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Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem (AVP2)
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AVPR review not by a pretentious film critic
December 29th, 2007 [10:37:31]

trickofthehand: I find it hilarious that the reviewer gave AvPR a 4/10 and 409 movie goers voted and gave it an average score of 8/10. Just goes to show that the 'experts' don't really know squat.
AVPR is a vast improvement over AVP, however it still fails in one common way. The Aliens, nor the Predators are the stars. For some reason the humans are the stars, the movie isn't called Aliens versus Predator vs Humans Requiem. It's Alien Vs Predator for a reason. A lot of time is wasted on humans in my opinion, when the true stars are the aliens and pred. Also, one Predator? Seriously?
The film was intended to appeal to the hardcore fans and people who knew nothing about the franchises, however parts of the movie failed in both regards. The film's predator protagonist takes off on his own to destroy the aliens that crashed on Earth. Now someone who doesn't know much about the franchise of Predator might wonder "why a lone predator?", while those of us who are fans know that Predators are ruled by their own individual clans, not a government, and this Predator is obviously a clan elder out to fix his young hunter's mistake. However, this brings up the glaring flaw of sending a lone Predator. Due to the first film, we understand that Predators hunt xenomorphs and prefer them as prey because they mature very quickly and reproduce even faster. So... with that knowledge how would it make sense to send a single Predator after a xenomorph breakout in a highly populated planet?
The film fails again when the Predator takes his first human victim and then skins him like in the first Predator movie. Sure it sounds like a cool tribute to it's origins if you're not intersted in making sense yet again. Why is a Predator on a misson of extermination, working against the clock, going to take the time to skin a human?
On to the humans. Why there is a burning desire to give everything a backstory in hollywood now-a-days is beyond me. There was no backstory in Alien or Aliens. I take it back, there was backstory in Aliens and it took up 1 line of dialog: "Ripley your daughter died of old age". There's a little more if you watch the deleted scene, but it is afterall a DELETED scene. The film fails yet again in wasting precious face-eating, chest-bursting minutes on giving us a backstory to the main(why?) human characters.
The film however wins in violence... and loses a little too. A movie defenatively not for the faint of heart, it is gloriously gory. Humans are wonderfully turned into cannon fodder for the two true stars of the film. However, it loses in the basic premise of it's own franchise... Alien versus Predator. The film, one would think, would feature great battles between the two and yet it doesn't (noticeable exception for the last fight). The fights between the two stars are altogether too infrequent, brief and mostly 1 sided with the Predator gunning down aliens with his dual plasma cannons /yawn. Sadly, the original film does a much better job here, the fights between the aliens and predators were much more balanced and dynamic.

In the end, my hat is off to the Strause brothers because I beleive most of the film's weakpoints did not come from them. Their original Pitch for AVPR included 45 minutes of no dialogue, just pure AVP madness. Studio execs in their unchallenged supreme knowledge of all that is good and well in the world, shot that down and said "we need people! and backstories!". Granted, backstories make the characters feel more real and fleshes them out, but the studio forgot one thing. Humans aren't the stars here.
All in all the Predalien looked great, the original reviewer thinks it silly but his knowledge of entertainment is seriously lacking as is plainly obvious (he gives the movie 4/10, the audiences give it 8/10). The violence is non-apolegetic, and the special effects stunning. Though not everything we're still hoping for in an AVP movie, it is without a doubt a good movie well worth watching, and owning.

Oh, grow up people!
September 11th, 2009 [1:49:53]

I don't understand the people who say it's real bad, the worsed, or similar...do you really want Fox instead to pump money into star trek episodes , E.T., A.I. ,...,or even lamer : star wars flics?
Those who do: you 're a bunch of the most faintharted, childish ungrateful ... ever.
I say, keep up the work, nothing is perfect; it's still much much much better than the stuff I mentioned before!

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