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Superman Returns
Played on Mar 1st, 2010

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"Prometheus" Couldn't Beat "Madagascar 3" at Box Office
Commented on Jun 10th, 2012
Comment: Not surprising really, since it was shit. Maybe next time Ridley?
"Prometheus" - What Did You Think?
Commented on Jun 9th, 2012
Comment: Aside from Fassbender, the entire thing was utter shit. Too bad, that first trailer signaled of great things for this film. Pity it didn't deliver on any level.
Full Length "The Amazing Spider-Man" Trailer is Here!
Commented on Feb 7th, 2012
Comment: and f*ck Ridley Scott

oh wait I'm not finished


Iron Man 2
Review: (May 7th, 2010) I can't decide between the two. I don't understand how Favreau can screw up a follow-up on a monumental level.
* The script is horrific in its entire context. There is no smooth transition between scenes nor is there any character development.. what you see from the beginning is who ... (more)
Harsh Times
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) I'll cut it right to the chase... much like the film where it showed its enormous potential only at the last 25 minutes of the movie.

If they kept the tone of the film the first 3rd of the film as they did in the final portions this film would have been an accomplishment instead of the "fuc... (more)
Rescue Dawn
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) A stunning achievement of cinema at its purest and realism that creates a troubling journey at a man's amazing tale of survival.. Rescue Dawn is another triumph Werner Herzog can add to his collection.
3:10 to Yuma
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) A shame if this is the only film that these two play off of each other. Not only do they share the screen with an enormous presence they complement each other extremely well.
Honestly one of the best westerns I've ever seen. The only knock I can give this film is that some of the set pieces look... (more)
The Prestige
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) Does it deviate from the original source/book? Yes. Is it for the better? .. Absolutely

As a fan of the novel by Christopher Priest I was excited that a feature film would be made, even more so when it was announced that Chris Nolan would helm the picture.

After a couple viewings I... (more)
The Incredible Hulk
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) Ed Norton and Liv Tyler were perfectly portrayed and cast.
While it isn't the perfect Hulk film, it is leaps and bounds on another level compared to the travesty known as Ang Lee's Hulk.

Samuel Stearns was horribly portrayed by an actor who should retire after that showing.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) I enjoy watching Hugh Jackman as a character he clearly loves portraying... everything else is a flaw

honestly... Baraka-pool?
The Dark Knight
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) I can't say much more than Christopher Nolan has made my wish to see an amalgam of The Long Halloween, the killing joke, Dark Victory, Batman #1, and then some on the big screen come true.

Bring on the next one
Quantum of Solace
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) It has the action.. but where was the gripping story of Bond? Apparently Martin Campbell packed up the script with his bags because while QoS has all the ingredients of a Bond film, it lacked the story that Casino Royale told in an effort in focusing on 007.
Certainly not Craig's fault as his Bo... (more)
Casino Royale
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) A questionable choice that ended up looking genius, a proven director, and a villain that bleeds from the eye.. what do you have?

A reboot that tells the legend of England's most dangerous and accomplished agents. Quite effective I might add.

Martin Campbell's second go at Bond pro... (more)
Public Enemies
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) Depp continues to amaze with his take on John Dillinger and the ablitity to connect with the audience is still there after many years of playing different characters. Bale does an outstanding job portraying the man tasked to bring Dillinger in and does it with authority. Michael Mann manages to eras... (more)
Superman Returns
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) A passable effort by Bryan Singer and acceptable to only those who wished to see a continuation (albeit barely) of the Dick Donner series with Christopher Reeve. I commend Singer's approach to try to bring back Donner's vision from the 70s... but that's the problem.. it's NOT the 70s anymore.
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Review: (Feb 19th, 2010) One of the worst films I've ever seen in mainstream cinema. Unless you're brain dead and/or blind you should save your money for things that you won't regret on.
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