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Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Developing "Evil Dead" TV Series
Commented on Jul 30th, 2014
Comment: No more Expendables after it was leaked.
Sly is done
Watch 5 Minutes From "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" Crossover Episode
Commented on Jul 30th, 2014
Comment: Stop being racist
"Deadpool" Movie Test Footage Leaked Online
Commented on Jul 28th, 2014
Comment: Shitty prinze was an acteur??? GTFO
I met ray liotta he's a real arrogant cunt fuckers washed up and thinks he's still in his goodfellas days.

Kiefers my height and I would slap the shit outta him anyday
Hot Tub Time Machine
Review: (Oct 17th, 2012) as for the rating i give it a 9.5

Hot Tub Time Machine is a comedy directed by Steve Pink (Accepted).Starring John Cusack,Clark Duke ,Craig Robinson,Rob Corddry,Crispin Glover,Chevy Chase.

Adam(Cusack) takes his nephew (Clark Duke) along with his two friends Nick and Lou back to th... (more)
Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star
Review: (Sep 23rd, 2012) This was a weird movie and the production cost 10 million.It was also from Adam Sandler's production.So for those who are tired of his ridiculous films like Jack and Jill,I completely understand.The lead actor is Bucky who is played by Sandler's protege Nick Swardson.He really is unfunny and cannot ... (more)
The Sitter
Review: (May 27th, 2012) Not a bad movie.At least it was R rated and was funnier than an Apatow movie and an Adam Sandler movie.The best part of the movie was the three kids that Jonah Hill takes care of.The kids and Jonah Hill have a good connection.I thought Danny Mcbride was in this film but Sam Rockwell from Iron Man 2 ... (more)
The Avengers
Review: (May 25th, 2012) Yes the hype is worth it.The movie is amazing.Just look at the box office results.I thought Whedon's Serenity was okay,but what an improvement. Great script,character development,special effects and action.

Thor,Iron Man,Hulk,Capt America shine in their roles.Scarlett Johanson wasnt bad eit... (more)
The Dictator
Review: (May 25th, 2012) If you seen Borat and Bruno it is both combined. The sick humor gets often repetitive and predictable for a while.At first you are led to believe that people arent aware of the character like in Borat.It is a fictional story and it is kinda similar to the Adam Sandler movie You don't mess with the Z... (more)
Punisher: War Zone
Review: (May 24th, 2012) This is the third adaptation of the Punisher.Now it takes place in New York City.It is directed by Lexi Alexander and stars Ray Stevenson,Dominic West,Colin Salmon,Julie Benz,Wayne Knight.

This is a straight up action movie with all sorts of weapons that the Punisher uses in the comic books... (more)
Horrible Bosses
Review: (May 1st, 2012) Very funny "R" rated comedy.Well written that it made Colin Farrell and Jaime Foxx shine in their roles.And I'm not a fan of these two.Kevin Spacey plays almost the same character he did in Swimming with Sharks.Even Jennifer Aniston who is mostly famous on the National Enquirer and TMZ was great as ... (more)
Review: (Apr 25th, 2012) Haywire was directed by the director of Traffic and Ocean Eleven movies.He is good at dramas but not action movies.Gina Carano's first leading role and she's a fighter not an actress.Even her voice was changed cause she sounded too manly.If you saw the trailer that was all the fights she had.Not eve... (more)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Review: (Apr 25th, 2012) Not even the directors of Crank,who made a really crazy rollercoaster movie can save the Ghost Rider franchise.The sequel had a bad casting,with the exception of the villian and Christopher Lambert.It tried really hard to be funny as well.Like the scene where Ghost Rider is urinating.The script was ... (more)
Review: (Apr 25th, 2012) Kick-Ass is an adaptation from a comic book like Sin City,Watchmen.
At first before watching this movie,I did not take it seriously at all and the trailer wasnt very revealing as well. Looked more like a spoof of a superhero movie with two kids and Nicolas Cage as a middleaged man, looking like ... (more)
Wrath of the Titans
Review: (Apr 25th, 2012) Can't believe this movie cost 150 million dollars.The only good thing was the mythological creatures.Too much talking and not enough action.Not even Fiennes and Neeson can save this movie.There was some fighting scenes with weapons and they were badly edited with too many quick,close up cuts.
Review: (Jan 19th, 2012) Not a fan of Seth Rogen and some of his movies,like the Green Hornet,Knocked Up.As well with the director of Superbad that had that annoying Jonah Hill and his obsession with penises.But it did have Mclovin and some other funny actors.So when I heard about this one I was skeptical.The R rating made ... (more)
Fast Five
Review: (Jan 15th, 2012) I'm not a fan of this franchise but this one was ACTION PACKED.Not gonna lie at all.Having the Rock which I'm also not a fan of,because of his ridiculiously movie choices for an easy paycheck actually did a good job.But then he lost my respect again on that sequel of Journey with Vanessa Hudgens.Ha... (more)
The Forbidden Kingdom
Review: (Jan 15th, 2012) Not bad for an American movie,is like one of the first American Wuxias made.The story is simple and easy to follow through.Probably every Wuxia lovers dream to be in the martial arts world and be a part of it.Some wire fu and a good long fight with Jet and Jackie.Also Collin Chou (Sammo Hung's disci... (more)
The Karate Kid
Review: (Jan 15th, 2012) The only reason is named the Karate Kid in the States,is because thats the most popular martial arts here.Also people often call martial arts movies karate movies.Overseas is named the Kungfu kid and Wushu Kid.

The story is a bit similar but instead the boy is way younger.It was filmed in M... (more)
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