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Nathan Fillion Says He Would Be an Excellent Bruce Wayne, But Terrible Batman
Commented on Aug 20th, 2013
Comment: This makes me laugh.


"I would be an awesome super rich guy surrounded by gorgeous woman all day. But fighting crime... eh. Leave me to my money and woman!"

Fillion certainly said it in a more dignified way but it's essentially what he said all the same. How... (more)
Full Trailer for Tara Reid's Ridiculous "Sharknado" Film
Commented on Jul 11th, 2013
Comment: I think that this whole movie is just an elaborate commercial for that chainsaw the guy was using. Did you people see that thing?? It's like the fucking Light Saber of Chainsaws!

Starts in one pull and LESS THAN A SECOND LATER it cuts a full grown Great White in half from nose to tail so ... (more)
Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining" Assistant Says "Room 237" is "Pure Gibberish"
Commented on Mar 28th, 2013
Comment: The conspiracy twits are always reaching. To the point it makes them even worse than English majors (not everything in a book means something deep and powerful. Get over it kids.) But what can you do.
Review: (May 13th, 2011) First lets get this out of the way: There are some truly funny parts in the movie. Not a minor chuckle but short of gut busting hilarious.

However, on whole the movie is just bad. Much of the praise for this movie claims that its somehow a step forward for comedies starring women but he... (more)
Review: (Apr 27th, 2011) The tagline for this movie is "Don't let anyone tell you what it is" and after seeing the movie its apparent why: They don't want you to know it's a terrible, exceedingly boring movie.

From the moment the movie begins you wait for something interesting to happen... anything at all. Maybe t... (more)
The Last Airbender
Review: (Jul 22nd, 2010) Worst than awful. The movie fails in every way imaginable and more. I saw the movie for free and I WANT A REFUND DAMNIT. I want the time I spent on this worthless bag of a shit back now. Sadly I'll never get that time back. I even had low expectations for this movie and it didn't even come close... (more)
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