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Discuss: Is "Lincoln" the Best or Worst Movie of the Year?
Commented on Feb 18th, 2013
Comment: You did this same shit to Hugo last year. You know, ive visited this site daily since 2007, back when it was simply a place for movie news (with the occasional rumor thrown in). But then the reviews went to shit, followed by a rampage of grammatical errors, personal opinions in articles, celebrity i... (more)
"Spider-Man 4" in IMAX with Kirsten Dunst
Commented on Sep 15th, 2009
Comment: I have absolutely no interest in this movie. Spiderman is dead to me. The third movie was just terrible. The second was amazing and the first was pretty good, but the third was just horrible.
Move on to another hero, before you ruin the franchise with an unneeded sequel.
Steven Spielberg Talks "Lincoln"
Commented on Sep 15th, 2009
Comment: I have this script. I haven't read it yet, because I heard it was tabled. Now that its a possibility again I think I'll read it.

P.S. I hope to god he casts Sally Field as Mary Todd Lincoln!
Death Sentence
Review: (Jun 18th, 2009) Whoever wrote the WP Review for this movie needs to be fired. He rates the movie low because the film's music choices weren't the kind he liked and the movie didn't follow the book EXACTLY.
Well, guess what, the world doesn't revolve around your style of music, and the point of book to movie ada... (more)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Review: (Dec 26th, 2008) Someone should sue if this movie doesn't win Best Picture. It was absolutely amazing. David Fincher's movies just get better and better, although I can't imagine him being able to top this masterpiece.
I doubt Brad Pitt will be able to score his Best Actor Oscar (fingers are still crossed) Best ... (more)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Review: (Nov 23rd, 2008) I absolutely can NOT wait for this movie. It looks amazing. It has all of the key elements to a perfect movie. Good Story, Good Actors, Good Director.
I smell MAJOR, MAJOR Oscars. Hopefully Brad Pitt wins his LONG overdue Best Actor.
Review: (Oct 16th, 2008) SMeyer is probably the worst author I have ever read. Her writing style is so juvenile.
I most definately won't be seeing this cheesey film.
The Haunting of Molly Hartley
Review: (Oct 9th, 2008) Even the title, The Haunting of Molly Hartley, shows that this movie is nothing but a crappy ripoff (sounds a bit like The Exorcism of Emily Rose..?).
I wouldn't waste my time or money on this junk.
Why the hell was it even produced in the first place?
The Dark Knight
Review: (Aug 3rd, 2008) Acting- OUTSTANDING!
Great movie in every way possible. It is worthy of the highest honors (Oscar noms on their way!!)
The Pursuit of Happyness
Review: (Jul 4th, 2008) This movie was great. Good acting by Will Smith, an OK storyline, and great direction, but Will Smith's son, Jayden Smith, ruined it for me. His calling is definately not acting, and it took from the movie.
The Other Boleyn Girl
Review: (Mar 30th, 2008) Her performance was riviting, compelling, and absolutely and utterly convincing. Her acting/role should be recognized with an Oscar or at least a nomination. I doubt anyone can top that this year. Before this movie, I was not in the least bit interested in seeing this movie and despised Natalie Port... (more)
Review: (Mar 3rd, 2008) Worstpreview critics are horrible. They can't tell a good movie if it slapped them in their face.
Madea's Family Reunion
Review: (Feb 29th, 2008) The review on here sucks! This movie was actually very good/funny. Much better than Diary of a Mad Black Woman. But that review, saying genres mixed to much, come on??? The so-called critic didn't even get their names right??
Keke Palmer played the sister that had to children?? No! Young Keke P... (more)
Review: (Jan 22nd, 2008) This movie was a great flik. I loved the way it was filmed. The begginning was a bit shaky and moved around alot, to much motion, but after the action started it completely turned around and got really good really fast.
I Am Legend
Review: (Dec 28th, 2007) Great movie, I LOVED IT! Book is a bit better, but Will Smith's acting makes the movie one of my favorites. Horrible tagline though (The last person on earth is not alone; isnt that an oxymoron).
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Review: (Dec 28th, 2007) Best of them all, hands down. They cut wayyy to much out of it (book). I still liked it. But I also hope Halfblood prince is better.
Spider-Man 3
Review: (Dec 28th, 2007) I liked it. It was pretty good. Sorta crammed together. Rushed to fast. If venom was taken out of it and harry and sandman were main villains would of been better.
Harry turns on Peter.
Harry gets amneisia.
Pete gets symbiote.
Sandman comes.
Huge fight between all three.
... (more)
Children of Men
Review: (Dec 28th, 2007) Great movie. I always loved the horrible futuristic/apocalyptic genre films, and this was a great imagining of a bad future.
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