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Man of Steel
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another 5/10 by DP
June 14th, 2013 [12:57:39]

GreenLensman: Really DP? How easy is it to just list your favorite scenes and give the movie an average rating? It's hard to take you seriously at all, when every single movie is spoiled in your review and you go and rate it a 5/10, lumping it in with 95% of all your other ratings. How hard is it to exclude your favorite scenes and why there were not enough homoerotic activities in the film? It's like tracing a picture for art class; it's a lazy man's way of getting homework done. No one reads your reviews unless they want the entire movie spoiled before they go and see it.

Great Flick
June 14th, 2013 [6:49:30]

Tanman32123: Exactly ^

and now onto my review!

I Actually really liked the reboot. Plenty of action with just the right amount of flashbacks to his childhood, and i like how for once they show you what it was like to live on Krypoton. I don't think they ever did that lol

I Think The Cavill did a good job as Superman. I'd watch him in another. As well as rustle crow and Amy Adams. I Actually don't have much of any complaints.

There were a couple "like that'd happen" Moments, but that comes with the Genre. Regardless, 8/10. And don't stay after the credits. There's nothing.

Fuckload of SHIT.
June 19th, 2013 [2:37:37]

Rocksteddy: Bababooie Bababooie.

Man of Steel
June 24th, 2013 [9:45:05]

ProfessorV531: Check out our take on Man of Steel via our video review at Blacklight Cinema, Enjoy!

Good/Not Perfect
June 26th, 2013 [7:01:58]

cress: I liked MAN OF STEEL, but I did have problems with the script. And does anyone else think Snyder's direction of this, with all the hand-held, was bland? I thought he arrested his style, a visual aesthetic that I loved in 300 and WATCHMEN, and it was sorely needed in this film. The fight scenes looked fantastic, but save one or two other shots (when he's under water, and there's a flashback) it didn't look like a Zack Snyder film at all.

Also, I thought the Krypton scenes at the beginning were great, but felt rushed. I know it's a 2 hr, 21 min. film, but damn, it seemed like they were in a hurry to get that sh*t out of the way. Maybe a trademark Snyder slo-mo shot here and there would've come handy.

And when it was rumored that Snyder might direct a STAR WARS spin-off, I thought it was an awesome idea. His style in the SW universe was an intriguing prospect. After seeing his work on MAN OF STEEL, I'm glad it was only a rumor. I just don't understand why he was so boring visually with everything except the fight scenes. It does not look like a Snyder film.

And what's with all the Christ stuff. I know Superman was inspired by many stories, including Biblical tales, but they were heavy-handed with that sh*t. Like when he's sitting in church, and Christ is in the window pane behind him. The absolute worst is when he's on Zod's ship and a hole is blown out in the ship. Crowe is preaching to him about saving Lois and the people of Earth, and Supes floats out of the ship into a "Christ on the Cross" pose. I wanted to punch someone in the face for that scene. It was really bad.

I know SUPERMAN RETURNS gets sh*t on a lot by everyone, but I liked it. If they could've combined the romanticism and, imo, more heart of that film with the f*cking awesome action and spectacle of this film, it would then be the perfect Superman movie. I'm not saying MOS didn't have a heart. I found the flashback scenes of young Clark growing up to be the strongest, most emotionally solid parts of the film. But the Lois/Supes didn't work well, and Amy Adams wasn't feisty enough for Lois. Lois, in justabout every incarnation, has always been a feisty personality. Adams was bland. But I blame Goyer's script for that. Adams had a very firecracker-type of charm in THE FIGHTER. Too bad it wasn't on display here. Kevin Costner was pefectly cast as Pa Kent and Henry Cavill does a fine job as Supes. Shannon was good, but a bit overbearing after awhile.

It succeeds, imo, with the fight scenes, which are a Superman fan's wet dream come true, and the flashback sequences, the heart of this film. These things outweigh the negatives of the film, which I hope Goyer corrects with a much better script for the sequel.

June 27th, 2013 [4:02:05]

Rambo: was very dissapointed by this - Superman was always my fav super hero but 'Man of steel' much like 'Superman Returns' didn't deliver.

The first 10 min or so were almost perfect - great new intro to Krypton with wonderful special effects and strong performance by Russel Crowe - and after that it all started to go downhill...
The next 50 min were a lousy rehash of the origin story of superman - how he arrived to earth,growing up,meeting Lois Lane...blah blah boring flashbacks we've seen 100 times in previous superman movies
Then After that General Zod pops up out of nowhere and starts world war 3 against Superman - well thank god I say,I was waiting for the bloody action to finally starts and for Zack Snyder to start his stylish slow-mo routine pumping up my adrenaline - but alas instead what we get is a cartoonish fast cgi lens flares jj abarams star trek reboot look a like action poop fiesta....moreover Michael Shannon as Zod wasn't bad ass at all and Henry Cavill despite beefing up for the role was lacking the size of Christopher Reeve and his charm.
All the other actors were meh and the only person who deserve credits for this reboot is composer Hans Zimmer who never fails to deliver.His 'I will find Him' theme which plays in the opening sequence is a masterpiece.

Bottom line : bad superman movie,looks like they can't just get it right much like The hulk movies.
I guess some super heroes are better left away from the big screen or maybe one day someone will have the super powers to reboot this franchise properly.

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