14th, 2012) horrible horrible movie.Tyler Perry is not an actor.period.this could have been watchable with a different actor instead in the lead.the plot is quite cheesy and recycled.bad dialogues and poor camera work.
the only positive thing is Mathew Fox who deserved a better movie for his performance in ... (more)
Hope Springs
Review: (Nov 17th, 2012) stay away.
Review: (Nov 17th, 2012) the production is quite impressive and the casting is top notch(although i didn't understand what was the point of gary oldman...he barely has 5 min screen time)but the characters in this movie are so dumb it is painful to watch, especially the last act of the movie which is it's worst.
The Watch
Review: (Nov 6th, 2012) don't know why all the critics trashed it...it had some hilarious moments and some good action in the last act.great fun ride.
Review: (Nov 3rd, 2012) This movie had ups and downs.the best thing was Javier Bardem's performance,his first encounter with 007 was easily the best scene in the movie.However,Judi Dench was given too much screen time and actually she's the main Bond girl in this movie.Craig himself is on auto pilot and is lacking the inte... (more)
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Review: (Oct 14th, 2012) This movie had some great action scenes directed in style and power,however,the in-between scenes are quite boring and long,I guess that's because of lack of budget and a weak script.The lead actor is quite good as lincoln,too bad we don't see more of him slaying vampires instead of trying uselessly... (more)
Taken 2
Review: (Oct 14th, 2012) Taken 2 is not a bad movie but it is short of the revenge theme that made the first one so good.the biggest mistake in the script is not killing Brian's ex wife in the beginning of the movie...That would have made him pissed off like in the first movie.moreover the movie is lacking the great fightin... (more)
Review: (Oct 3rd, 2012) I was trying to come up with a more creative title for this review but all i could think of was - BORING...This was one slooowwww movie touching some aspects of time travel and drama...very little action and the ending was underwhelming.

For a much better time travel movie check out a littl... (more)
Resident Evil: Retribution
Review: (Sep 20th, 2012) There are 2 good things about this movie.the opening credits and the last 20 minutes which are action packed in slow motion style.The rest of the movie sucks.there is no plot whatsoever(not that the previous sequels had but at least they tried)dead characters from previous movies miraculously come b... (more)
Snow White and the Huntsman
Review: (Sep 12th, 2012) This movie was boring.It started pretty good actually focusing more on the charlize theron character but after 30 min it sank into the boring depths of kirsten stewart and her lifeless acting along with a boring plot mixing dwarfs we hardly care about and a huntsman who doesn't do much but being a s... (more)
The Bourne Legacy
Review: (Sep 4th, 2012) Not a big fan of the bourne trilogy...all 3 were average at best but at least they had some style,nice fights and solid actors.

'The Bournce Legacy' has almost nothing to do with the first 3...poor script,not much action(they saved most of it for the last 30 min)and a few plot holes.
Review: (Aug 28th, 2012) plot?simple...bad guys kidnap liam's daughter...liam gets angry...liam goes paris..paris goes Kaboom...Liam Kills them one by one.Daughter saved.the end.
The Expendables 2
Review: (Aug 23rd, 2012) I hated the first movie.it was a mess.the action scenes were badly shot and the in between scenes were embarrassing like the micky rourke serbia story..
This sequel was much better.Simon West did a good job as director(stick to directing rambo movies,sly,you're good at that)and the action was we... (more)
Total Recall
Review: (Aug 15th, 2012) What a horrible movie.I have never seen before in my life so many people walking out of a movie...I stayed till the end of this poop fiesta in hope for some kind of miracle which didn't arrive.
Where to start? perhaps with the poor casting of collin farrell(a good actor but not an action star)an... (more)
Review: (Jul 25th, 2012) the first half of the movie was solid...nice production,okay acting and spooky vibes.nice.then came the second half with the weyland twist(horrible make up btw)and some other poor script moments which made this movie pale in comparison to the first 2 aliens movies which were the best.
Pity,this ... (more)
The Dark Knight Rises
Review: (Jul 22nd, 2012) I'm one of the few people in this world that preferred 'Batman Begins' over 'The Dark Knight'.BB was a great fun movie balanced with great story telling and action.'The Dark Knight' was complicated,boring at times and focused too much on Harvey Dent and the joker.
'The Dark Knigt Rises' is a ret... (more)
The Amazing Spider-Man
Review: (Jul 15th, 2012) not much action.poor script and casting.Horrible score by james horner aka mr.recycle.
The Dictator
Review: (May 28th, 2012) Aside from 2 or 3 funny scenes the movie didn't make me laugh...some of the jokes were even copied from other movies and it simply didn't work.

wait for a rental or a download.
Review: (May 18th, 2012) what a surprise...After reading bad reviews and expecting another transformers like fiasco I was pleasantly surprised by this well made sci fi action movie.True,the script is ridiculous and the acting is not oscar material BUT everything else clicks and I must give credit to Peter Berg for creating ... (more)
The Avengers
Review: (May 5th, 2012) I know I'll get fried by the fanboys for this review but what can i say...i didn't like this movie so much.yes,it combined some great super heroes and yes,there were some funny moments and yes the special effects were top notch BUT something was missing.what? it's a combination of a few things,lack ... (more)
The Hunger Games
Review: (Mar 26th, 2012) The movie started very slowly and in it's first half it was dead boring with almost zero action...the second half was better but because of the pg-13 rating a lot of the violence mentioned in the books was watered down...moreover,some scenes were trying too hard to be emotional and together with som... (more)
The Grey
Review: (Mar 7th, 2012) I had high expectations for this one.The trailer looked action packed with Liam 'bad ass' Neeson vs. the wolves...but what do we get instead? A drama with very little action and an ending which isn't much of an ending.
The trailer was misleading and even contained footage that is not in the film... (more)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Review: (Jan 18th, 2012) David Fincher used to be the best director in the world during the 90's with 3 masterpieces such as Fight club,The Game and Se7en.I even liked the much hated 'Panic Room' but things started to go downhill from there reaching the bottom of the pit with such horrible movies alike 'Benjamin Button' and... (more)
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Review: (Jan 8th, 2012) This one had much more action and laughs despite the plot not making much sense and the weak casting of Noomi Rapace.All the other actors did a great job and the camera work deserves an acadamy award nomination.
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Review: (Dec 18th, 2011) This was a well made action movie and slightly better then last instalment which was the weakest in the franchise imo.tom cruise is wonderful as ethan hunt and the side kick cast is overall okay although lacking one or two more interesting characters.there is one great action scene worth alone to wa... (more)
In Time
Review: (Dec 5th, 2011) The poor casting doomed this movie,it had an interesting story and a good production but for reasons which I do not understand they casted Justin Timberlake as the main lead,A boy band singer as the main lead...why???He always plays the same character in every movie that looks homosexual but its not... (more)
Review: (Nov 16th, 2011) This was a badly executed movie.Let's start with Henry cavill who is a bad casting as the main lead,don't get me wrong,I think he will make a great superman but as a war general he simply sucks and lacks the balls that gerard butler had in '300'.second,there is almost no action in this movie till t... (more)
Real Steel
Review: (Oct 23rd, 2011) I wasn't expecting much after seeing the trailers but the movie had a nice build up towards a great last act much like the first rocky movie.the big surprise in this movie is the young actor who's playing hugh jacman's son,great performance,very rarely do we see good actors at this young age.all the... (more)
Johnny English Reborn
Review: (Oct 2nd, 2011) I wanted to like this movie like I wanted to like the first Johnny English from 2003 simply because I like the idea of a James Bond spoof.It worked much better in the Austin Powers franchise but less in Johnny English.

The first 10 min are quite good as we learn about English's advanture's ... (more)
Green Lantern
Review: (Oct 1st, 2011) not much else to say really,there were 1 or 2 decent action movies and one funny moment laughing on superman/clark kent identity being so easy to recognize but other then this the movie simply didn't work.i give it 5 out of 10 because it had good intentions unlike turkeys like transformers 2,3 and b... (more)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Review: (Aug 14th, 2011) In a weak summer of blockbusters in which we've seen horrible movies like 'Transformers:Dark of the moon' and just average efforts like 'X Men first class' and 'Captain America' shines this wonderful and surprising prequel to the 1968 classic 'planet of the apes'.
True,The movie has it flaws,sta... (more)
Bad Teacher
Review: (Aug 7th, 2011) What can I say about Cameron Diaz?when I first saw her on 1994's 'The Mask' my eyes popped out of my head.she was so beautiful,sexy and talented.unfortunately it was downhill from there.she lost weight,chose poor projects and that stunning beautiful actress from 1994 remained a distant memory.and no... (more)
Super 8
Review: (Aug 6th, 2011) I found the movie too cheesy and corny.The acting by the kids was surprisingly good but the overall script was uninspiring and the ending was ridiculous.spoilers....I couldn't believe when the monster was about to kill the kids and then suddenly the kid says:'hey monster,i know you are nice and all.... (more)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II
Review: (Jul 20th, 2011) Never read the books,never cared about the whole magic school crap thing going on.I saw all the movies.The third movie was well done and interesting,I don't know why they didn't continue with the same director and chose instead to leave the helm for David Yates to direct all the last parts of this f... (more)
Horrible Bosses
Review: (Jul 10th, 2011) and this is usually a sign for a good comedy.The overall great casting of the movie together with a smart script bring up many laughs and even one big twist that is a gamechanger for the main characters.Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx shine in their performances and Jennifer Aniston was never more sexy ... (more)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Review: (Jun 29th, 2011) Transformers (2007) was a big surprise,despite being based on kiddie cartoon series it turned out to be a fun action movie with amazing special effects and became a huge hit.the sequel(2009)was rushed and terrible winning 2009's razzie's for 'worst movie of the year' and i fully agree with that pic... (more)
Sucker Punch
Review: (Apr 3rd, 2011) 'Sucker Punch' is not Zack Snyder's finest hour.It all starts from the poor script which doesn't make sense at all and continues with some poor casting such as Jenna Malone for example.The movie has its highs (train fights scene with robots) and lows (superficial dialogue among the characters)and do... (more)
Battle: Los Angeles
Review: (Mar 18th, 2011) 1.get the worst camera man in Hollywood and make sure the audience couldn't see anything through the action scenes.check,
2.cast unknown b actors.check.
3.zero character development.check.
4.Make a horrible soundtrack.check.
5.copy dozen other alien invasion scenes in a crappy way.ch... (more)
Little Fockers
Review: (Feb 13th, 2011) I expected much worse after reading all the negative reviews but the movie turned out to be a solid comedy although repeating the same formula from the first two movies.
Deniro and Stiller's chemistry still works and is responsible for most of the funny scenes in this movie.
However,I found ... (more)
Gulliver's Travels
Review: (Feb 11th, 2011) I was expecting a disaster knowing this bombed at the box office and not being a big jack black fan but the movie turned out to be a charming comedy that doesn't take itself seriously and makes good use of a short running time (80 min) to create a lot of funny scenes.Jack Black is great in the lead ... (more)
Review: (Feb 10th, 2011) I read some comments of people hoping this was his comeback after a series of child comedies,well,not much has changed,The Rock has a very masculine body but very poor acting skills and zero charisma on screen,add to that a poor script and direction and you get 'Faster'-a direct to dvd in disguise o... (more)
Due Date
Review: (Feb 10th, 2011) I was surprised.I thought this movie will suck but it actually had some funny scenes and some touching moments as well surprisingly,However,there are some gross scenes mostly thanks to zack whatever his second name is.I recommend it as a rental.
Tron Legacy
Review: (Jan 1st, 2011) Seeing the trailer I thought I was in for a wild 3D ride of action and adventure,however,I was sad to find out that this part took only 10% time of the movie.What happens in the other 90%?not much really,Very boring dialogues about the past of characters we don't really care about.The acting is belo... (more)
Review: (Dec 23rd, 2010) An entire movie taking place in a coffin?can they pull it out?the answer is yes but not a very enthusiastic one.Ryan Reynolds does a remarkable job as the only actor in this movie and there some very intense edge of your seat scenes which are well made,however,there is a limit to the excitement leve... (more)
Black Swan
Review: (Dec 23rd, 2010) This movie is highly overrated.Critics etc. will praise it for it's artistic and dramatic aspect but as far as I'm concerned this movie could have ended after 15 minutes.the acting as well is pretty bad.but I guess this kind of a movie together with the boring 'the social network' is what gives crit... (more)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
Review: (Dec 17th, 2010) Not a big fan of this franchise.never read the books but watched all the movies.I found the third movie 'prisoner of azkaban' the best of them all and was bored by most of the other parts mainly the ones directed by the untalented David yates.This one is actually an improvement and Yates best effort... (more)
Review: (Dec 17th, 2010) It seems Tony Scott's directing style since his superb masterpiece 'Man on Fire' hasn't changed at all.is that good or bad?It worked perfectly in 'Man on fire' but seems a bit unfitting in all movies after and 'unstoppable' is not any different.Denzel and Chris Pine are doing a fine job as the main ... (more)
Review: (Dec 5th, 2010) I came to this movie with low expectations,most critics trashed this movie and there was zero marketing which is always a bad sign but surprise surprise it isn't that bad.true,this movie is quite stupid and the writing isn't Shakespeare material but it is very entertaining mainly because of the spec... (more)
Superman Returns
Review: (Nov 14th, 2010) Anyone who read some comics in his life knows that superman is the most bad ass superhero ever.The first 2 superman movies got that idea and did a good job(although i would skip some of the comic relief scenes)making a movie out of it.Now here comes 'Superman returns' and instead of bringing somethi... (more)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Review: (Nov 13th, 2010) this is a strange production.I see where they were going at with all the harry potter mania but the casting in this movie and the story are very questionable.for once,why would you cast a 28 year old actor to play a 20 year old kid?second,since when nicolas cage is a children's movie box office magn... (more)
Robin Hood
Review: (Nov 13th, 2010) then watch this movie.why?because almost nothing happens in it until it's last act which lasts 20 minutes or so.in other words you get 2 hours of robin hood walking around talking to random people and thats about it.This is truly sad,because with the millions of dollars they invested in this movie t... (more)
The Hangover
Review: (Nov 6th, 2010) I didn't find myself laughing out loud in this movie more then once perhaps which is not a good sign for a good comedy.I don't understand what most people find in this movie.Todd Philips made one of the funniest movies in the past decade-'old school' and tries to repeat more or less the same formula... (more)
The Social Network
Review: (Oct 28th, 2010) Seems like he's missing since 'Panic Room' which was his last good movie(ok,zodiac wasn't bad but not amazing as well)after the boring benjamin button he picks up a dumb script about facebook..but wait!the critics praise the movie and say it's this year best movie!!!so it should be good...right?righ... (more)
Review: (Oct 18th, 2010) Bruce Willis and the wonderful Mary Louise Parker lead an overall all star cast and the story is well delivered even though we've seen it many times before(Day and Knight being the most recent example),the action scenes are well made and combined with some funny scenes thanks to John Malkovich.Howev... (more)
The Karate Kid
Review: (Oct 10th, 2010) watch the original from 1984 instead.
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Review: (Oct 10th, 2010) lets start with this,why the fuck do we have in the main lead an american actor speaking in a british accent portraying a persian prince???and how the fuck did he become a prince and a warrior in the first place?because from the way he looks i would say it would take about 5 seconds for any soldier ... (more)
The Last Airbender
Review: (Oct 10th, 2010) I actually loved all shaymalan movies up until 'the happening'(yes i even liked 'lady in the water')but now its crappy movies in a row that he has released.the opening of 'the last airbender' was ok actually,I kind of liked the first 20 min despite the crappy acting but then it goes all the way down... (more)
The Expendables
Review: (Sep 28th, 2010) First of all let me say that I love Sylvester Stallone and unlike many others I think he is a great actor.I loved most of his movies along the years and had some high expectations for 'the expendables',However,this movie was a big disappointment for many reasons.first of all,the story was stupid and... (more)
Resident Evil 4: Afterlife
Review: (Sep 17th, 2010) Not a big fan of this franchise but this movie was the best mainly because of the 3d.A lot of the action was 'matrix' inspired but well done.The first 20 min of the movie are superb and the ending was well done ok but not much happened between probably because of lack of budget etc.

overall... (more)
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Review: (Sep 7th, 2010) 'Transformers'(2007) was such a pleasant surprise,sure,it had some cheesy moments but overall it was action packed and fun as hell.after it's box office success a sequel was already on the works...and what do we get?A messy,horrible and rushed production.Micheal Bay has made so far in his career on... (more)
Iron Man 2
Review: (Sep 5th, 2010) This was suppose to be a great sequel with more action then what we got in the first one...but instead we get a very boring movie with lots of talking and 3 action scenes at best...one of those scenes seems out of place completely,the club fight between the 2 iron men... the movie never really picks... (more)
Review: (Sep 3rd, 2010) One of the users on IMDB titled his review for this movie as:"Haven't had so much fun since 'raiders of the lost arc' " and I have to say I tend to agree because 'Salt' was pure fun.I have to admit I came with low expectations for this movie and also not seeing the trailer left me wondering what am ... (more)
Clash of the Titans
Review: (Jul 13th, 2010) While his rating might be a bit too harsh(2/10)I have to agree that this is a really bad and rushed production.The casting misses the mark completely,Sam Worthington doesn't fit and all the other actors look too artificial and wearing too much make up.The plot is complete rubbish.what is left?some r... (more)
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