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Iron Man 2
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Iron Man 2
February 22nd, 2010 [9:38:36]

Retiredreplicant: from the looks of the trailer it should be a great film. wisecracks, explosions, Scarlett Johansson, what more do you want? moviepilot">Iron Man 2

REALLY wanted to like it despite "critics"
May 7th, 2010 [9:13:48]

nope.com: I can't decide between the two. I don't understand how Favreau can screw up a follow-up on a monumental level.
* The script is horrific in its entire context. There is no smooth transition between scenes nor is there any character development.. what you see from the beginning is who you are stuck with at the end, even though you want to see them evolve into the characters we know in the comics.

* I initially liked the process of Pepper Potts breaking emotionally due to the stress of running Stark's company as acting CEO, however there was nothing added to that story. Wouldn't it make sense for Potts to feel remorse for Tony Stark now that she's had a taste of what it's like to be him everyday running a company? Or how about the fact that there is something seriously wrong with Stark yet she shrugs him off and does everything possible to push him aside.

* Ivan Vanko - The intro was laughable with the predictable 'woe is me' with his father's death, Vanko promises to avenge his father yaddi yaddi yadda, and spontaneously buys a fake passport and heads to Monaco despite not having sufficient funds as shown living in what was essentially a den. THEN, as he attacks Stark at the race track he's PINNED to the wall by Hogan's car yet is seen not having any after effect.. so I'm assuming his abs are truly made of steel yes? Vanko only became an interesting character when he hangs the guards who were essentially babysitting him, yet his intrigue only stops there as he is served only as a hacker .. oh come on

* The Star Wars medals of bravery rip scene - After Stark and Rhodey defeat Hammer's drones they are treated to a medal awarding ceremony where they are presented the medals by Gary Shandling... nothing much more to say about this.

* Jon Favreau nausea - I always liked Happy Hogan in the comics as well as in the first film. Here, he's just inserted in scenes where it is completely inappropriate for him to be in. There are only 2 scenes where he is needed: the sparring scene and the Monaco race track scene.

* Robert Downey Jr and Sam mother effing Jackson turning in fantastic performances.
* Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer - Absolutely loved his performance as well the proper characterization of just who Justin Hammer is in comparison with the genius that is Tony Stark. Never seen a more pathetic yuppie since Patrick Bateman and his pals in American Psycho. Like them Hammer tries incredibly hard to impress and upstage Stark in every way possible yet finds a way to fail.

Unlike the first one where even in non action scenes the story commanded the flow of the film, I was waiting for the action to be shown because the story was so weak in this one. Hopefully Fav and company learn from the abundance of mistakes learned from this one and drum out a great conclusion in Iron Man 3.

A damn shame considering how great and focused the first one was.

StPetesFlicks.com Iron Man 2 Review
May 8th, 2010 [2:41:24]

StPete20: The original Iron Man, directed brilliantly by Jon Favreau, was a terrific introduction to Tony Stark and the surrounding characters of the Iron Man world. Robert Downey Jr. created a character that was so vibrant and egotistical yet so likeable and undoubtedly humble. What Favreau does with Iron Man 2 is build upon these things that made the original Iron Man great. Although it may not have surpassed its predecessor in terms of story and quality, Iron Man 2 is everything it should be and more.

Iron Man 2 gives us a Tony Stark we never really got to see in the first film. Tony has become addicted to being Iron Man. He is obsessed with the fact that he is a superhero and he loves every aspect of the fame and fortune. This makes him even cockier than the previous film but also a little unstable as the thing that makes him most happy – his suit – is also killing him. The palladium he uses to help keep himself alive and also to power his suit is slowly poisoning his system and will ultimately result in his death. In addition, the various additions he's done to his armor are eating through the palladium batteries in an increasingly quickening pace. He is continually trying to come up with an answer to this dilemma but is constantly interrupted.

Meanwhile, we get to meet the great Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash. He is the son of a brilliant physicist that used to work with Tony’s father inventing the arc reactor, which is the larger version of what Tony invented to power his suit and keep him alive. Ivan’s father has raised him to despise the Stark family for ruining both of their lives as Tony’s father fired Mr. Vanko a long time ago. Once Ivan see’s Tony and his Iron Man suit in action he decides to work mercilessly and invent a suit that can counter Stark’s.

And when you thought one villain is enough, we are also introduced to the great, underrated, Sam Rockwell as arms dealer Justin Hammer. He is like the Michael Dell to Tony Stark’s Steve Jobs. He is constantly trying to be as great, smart and cool as Tony but always comes up short. He doesn’t despise Tony like Ivan does, he wants to BE Tony. The scenes with Downey Jr. and Rockwell are pure magic as they feed off each other with perfection. Before Downey Jr. was announced as Iron Man it was in fact Sam Rockwell that Jon Favreau wanted to dawn the armor as Tony Stark. Hammer is a little bit of a weasel as unlike Tony, he will do whatever it takes, even if it is irrevocably unethical , to be on top.

Besides the great villains we are introduced to, we are also given an exceptional supporting cast. Gwyneth Paltrow amazes, dazzles and even gives us some laughs as Tony’s assistant Pepper Potts who Tony has now upgraded to CEO of Stark International to give himself some time to figure out his bood poisoning dilemma. Don Cheadle steps in to replace Terrence Howard as Tony Stark’s best friend, Lt. Col. James Rhodes as well. Cheadle does such a great job that you even forget Howard played the character in the first film. Scarlett Johansson is also thrown into the mix as Natalie Rushman, who is Tony’s new assistant, and holy bejeezus is she downright gorgeous in every scene. She has a little secret of her own that I will leave for you guys to witness for yourselves. Samuel L. Jackson has a few scenes to build upon the easter-egg of a scene he appeared in at the end of the first Iron Man where he played Nick Fury, the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the director of the Avengers. Here you can see how things are beginning to unfold for the Marvel universe with Tony being the first person Fury is trying to recruit for the Avengers initiative. And last but not least is director Jon Favreau, who gets a lot of much deserved screen time as Tony’s bodyguard, Happy Hogan. Every scene he is in I was cracking up, especially the ones he has with Pepper Potts and Natalie.

The action scenes in this movie, although not as many as you think there would be, are all great. There is the racecar scene in Monaco, that can be seen in all the trailers, where Ivan comes walking onto the track and dismantles Tony’s racecar in one swipe with his newly established Whiplash suit. This scene rocks but comes in a short second to the final twenty minutes of the film which is pure bad-ass-ness and mayhem.

The few faults this movie has are what you would expect. Too many characters, not enough story. Favreau does as good a job as any with sharing the screen time between all of these stars but it still feels like we are left a little shorthanded on who these people are and what their backgrounds are. There is also a scene that involves the late D.J. AM (who the film is dedicated to) and a drunken Tony in his suit. The scene gets some laughs but feels out of place. It also would have been nice to see more on Nick Fury and Clark Gregg, returning as Agent Caulsen, to explain the Avengers initiative but I am sure we will be getting plenty of this in 2011 with Marvels two origin films, Thor and Captain America.

Iron Man 2 does exactly what it needs to. It adds upon the greatness of the first film while still furthering the story in the right way. It also succeeds in adding the elements that will help continue Marvels master plan of bringing their greatest superheroes together in 2012 for the Avengers. After seeing this film I am positive there is no other actor that could give a better Tony Stark than Robert Downey Jr. The guy is pure gold right now and deserves every accolade he will be up for in the future. Favreau is also on fire with this film as it proves he wasn’t a one-time hit with the first Iron Man. I can’t wait to see what Marvel is able to do with Thor and Captain America next summer (each have an easter-egg of sorts in this film that you will have to be on the lookout for). Go see Iron Man 2 May 7th. It is enjoyable, funny, and it shouldn’t cease to entertain you.

Story: 7
Performances: 9
Directing: 8
Enjoyment: 9
Overall: 8

nightmare on elm street
May 8th, 2010 [3:43:37]

deadpool51: A nightmare on elm street remale has been th best remake ive seen in a while i find it outdoing the original many might call me crazy but if you want to have a good time go watch this film and i hope sequels get made

At least better than Shrek 4....
May 27th, 2010 [9:20:28]

InvaderKatelyn: I am quite a rabid fan of Robert Downey Jr., and I was extremely excited when I was sitting on my bed and hear "Iron Man 2, coming to theaters near you on May 7. 2010." So 2 days after it premiered I ran out to see it and was a little disappointed at the slow step down it took. The movie opens with a scene in a foreign country (reminding you of the first when the first scene was in Afghanistan), Russia, and the scene is captioned in English but for the rest of the movie your either covering your ears or falling asleep because of the loud clanking, shouting, shouting, screaming, and the lulls in the plot where it seems they're trying to fill time until the next shoot scene. They sucked out the classic Tony wit and comebacks that the last film was soaked with. The film is over flowing with villains! Mr. Hammer, Ivan, Senator (whatever his name was)... Oh and, they took away one of the important characters, James "Rhodey" Rhodes, and replaced him also having his character steal one of Tony's suits leaving the film open for cracks of "Black people steal things." I love RDJ but I was disappointed when the credits rolled onto the screen. I own Iron Man 1 and have Iron Man memorabilia all over but this makes me wonder if I should keep adding to it. But now the positive, the relationship between Pepper and Tony gets strained throughout the film and at the end strengthens as said by Tony, "I'm in a stable...ish relationship with Pepper..." The film while lacking in humor, still has some cracks that make you smile and say, "Well maybe it's not that bad." So through the explosions, Russian language, and confusion the film does have some sparkle, like the penny in the Oxy Clean commercial. :)

what was that?
September 5th, 2010 [5:01:05]

Rambo: This was suppose to be a great sequel with more action then what we got in the first one...but instead we get a very boring movie with lots of talking and 3 action scenes at best...one of those scenes seems out of place completely,the club fight between the 2 iron men... the movie never really picks up until its last act,25 minutes before the end which save the movie from a total disaster...
The first movie was brilliant,well written and had a lot of soul(the friendship story between stark and jensen really had me going),this one is lifeless and messy...
positive?the grand prix action scene was well done as well as the last 25 minutes of the movie.I've also enjoyed the scarlett johansson fighting scene.everything else pretty much sucked.


On Iron-Man 2
September 12th, 2010 [11:40:26]

hayder: While I enjoyed first movie as much as one can enjoy action movie I didn't know what to expect of Iron-Man 2. I wasn't sure if it was worth going to theatre and spend money on the ticket but I did and I must say it didn't disappoint me.
Roles were played smoothly. Personally I am a fan of Robert Downey Jr. His performance as narcissistic multi billionaire vigilante was very good. Others were great also. You know the feeling u get after watching a movie, that no other could have played that particular character? Well if it comes to cast of IM2 that is what i felt about most of big roles. From Mickey Rourke's villain through Sam Rockwell's Tony-Stark-wannabe all the way to Don Cheadle's War Machine - all actors were well chosen (not only because some of them were in previous part).
Technically movie was made with fireworks and no wonder since it was supposed to be that way. Also music for various scenes was well chosen and it composed with action the way it was meant to.
Although there were no sudden surprises along whole 2 hours, writers managed to keep viewer interested in what they have created. The action was tense but not overwhelming which is very good thing for recreational movie that we are supposed to watch and rest while at it. Rhytm was great and kept throughout the whole show.
Overall Iron Man 2 was as great as action movie can get. Well pictured and well paced fun production with greater than usual for that kind of installment humor. And although some scenes were annoying or overdirected IM2 kept it's promise and didn't disappoint.

September 18th, 2010 [6:45:26]

celtic-warrior: This movie was quite poor and dissapointed me alot. Its a far cry from the first movie which i enjoyed alot. For the whole movie I felt like i was waiting for it to actually get interesting,but it didnt as such. Eventually it came to the point when all i wanted to do was leave the cinema. But i payed good money in, so to hell with that! Im certainly not looking foward to a 3rd one. It could end up as bad as the spiderman trilogy.

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