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Green Lantern
News & Headlines
"Green Lantern" Takes $52 Million This Weekend, Warners Isn't Happy
June 20th, 2011

"Green Lantern" took first at the domestic box office this weekend with $52 million, but ended up on the low end of expectations.
"Green Lantern" - What Did You Think?
June 18th, 2011

Warner Bros' "Green Lantern," starring Ryan Reynolds, is now playing in theaters.
"Green Lantern" Post-Credits Scene Leaked Online!
June 18th, 2011

A few days ago, Mark Strong revealed that "Green Lantern" contains a post-credits scene, just like Marvel has been doing with their films.
NASA Using "Green Lantern" to Get You Interested in Space
June 17th, 2011

NASA just posted a beautiful shot of the nebula known as RCW 120 to its "Image of the Day" gallery on its website, making lots of references to "Green Lantern" to get people excited.

Review: Green Lantern
June 16th, 2011

Mark Strong Reveals "Green Lantern" Post-Credits Scene
June 15th, 2011

We've been hearing that Sinestro (Mark Strong) wouldn't become evil until the sequel to "Green Lantern.
First "Green Lantern" Clip Appears Online
May 27th, 2011

Michael Clarke Duncan appeared on "Attack of the Show" to talk about "Green Lantern" and his Kilowog character.
New "Green Lantern" Trailer Explains History
May 21st, 2011

Warner Bros has unveiled a brand new "Green Lantern" trailer that explains what the franchise is all about.
New Posters for Conan the Barbarian, Final Destination 5, Green Lantern
May 10th, 2011

Today we have brand new posters for "Conan the Barbarian" remake, the fifth "Final Destination" installment and Warner Bros' upcoming "Green Lantern" superhero film.
Brand New "Green Lantern" Trailer Arrives Online
May 4th, 2011

Warner Bros has unveiled a brand new trailer for the upcoming "Green Lantern" film, starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, and Mark Strong.
New "Green Lantern" Banner and Poster
April 30th, 2011

Warner Bros has unveiled a brand new banner and poster for the upcoming "Green Lantern" film, featuring the many members of the Green Lantern Corps.
Warner Bros Raises "Green Lantern" Budget to Finish on Time
April 26th, 2011

With under two months before the release of "Green Lantern," Warner Bros just invested another $9 million into the film in order to hire new visual effects workers.
Extended "Green Lantern" TV Spot
April 22nd, 2011

Warner Bros has unveiled an extended TV spot for "Green Lantern," starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, and Mark Strong, showing new footage from the movie.
New "Transformers 3" and "Green Lantern" Banners
April 21st, 2011

We recently showed you a banner for "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" featuring Optimus Prime.
Three New "Green Lantern" Promo Photos
April 12th, 2011

Thanks to Breaking News USA, we now have three promo photos from the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie, showing Ryan Reynolds in the full CG suit.
New TV Spots for "Green Lantern," "Thor" and "Super 8"
April 3rd, 2011

Today we have several new TV spots for "Green Lantern," "Thor," "Super 8," "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and "Kung Fu Panda 2.
Four Minutes of "Green Lantern" Footage Arrives Online
April 2nd, 2011

Four-minutes of footage from the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie that was shown at WonderCon this week has now been released online.
"Green Lantern" Just Now Hiring Voice Cast?
March 31st, 2011

We just heard Warner Bros admit that they underestimated the amount of time it was going to take for all the CGI in "Green Lantern," which is why the first trailer ended up worse than expected.
Warner Bros Admits "Green Lantern" Trailer was Terrible
March 29th, 2011

Warner Bros Pictures president Jeff Robinov admitted that the trailer for "Green Lantern," which was released back in November, was far from perfect because some of the intricate special effects are taking longer than expected.
Photo: Better Look at Parallax from "Green Lantern"
March 28th, 2011

BleedingCool got its hands on a photo of an unfinished Parallax toy, the villainous "Green Lantern" character that will threaten to destroy the balance of power in the universe.
Hollywood Agent Says "Green Lantern" is Terrible
January 17th, 2011

NY magazine wrote an article about how Blake Lively is becoming a big star in Hollywood, mentioning that Warner Bros gave her the leading female role in "Green Lantern" after her amazing audition for "The Town.
Did You Confuse "Green Lantern" with "Green Hornet"?
January 14th, 2011

LA Times is reporting that Sony Pictures was originally planning to release "The Green Hornet" in March of 2011, just in time for spring break.
Close-Up Shot of Tomar-Re from "Green Lantern"
December 30th, 2010

The "Green Lantern" trailer already showed a quick glimpse at Tomar-Re, a CGI character who is part of the Green Lantern corps.
Jack Black on Almost Starring in "Green Lantern" Film
December 17th, 2010

Back in 2006, Warner Bros was considering casting Jack Black as the lead in a "Green Lantern" film, which was planned as a comedy written by Robert Smigel ("SNL").
Writer Wants Tom Welling as Superman in "Green Lantern"
December 9th, 2010

While speaking to writer Marc Guggenheim, MTV asked him whether there is any truth to Superman showing up in the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie.
First Look at Parallax from "Green Lantern"?
November 22nd, 2010

The official plot synopsis for "Green Lantern" states that Parallax will threaten to destroy the balance of power in the universe, making the creature the villain in the movie.
"Green Lantern" Trailer Screenshots
November 18th, 2010

The trailer for the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie has recently been released and today we have several screenshots from it to slow down the action and check out some of the detail.
"Green Lantern" Trailer is Here!
November 17th, 2010

Warner Bros has unveiled the official trailer for their upcoming "Green Lantern" film, starring Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, and Mark Strong.
"Green Lantern" Footage is Here!
November 13th, 2010

A description of the "Green Lantern" recently leaked online, but it had no real source and was so silly that I never thought it was real.
"Green Lantern" Concept Art Shows Planet Oa
October 21st, 2010

While we wait for the "Green Lantern" trailer to be released in November, Warner Bros has sent over two pieces of concept art from the film, showing the planet Oa.
Video: Six Flags Adds Crazy New "Green Lantern" Roller Coaster
October 20th, 2010

Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California is getting ready to launch a new roller coaster next year based on the DC Comics character The Green Lantern.
G'Hu to Also Appear in "Green Lantern"
October 9th, 2010

Matty Collector has unveiled their second series of Mattel's "Green Lantern" Classics figures, giving us a look at many of the characters that appeared in the comic book.
"Green Lantern" Trailer in November
October 8th, 2010

During the New York Comic Con, DC Comics' chief creative officer Geoff Johns announced plans to released the trailer for "Green Lantern" before theatrical showing of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1," which is on November 19th.
First Look at Bzzd from "Green Lantern"
August 15th, 2010

Ryan Reynolds recently revealed that one of the Green Lanterns in the new "Green Lantern" movie will be a small wasp-like creature called Bzzd, from the planet Apiaton.
Major "Green Lantern" Spoilers Revealed
August 13th, 2010

It has been rumored that the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie will feature a villain named Krona, who created parallel universes (multiverse).
Photo: Kilowog from "Green Lantern" Revealed
August 10th, 2010

"Green Lantern" wrapped production recently and director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) is now beginning the long process of post-production, especially since Ryan Reynolds' costume is all CG and some of the characters are CG.
Four "Green Lantern" Character Posters
July 26th, 2010

Warner Bros has unveiled four character posters for the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie, featuring shots of Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, Blake Lively as Carol Ferris, Mark Strong as Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond.
Bzzd to Appear in "Green Lantern"
July 25th, 2010

During the San Diego Comic-Con, Ryan Reynolds revealed that one of the Green Lanterns in the new "Green Lantern" movie will be a small wasp-like creature called Bzzd, from the planet Apiaton.
Photos: Abin Sur of "Green Lantern" Shows Up at Comic-Con
July 22nd, 2010

Over on the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con, there is a life-size body of Abin Sur, the dying alien who gives Hal Jordan his power ring in the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie.
More "Green Lantern" Photos Revealed
July 16th, 2010

Entertainment Weekly just premiered a look at the cover of their new issue which features the first shot of Ryan Reynolds in full costume from "Green Lantern.
First Look: Ryan Reynolds in Costume as "Green Lantern"
July 15th, 2010

We just told you that Entertainment Weekly will debut the first shot of Ryan Reynolds in full costume from the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie.
Ryan Reynolds as "Green Lantern" to Appear on Next EW Cover
July 15th, 2010

"Green Lantern" has been shooting for several months, but we have yet to see a shot of Ryan Reynolds in the full superhero outfit.
Concept Art: Ryan Reynolds as "Green Lantern"
June 18th, 2010

BleedingCool posted two photos of a banner hanging at the Warner Bros lot, featuring some concept art of Ryan Reynolds from "Green Lantern.
Official "Green Lantern" Plot Summary
May 29th, 2010

CBM got their hands on the official plot summary for the upcoming "Green Lantern" film, starring Ryan Reynolds, Peter Sarsgaard, Blake Lively and Mark Strong.
Villainous Star Sapphire to Appear in "Green Lantern"
May 20th, 2010

We already know that Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard) will be the main villain in "Green Lantern," even though Sinestro (Mark Strong) will also be in the film (as a set up for the sequel).
Photo: Ryan Reynolds Wearing His "Green Lantern" Costume, Sort Of
May 13th, 2010

"Green Lantern" has been filming for a while, but we have yet to see Ryan Reynolds in costume.
First Look: Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Hector Hammond in "Green Lantern"
May 10th, 2010

Today we have a photo of Peter Sarsgaard (Orphan) on the New Orleans set of "Green Lantern," showing what the actor will look like as the villainous Dr Hector Hammond.
"Green Lantern" Sneak Peek on "Clash of the Titans" Blu-ray
April 29th, 2010

Even though Ryan Reynolds' "Green Lantern" is still shooting, Warner Bros has promised to bring the first footage to the San Diego Comic-Con, which will take place from July 22nd till July 25th.
"Green Lantern" Trailer to Premiere in July
April 17th, 2010

A CBM member claims to have met with an effects supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks to talk about the upcoming "Green Lantern" film.
Ryan Reynolds' "Green Lantern" Costume to be CG
April 12th, 2010

Even though "Green Lantern" has already started filming, we have yet to see a single shot of Ryan Reynolds wearing the costume.
Concept Art: Ryan Reynold's "Green Lantern" Costume Design
April 11th, 2010

Artist Jason Palmer has worked on many feature films and has now been hired by Warner Bros to come up with a few costume designs for the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie.
Mark Strong Talks Sinestro in "Green Lantern"
April 7th, 2010

USA Weekend caught up with Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood) to talk about the upcoming "Green Lantern" film, in which he will play the villainous Sinestro, opposite Ryan Reynold's Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.
Angela Bassett to Oversee Villains in "Green Lantern"
March 25th, 2010

Angela Bassett (How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Notorious) is joining the cast of "Green Lantern," a DC Comics superhero film that's directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and stars Ryan Reynolds.
"Green Lantern" Set Photo and Scene Description
March 22nd, 2010

"Green Lantern" is currently filming in New Orleans and today we have a brand new set photo of Ryan Reynolds.
First Look: Ryan Reynolds on "Green Lantern" Set
March 16th, 2010

"Green Lantern" just started filming in New Orleans on Monday and today we already have the first set photos of Ryan Reynolds.
"Green Lantern" Begins Filming Today, Expands Cast
March 15th, 2010

"Green Lantern" is set to begin filming this week in New Orleans, with Ryan Reynolds starring as Hal Jordan, the test pilot who comes to wear the super-powered ring of the interplanetary police force known as the Green Lantern Corps.
"Green Lantern" and "Sucker Punch" Being Converted to 3D
March 4th, 2010

James Cameron has been very vocal about Warner Bros' approach to developing 3D movies.
Tim Robbins Joins "Green Lantern"
February 9th, 2010

Tim Robbins has joined Warner Bros' "Green Lantern" superhero movie, joining the cast comprised of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard and Mark Strong.
"Green Lantern" Concept Art Reveals "Sinestro"
January 29th, 2010

We recently showed you some concept art from the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie that gave us the first look at what members of the Green Lantern Corps will look like.
"Green Lantern" Concept Art has Leaked
January 27th, 2010

We already know that the main villain in the "Green Lantern" film will be Hector Hammond (Peter Sarsgaard), but director Martin Campbell has already revealed that plenty other characters from the origin story will be included.
"Green Lantern" to Spend Lots of Time in Space
January 26th, 2010

MTV News sat down with director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Edge of Darkness) to find out what percentage of the "Green Lantern" film takes place in space.
Martin Campbell Talks Villains in "Green Lantern"
January 21st, 2010

Director Martin Campbell recently revealed that actor Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes) will play the villainous Sinestro in the "Green Lantern" movie, alongside Peter Sarsgaard, who will play villain Hector Hammond.
No Superman Cameo in "Green Lantern" Movie
January 19th, 2010

Back in December of 2008, co-writer Marc Guggenheim revealed that he wrote in a Superman cameo into the "Green Lantern" script.
Mark Strong is Sinestro in "Green Lantern"
January 16th, 2010

MTV News sat down with director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) to ask him to confirm whether Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, A Nightmare on Elm Street) will star as villainous Sinestro in the "Green Lantern" film.
Jackie Earle Haley Could Still be Sinestro in "Green Lantern"
January 14th, 2010

A few days ago, it was announced that Peter Sarsgaard (Orphan) was in negotiations to play the villainous Dr Hector Hammond in the upcoming "Green Lantern" film, opposite Ryan Reynolds.
Peter Sarsgaard is the Villain in "Green Lantern"
January 13th, 2010

"Green Lantern" is only weeks away from going in front of the cameras, which is why director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) has accelerated the casting process.
Blake Lively is the Female Lead in "Green Lantern"
January 9th, 2010

Now that "Green Lantern" has been greenlit and is only ten weeks away from starting production, Warner Bros has revealed that Blake Lively ("Gossip Girl") will play the female lead opposite Ryan Reynolds.
"Green Lantern" is Officially Greenlit
January 7th, 2010

We've been hearing about "Green Lantern" for a while, but it is only now that Warner Bros gave the superhero project a green light.
"Green Lantern" Assembles Oscar-Winning Crew
December 28th, 2009

While we're still waiting to find out who will star in the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie, outside of Ryan Reynolds, it seems that director Martin Campbell has been quietly putting together an amazing crew to bring the character to the big screen.
Five Actresses in the Running for "Green Lantern" Female Lead
December 21st, 2009

To get an update on the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie, LatinoReview went to its sources, finding out the five actresses who will star opposite Ryan Reynolds as Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan's love in interest in the film.
Quentin Tarantino was Offered to Direct "The Green Lantern"
December 2nd, 2009

Quentin Tarantino is apparently a big comic book fan, using Marvel's "Sgt Fury and His Howling Commandos" as the basis for his "Inglourious Basterds" film.
Ryan Reynolds Says "Green Lantern" Won't Drag Out the Origins
November 30th, 2009

Ryan Reynolds sat down with MTV News to talk about his upcoming "Green Lantern" movie, calling it an origin story that - like "Iron Man" - will have lots of memorable moments when the character isn't in costume.
Jackie Earle Haley on "Green Lantern" Rumor
October 18th, 2009

Just yesterday AICN learned that Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, Nightmare on Elm Street) is at the top of the list to play the villain Sinestro in the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie.
Superman and Jackie Earle Haley to Appear in "Green Lantern"?
October 17th, 2009

"The Green Lantern" may not be able to shoot in Australia, but it's moving forward without too many obstacles.
Ryan Reynolds Talks "Green Lantern"
October 2nd, 2009

Ryan Reynolds made an appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon," where the actor confirmed that he's set to reprise the Deadpool role in the upcoming spin-off and a bit about "Green Lantern," based on the popular DC Comics character.
"Green Lantern" Villains Casting Call
September 17th, 2009

Ryan Reynolds is set to star in the upcoming DC Comics movie "The Green Lantern" and since it is scheduled to hit theaters in under two years (June 17th, 2011), Warner Bros is now looking to cast some of the other main characters.
Video: How Bradley Cooper Bombed "Green Lantern" Audition
August 29th, 2009

Actor Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) made an appearance on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien" where he talked about his audition for the upcoming "The Green Lantern" film.
"The Green Lantern" is Moving to the US
August 27th, 2009

We recently reported that the upcoming DC Comics movie "The Green Lantern," starring Ryan Reynolds, was set to start filming in Australia in two weeks, but had to go find a different location due to budget concerns.
"The Green Lantern" May Be in Trouble
August 25th, 2009

The upcoming DC Comics movie "The Green Lantern," starring Ryan Reynolds, was set to start filming in Australia in about two weeks.
Ryan Reynolds is Cast as "The Green Lantern"
July 11th, 2009

We just reported how Warner Bros has narrowed down their choices to Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto and Bradley Cooper to star in the upcoming "Green Lantern" film.
Justin Timberlake and Superman in "Green Lantern"?
July 10th, 2009

Today, we have two stories for you regarding the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie.
First "Green Lantern" Cast Member Confirmed
May 21st, 2009

Sol Romero, an actress and wife of "Green Lantern" director Martin Campbell, told SCI FI Wire that she will have a role in her husband's movie, based on the DC Comics series of the same name.
Bradley Cooper NOT in "Green Lantern" or "A-Team"
May 20th, 2009

Bradley Cooper's name has been part of many rumors currently circulating on the internet.
Is Sam Worthington Too Good for "Green Lantern"?
May 13th, 2009

Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation, Avatar) recently revealed that he has already spoken with director Martin Campbell about starring in the upcoming "Green Lantern" superhero film.
"Green Lantern" and "Sucker Punch" Pushed Back
May 7th, 2009

We just heard that Bradley Cooper is in negotiations to star in the upcoming "Green Lantern" film and now Warner Bros has announced that the movie will be pushed back by a whole six months from December 17th, 2010 to June 17th, 2011.
Bradley Cooper is "The Green Lantern"?
May 6th, 2009

Warner Bros is currently looking for the right actor to star in the upcoming "Green Lantern" film.
"Green Lantern" Has $150 Million Budget
April 16th, 2009

Warner Bros and DC Comics' next big-budget feature, "Green Lantern," will be made at Fox Studios Australia in Sydney and carry a budget of $150 million.
Should Brian Austin Green be "The Green Lantern"?
April 15th, 2009

Brian Austin Green, who is best know for "Beverly Hills 90210," "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles" and banging Megan Fox (Transformers), is actively campaigning for the role of Hal Jordan in the upcoming "Green Lantern" film.
Terrence Howard Wants to be "Green Lantern"
April 8th, 2009

MTV caught up with Terrence Howard, who revealed that he's not happy about how things turned out regarding the "Iron Man" sequel.
Chris Pine Confirms "The Green Lantern" Rumors
April 3rd, 2009

Not too long ago, we reported that "Star Trek" star Chris Pine (James T Kirk) was on the short list to star as Hal Jordan in the upcoming "The Green Lantern" film.
Chris Pine is NOT "The Green Lantern"
March 20th, 2009

Both IESB and LatinoReview are reporting that "Star Trek" star Chris Pine is on the short list of actors vying for the Hal Jordan role in the upcoming "Green Lantern" film.
"The Green Lantern" Begins Filming in September
March 19th, 2009

Warner Bros is pushing forward with a movie based on DC Comics' "The Green Lantern," which will be directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale).
Producer Discusses "The Green Lantern"
March 9th, 2009

ComingSoon chatted with producer Donald De Line about the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie, which is set to hit theaters on December 17th, 2010.
Anton Yelchin Says He's NOT "The Green Lantern"
March 1st, 2009

It was recently rumored that Anton Yelchin (Terminator Salvation, Star Trek) is being considered for the role of Hal Jordan in the upcming "Green Lantern" movie.
Anton Yelchin is "The Green Lantern"?
February 27th, 2009

Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) has already signed on to direct the upcoming "The Green Lantern" superhero film.
"Harry Potter 8" to Go Head-to-Head with "The Avengers"
February 25th, 2009

Warner Bros has announced released dates for some of the biggest upcoming projects, including several DC Comics' properties and one that seems particularly strange.
Martin Campbell Takes on "The Green Lantern"
February 5th, 2009

Warner Bros is negotiating with Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) to direct "Green Lantern," the live-action film based on the DC Comics hero.
Warner Bros Gives Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and JLA Updates
December 18th, 2008

Collider had the chance to speak to Warner Bros President Alan Horn, who revealed the current status "The Dark Knight" sequel, "Superman Returns" sequel, "The Green Lantern" film and the long-gestating "Justice League of America" movie.
Superman Could Appear in "Green Lantern" Movie
December 2nd, 2008

The "Green Lantern" co-writer Marc Guggenheim told MTV News that new DC Comics movie is moving forward nicely, even if discussions about other characters get in the way.
Ryan Gosling in The Green Lantern?
October 9th, 2008

DC Comics' Green Lantern will be getting his own film soon.
"The Green Lantern" Movie is in Active Development
August 4th, 2008

The current issue of Production Weekly has updated the status of Warner Bros' adaptation of DC Comic's "The Green Lantern" to being "in active development.
Green Lantern Movie Moving Forward
June 5th, 2008

CHUD got the chance to speak to director Donald De Line about the current status of the Green Lantern superhero movie, which is apparently still moving forward despite the many problems "Justice League of America" has been facing.
"Green Lantern" Hires Director
October 29th, 2007

Warner Bros has set Greg Berlanti to direct "Green Lantern," a live-action take on the DC Comics superhero.

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