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George Clooney Denies Writing Big Scene in "Gravity"

Posted: October 9th, 2013 by WorstPreviews.com Staff
George Clooney Denies Writing Big Scene in "Gravity"Submit Comment
During the making of "Gravity," there was a rumor that George Clooney stepped in to help director Alfonso Cuaron write a scene that Cuaron was having trouble with. Cuaron has since confirmed this, but Clooney continues to deny part of the story, claiming that the entire thing makes him seem terrible.


"There was one scene we were doing over and over and over, and George overheard that we were dealing with that," Cuaron previously explained. "And then one night I receive an e-mail from him, saying, 'I heard you were struggling with this. I took a shot with the scene, Read it. Throw it out.' And we ended up using it. This was exactly what we needed."

The scene took place at the end of the movie when Sandra Bullock imagines Clooney coming onboard and helping her find a way to get back to earth. Clooney says he had little to do with that and would never write something that would force the filmmaker to give him more screen-time.

"Alfonso's such a sweet guy. He hands out credit to everyone all the time," explained Clooney. "I said, 'You guys are struggling, here's an idea.' So I wrote out a scene, and there's a portion of it in the movie about Sandy wanting to live. They were struggling with how to tell people she wants to live, and I said, 'Maybe you say she talks to her little girl and says Mommy loves her.' Alfonso said they shot a version of it. I would never write myself a scene to come back in."

Source: The Wrap

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Displaying 9 comment(s) Profanity: Turn On
minkowski writes:
on October 9th, 2013 at 10:19:46 PM

More Looney and Bollocks. These two should get a Saturday morning cartoon or something.
Cannon writes:
on October 9th, 2013 at 10:48:29 PM

I remember Clooney when he was on Rosanne (Fisher). sh*t, I remember him from The Facts of Life.

I seriously need to clear out some mental filing cabinets.

on October 9th, 2013 at 11:08:20 PM

Could you imagine millions of people focusing on your every word, then wondering what each new day will bring? Have you ever speculated what affect the Billy Meier prophesies would have on those who would listen or believe?

People do sometimes ask themselves how they could make positive changes in their lifestyles and attitudes, to assist them and their families in the days ahead. "What can I/we do, for the good of every person, to make this a better world?" Only to flip the page and ask, "We were born on this planet Earth, so why must we 'pay' to live here? What does global warming have to do with us, and why should we care? It's not 'our' fault!"

With just these few queries in mind, and more yet to come, we are caught up in our daily lives, with the matter of survival, in a 'dog eat dog' style, of an overpopulated society. In many cases, we've not paid attention to what goes on around us. So then, isn´t all of this worldly turmoil our own fault? The question bears very serious consideration.

The global issues we face are grim indeed, but merely talking about the fix is cheap. As much as we hate to admit it, there are obsessions that capture our interest, and life gets in the way. We facilitate our escape into the TV, the latest romance novels, talking trash, sports, shopping at the mall, traveling, partying, and gambling. We look at how much capital or stock we've acc*mulated, how many 'possessions' we've acquired, how big our homes are, and "please, let's outdo the neighbors," the designer clothes on our backs, and the exotic foods we eat.

We talk about absent immigration laws, health care that isn't, money being created out of thin air, higher taxes, global debt, Wall Street dives, losing jobs, homes and cars, and banks going belly up. We argue that we´re losing our Constitutional rights, human rights, gay rights and minority rights. We discuss how poorly our school systems are constructed, killer vaccines for the kids and elders, child abuse, rape, incest and murder. We dispute the existence of UFOs, complain about belligerent cops, terrorists, wars, and military assigned new duties on our streets, government cover-ups and conspiracies, and conspiracy theories turned fact. We gossip about who is doing what to whom, and how we 'feel just awful' because someone said something that was considered 'politically incorrect,' regardless if it was the truth. They took offense, and the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth suddenly became irrelevant. Nevertheless, when we look deep inside of our consciences, and realize that what the other person said was in fact, a reality, some might still have the tenacity to anger quickly, but to forgive slowly. However, by the time the angered decide it was the truth after all, the Prosecutor, with a smile on his face states, "We've won the case, and here's your check." On the other hand, there are some, who just will not forgive, without feeling a sort of malice and may utter to themselves, "What can I do to get even with so-'n-so for saying or doing that?" In spite of everything, this should 'not' be the question. The answer, however, is to be in agreement with the fact that life is 'not' about getting even. It's about gaining knowledge and wisdom, while learning from our mistakes, in order that we may become a more loving society, and complete within ourselves.

Is there is a correct way to think or act? Should we be required to constantly 'police our thoughts' or 'it be requisite to have others police them for us?' If so, 'who' said we must, 'why' the thought police, and 'what' ever happened to 'free will?' 'Where' is the 'real unconditional love,' and sharing of not only information, but everything? 'When' did people begin ignoring their missions on this planet?

Who is to say what is authentic and straightforward and what is not? What about the profound learning tools, which are indeed being handed to the global population on a silver platter, no questions asked.

Many more inquiries plague us as the days, months, and years pass quickly, and this planet's time runs out; and be certain, it 'is' running out. The norm appears to be that when something of major importance does occur, we are incredibly shocked and in disbelief, saying to others, and ourselves, "They didn´t tell us we were in the midst of being taught how to live by the natural laws! We've never heard of such a thing! The church leaders´ didn´t tell us that! Now, here they are, dumping new rules on us? How dare them! Why didn´t they just share the 'all of the truth' from the very beginning?

If we take the time to look around at the available information, instead of indulging ourselves in constant distractions, from the time we've awakened until going to sleep, we would have seen it. How did those issues of importance pass right under our noses, without us being aware? This is actually a very juvenile and redundant question.

Michael Horn is the American representative for 72-year-old Billy Meier, Plejaren contactee. The famous Meier/Plejaren contacts are discussed not only in books, on TV, audios and DVDs, but also on line at various social sites and blogs.

The importance of these contacts is immeasurable, yet millions of citizens still do not know, or they have their doubts. And while they distrust, they debunk pictures of the 'real UFOs' that have been taken and displayed by Billy Meier, (not the terrestrial created vehicles we see flying around), not to mention prophetic images of future events that lay ahead, as well as the prophesies that have already come to pass. The hundreds of thousands of hours Billy put into recording this material, since age 14 that has been made available to the public, the majority of which is 'free of charge,' if one only chooses to take the time to look.

I decided to ask Michael Horn some questions that have been plaguing inner and outer circles of the UFO believers, non-believers and social communities. There were several false rumors regarding Billy and this valuable information, which I found disturbing. Therefore, to clear the air I put some of most disputed questions to Michael, for direct answers. For some, this information will be helpful; but for those who do not believe, there are no answers that will suffice. However, non-belief is acceptable because Billy never intended to create a 'cult.' He is but the chosen, who willingly shares this information, 'for the good of all mankind.'

1. Michael, according to various sources, there were reports about one-on-one contact between humans and gray aliens. Supposedly, the grays had given the government and elite´s technology to build bases, for themselves, on the moon, in exchange for the genetic manipulation of humans. It´s also been stated that the U.S., Russia and the British have had bases on the moon since 1954. Did Billy ever make any comments about this?

MH: "The first thing to think about here is that any extraterrestrial race that possess the technological capability to not only travel countless light years from the depths of space to come to earth and/or its moon, and that also possesses the necessary technology to, invisibly, abduct humans certainly doesn´t need anyone´s permission to do so. Nor is it necessary for them to enter into any agreements with anyone for the purpose of sharing any technology with any members of the species that it wishes to abduct, manipulate, etc., sure. The Plejaren and Meier have commented on the virtual hysteria by misinformed and gullible people, which should be read by all concerned."

2) Since Billy has had continued communication with the Plejaren, did Quetzal, Ptaah or Semjase say directly that the moon we now view was in fact ´brought here´ to orbit the earth? In addition, did they ever relate to Billy that it is indeed a satellite and not a real moon?

MH: "They have in fact said that the moon is a completely natural object, which came into our solar system under also totally natural, as opposed to man-made, actions, and originated from a small planet 4.5 million years older than Earth. They also explained how it came to orbit Earth. The idea that it was brought here by other beings is part of the deliberately diversionary, distracting disinformation that plagues the entire UFO research field."

3) It´s been reported by John Lear, son of Bill Lear, who created the Lear Jet, that we have been lied to about the moon, and that there is an atmosphere around it, just as the earth. Did the Plejaren ever suggest there was any truth to this, in their conversations with Billy?

MH: "I am not aware of any information that deals with this idea. It is stated in the Meier material that, in the future, we will indeed build bases on the moon, as we will on Mars, but this is still some time away, if we ´survive ourselves´ in the meantime."

4) Some of Billy´s photographs have become quite controversial. Many are saying that the pictures he took during his time travel experiences were total fakes. In particular, they are focusing on the photo of a prehistoric bird, a Pteranodons, (Large flying bird with a wingspan of 25-33 ft.), which is an exact match to one photo that a debunker of Billy´s material found in a book. Did Billy have an explanation of why these two images were exactly alike?

MH: "Not surprisingly, those rather sophisticated parties that failed in a number of attempts to assassinate Meier, tried to assassinate his character instead. They did this by altering, hoaxing and/or substituting some of their photos for Meier´s actual ones. In addition, since Meier always sent his photographs and films out to be developed, intercepting them and doing their dirty work was not a very difficult task for these parties. The same thing was done to Meier regarding the so-called Asket and Nera photographs. Seeing to it that these were also widely promoted for the skeptics to jump on was also easy, since these parties have very easy access to all branches of the media as well."

5) Various stories are being shared on several blogs and social sites that there is a plethora of extraterrestrials, known as the Reptilian race, are supposedly kidnapping children, and eating them, while they´re still alive. One story also suggests that these Reptilians are responsible for 100,000 children a year vanishing, and that the government ´knows´ they are doing this. Where do these stories come from, and what comments, if any, has Billy made regarding any current Reptilian presence?

MH: "These stories, like much of what we´ve been speaking about, are the work of deliberate disinformation parties and are also taken up and promoted by self-seeking, profit-motivated, highly delusional people who, strangely enough, cannot produce one single piece of evidence; not as much as a scale, from one of these supposedly ever-present "evil aliens" to support their fear-mongering nonsense."

6) Several UFO enthusiasts are insinuating that the U.S. has actually been on the Moon and Mars since 1958. Was there any information related to Billy regarding this, when he traveled via ship with the Plejaren?

MH: "Meier and the Plejaren have made it very clear that the first U.S. moon landing was a hoax but that we did get there a number of times subsequent to that. I think that they have said the same for claims about Mars, though there may have been some unannounced probes and/or satellites that were put in orbit around Mars."

7) I´ve always been under the impression that the Aurora Borealis are produced by the collision of charged particles from Earth's magnetosphere, mostly electrons, but also protons and heavier particles, with atoms and molecules of Earth's upper atmosphere (at altitudes above 80 km (50 miles)). In addition, they originate from explosions on the Sun´s surface and arrive at the vicinity of Earth in the relatively low-energy solar wind. That is what creates what is termed the Northern Lights. However, Alex Collier, a.k.a. Ralph Amagran, has spoken at several meetings and states first, that our Earth is hollow. He also claims the Andromadans told him that the Aurora Borealis is broken down electrons from inside of the earth, and that these electrons coming up through the earth, break down to their finest point, which is light, collects at the center of the earth is literally the Aurora Borealis. In other words, those electron particles come up from the Earth´s hollow center. Have the Plejaren shared any special information with Billy, in regard to the Earth being hollow, taking into account these were mentioned as an occurrence because of the hollow Earth?

MH: "Meier and the Plejaren have referred to these theories about the earth being hollow as nonsense and fantasies that are not even worthy of further comment. It should, however, be pointed out that when a man named Ralph Amagran says his name is "Alex Collier" then we already know that almost everything else that will come out of his mouth will also be either a lie, delusional or a product of a confused and disturbed individual, to be kind. There is a huge difference between subterranean environments, even enclaves and to small cities, and the earth being hollow; the former does not equate to the latter. We even have mines that go down into the earth, but they go such a relatively small distance that any thinking person should be able to see the deceptive nature of the hollow earth claims, especially when considering all known scientific information as well."

8) Quetzal and Billy had several conversations, one in particular regarding the Henoch (Enoch) prophesies, where Quetzal states many serious consequences for the actions, or even non-action by humankind. In your most recent conversations with Billy, did he discuss where we are currently, within that time frame?

MH: "The only thing he mentioned was in response to my questions regarding earthquakes off the west coast, which he said will increase and be part of a cycle of ever more powerful quakes in many places. However, it has been clear for some time that the Plejaren consider that, in many ways, ´we have passed the point of no return´ in regards to coming environmental disasters, which are merely the inevitable consequences of long term abuse and mismanagement, of our environment and natural resources, by humanity. They used the term "apocalyptic" in regards to what we can expect the future to bring."

9) There are hundreds of individuals and groups that have come together via the internet, with channeled messages from angels and ascended masters, who tell them that they will be ascending soon. These groups have also been accepting the channeled messages from the so-called Federation of Light, to Blossom Goodchild, who resides in the U.K. According to these messages, large mother ships will appear to rescue them from the non-benevolent forces, such as the Reptilian race, horrific governments, the Earth´s upheaval, and so forth. What have the Plejaren people shared with Billy regarding rescue by external, benevolent brothers and sisters from other planets? In addition, has the Earth become the center of attention because of the problems we are having within our governments, and thus far being incapable of finding long lasting, solutions for peace?

MH: "Meier and the Plejaren are unambiguous in their dismissal of, and disdain for, such feeble-minded claims. Again, such fanciful, irresponsible notions have been promoted by and through various channels of disinformation, and more than willingly taken up by extremely gullible New Agers, people in so-called UFO groups, etc. These kinds of literally ´escapist fantasies´ also contained elements of warmed over Christianity, with its imaginary God style, angels, so-called ascension, resurrection and everything else that is completely fabricated, as well as illogical and without any basis in the laws of science and nature. A rude awakening awaits those who in any way rely on, or give credence to, such obviously ludicrous ideas."

10) Did Quetzal ever tell Billy that most of the diseases on Earth have been manufactured my man, in laboratories, and is there a solution we can use to eradicate these viruses and bacteria?

MH: "I am only aware of the numerous comments that they have made about many of these diseases as actually originating, again, as a result of human stupidity, not evil scientific brilliance. That doesn´t mean that there aren´t or couldn´t be such things; but many of our diseases (they say over 50%) are actually from our too close proximity to domestic animals, i.e. the keeping of pets and our misplaced, transferred affections for them (including touching, even kissing animals that are always carriers of organisms that are harmful to humans)."

11) The writers of the book "Exopolitics," such as Michael Salla and Paloa Harris, have been ignoring Billy Meier´s material, and the fact that his predictions have been extremely accurate, whereas those of Alex Collier have not come to pass. Although there is that possible exception of the 9/11 attacks, which were somewhat correct; however, the entire state of New York was not completely destroyed, although the city was covered in ash. Didn´t Billy make predictions about the terror attacks before Alex Collier?

MH: "Meier was warned directly, twice in 1989, about the attack on the WTC and it also included in the Henoch (Enoch) Prophecies, from 1987. Collier´s" information was nowhere near this specific."

12) There is a convention of UFO believers congregating in Brazil, with "Exopolitics" writers and the creators of classes, which are supposed to be designed to assist people in ´getting in tune´ with this supposed rescue and infiltration of extraterrestrials. In addition, they say they´re about to bring about government disclosure regarding UFOs. Do you believe that government disclosure will finally be presented to the public, or is this just wishful thinking on behalf of the believers; and second, what are these classes really intended to teach?

MH: "I think that as long as the so-called "UFO community", and silly groups like "Exopolitics" (which is completely unable to substantiate any of their claims), carry on in the illusion that the powers that be will comply with their impotent demands, that nothing will be disclosed by the "government" except what it wants to disclose, if anything. While I haven´t taken any of these classes, the fact that they are being "taught" by people who obviously have zero credentials, i.e. absolutely no knowledge of anything or anyone extraterrestrial, only reveals them to be cynical profit-motivated endeavors. Unless and until the Meier case is recognized as the only authentic standard by which all other claims of extraterrestrial contact are measured, then humanity remains easily manipulated and in the dark ages, thanks largely to these self-serving "UFO researchers" and their ridiculous groups."

13) Many people have the belief that Billy Meier is attempting to create a ´cult´ surrounding the teachings of the Plejaren. What do you think their motive is for making this accusation, and has Billy ever suggested such a thing or commented on this issue?

MH: "Cults, religions, sects, etc. all have certain things in common, such as rigid, fear-inducing belief systems, superstitions, rituals, special "leaders", gurus, masters, clergy, etc. Moreover, they all are usually actively trying to recruit new "believers and followers" into their ranks. Meier and his group, FIGU, have absolutely none of those attributes of course; if anything, they´re adamantly anti-belief and vigorously for self-responsibility and self-discovery of the truth. There are no beliefs whatsoever connected to their work and, actually, Meier is not the leader who rules over them and demands their support and agreement. He is one member of FIGU and, while he does have unique abilities and responsibilities, he also has only one vote in the decision making process, which all FIGU members participate in. Of course, no one anywhere is going to be able to honestly say that FIGU has tried to recruit them, knocked on their door for money, or said that they will be condemned to an imaginary hell if they don´t "believe" in Meier, the Plejaren, etc. The actual cults are, and have been, operating right before our very eyes – they are the major (and minor) religions of our world, who we can thank for keeping it in darkness and suppressing the liberating truth, which is what Meier, as the last of the seven prophets for earth, has once again come to teach."

14. For you, what have been the most difficult portions of Billy's messages to convey to the public, as far as understanding the Plejaren teachings?

MH: "I think that overall it's the core element of self-responsibility. I feel that it's important to convey that the prophecies and predictions weren't given just to dazzle us with interesting information, but to help us wake up to the very dangerously deep mess that we're in. This disconnect is due in large part to the influence of religions that always have encouraged people to put everything, every responsibility on someone or something outside of them, like the imaginary God(s), angels, saints, as well as priests, rabbis, etc. In addition, is that this is carried over into the New Age communities, with their equally irresponsible dependence on gurus, masters, imaginary spirit guides, angels, etc. An equally difficult problem is getting people to understand how overpopulation is at the root of almost all of our problems and/or makes them all worse. Because of religion's influence, this is very difficult. And all of this, of course, is tied into understanding the laws of cause and effect."

15. As far as Billy's predictions, why do you believe that unless he is 100% accurate at any given time is so important to people, when many other predictions or prophesies have been comparatively inaccurate?

MH: "It's all connected to the idea of self-responsibility, or the lack of it, and of people having become mere spectators in their lives, as they have become with TV, sports, reality shows, etc. They have an unrealistic sense of how life actually works; as if they could put an earthquake on hold, as they can with a movie on a DVD or a phone call, etc. And, since fewer and fewer people are really engaged in deeper, more meaningful things, since they equate celebrity, fame and fortunes as their real values and have basically lost interest and respect for people of wisdom, they have a strange attitude, that somehow everything revolves around them and their whims. It's also the "raising the bar" behavior, where people will say, "If he's really a prophet then give me a new prediction now of what's going to happen in a week, here, there, etc." In other words, it's an infantile "I'm the center of the universe" attitude rather than one of self-responsibility. Factually, Meier is the most accurate prophet in history, which is even more amazing considering the vast number of extremely specific things he's foretold."

16. There has been a lot of discussion among groups, some harsh words, who believe that the spirit/soul connection to God and Creation is most important, as opposed to religious beliefs. Those who use religion as more of a crutch, to be accurate, than a belief, and refuse to accept the knowledge and wisdom as Billy passes along, would seem to be left in the cold. In the teachings of the Plejaren, however, religion appears to be more of the cause for violence than that of spiritual insight and knowledge given. Since Billy has said that we've now passed the point of no return, what could each person do to facilitate the changes that are coming; or in other words changing their mindset? Would it be 'just coming into their own' or should those who have rejected truth and knowledge, at this point in time, even bother change anything in their own experience?

MH: "To try to summarize an answer, first, there should be no coercion, no trying to force people to "get" Meier's material, to see him for who he is, etc. That would only lead to another religion, cult, etc. All human beings, everywhere and at all times, are encouraged to become consciously aware of every thought, feeling and action they have and take. This is a major element of ´self-responsibility´ and it puts proper attention inside of us, on how we, as human beings actually function, make choices, decisions, etc. This helps us to create or lives, and our outer world, in a conscious, preferred way. Ideally then, we wouldn't have any need for the dead end religious and political systems that polarize, distract and disinform people about the true nature of...reality itself. We are in a process of evolution and ultimately we all have to grow and mature, with knowledge and wisdom, and become what the Plejaren call "real human beings", living in true love, harmony, peace, understanding, and freedom."

The Billy Meier material is now available on a full-length, DVD video, "The Silent Revolution of Truth." Still with a host of skepticism, the proof you´ve always wanted to see is now available at: http://www.theyfly.com. There is also an opportunity to see a two-part interview with Michael Horn, free of charge, at: http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com/members/mhorn1.htm

Below is the information regarding the sequence of the DVD.

"The Silent Revolution of Truth"

In 1958, Billy Meier predicted the Iraq Wars, AIDS, global warming and terrorism and… he´d already been to the moon.

Is it the biggest hoax…or the most important story in human history?

Now you can decide for yourself!

The long awaited, new, feature length doc*mentary on the Billy Meier case is finally here! Now, for the first time, you´ll see and hear Billy Meier´s story in his own words!

You´ll see photos and films of:

Meier handling the infamous laser pistol!

Multiple UFOs and a UFO hovering…over Meier´s head!

A demonstration of a recent magnetic levitation invention that proves Meier´s UFOs are the real thing!

Scientific examination of the UFO sounds and metal samples!

The apple grown more than 30 years ago…in a Plejaren space ship!

The secret Nazi UFO…used with devastating results against Allied bombers in WWII!

The MGM FX UFO model and Meier´s 60+ words per minute, one-handed typing!

and never before released Meier UFO photos!

You´ll learn about Billy Meier´s:

Contacts with the Plejaren, Sfath, which began when he was…five years old!

Conservative parish priest – and UFO contactee – Father Zimmermann, who helped him cope with his otherworldly experience!

Early hardships, youth prison and his escape from the French Foreign Legion!

Travels into the past and future with Asket, from the Dal universe!

Meetings with world leaders from Mahatma Gandhi to…Saddam Hussein!

Role as The Phantom in the Middle East, apprehending serial killers and mass murderers!

Loss of his left arm in a brutal accident in Turkey and the life-threatening delirium that followed!

Dream that saved him from a would be assassin!

And there´s new information about:

The discovery of the Talmud Jmmanuel, the 2,000 year-old doc*ment, so heretical it threatens the very foundation of all the major religions!

Who Jmmanuel really was, and how the false name "Jesus Christ" was later given to him…with photos of the actual tomb of the crucifixion!

Spiritual teachings – and predictions – from the Plejaren!

You´ll also meet and hear from:

Family members sharing what it was like growing up with a UFO contactee!

Numerous other witnesses, including a retired UN diplomat!

Other witnesses, some who also photographed the UFOs!

Fair and balanced! You´ll also learn about:

What a professional therapist has to say about people who say they´ve been in contact with extraterrestrials!

The analysis of Meier´s and the UN diplomat´s honesty by an expert consultant to the U.S. Army Special Forces – who depend on the same observational skills in life and death situations!

And there´s more in the Special Features section!

See a professional skeptic take his best shot at Meier´s evidence…and Michael Horn´s rebuttal!

Learn the history of the human race in the universe over millions and millions of years!

Hear the story of how the first interstellar songwriting collaboration took place – and hear the song itself!

Feature length: 1:32 Special Features: :38 Total running time: 2:10

Once you see this new film, you´ll want to have everything available on the Meier case! Print Email
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I also hold honors and several years of experience in the Health Care industry, as a former CMA to eight practicing physicians. In addition to that I've studied psychology, while in college, and I hold Outstanding Achievement Certificates in Project Management, and Forensic Excavation, and the Honors Award as CMA. Finally, but certainly not last, I am currently writing for the American, Los Angeles and California Chronicle on-line editions.

Much of my experience revolves around relationships, personal and business, including home and family, along with all the issues that interfere within those extremely important ties. I've also cared for two parents, in conjunction with Hospice, which has given me a greater insight as to the problems and traumas that can arise in these situations. I've also overcome an illness that plagued me for thirteen years, by learning how to use intuitive healing.

E-book Author of: Non-fiction - "Ultimate Betrayal," Paternity Fraud Expose, Fiction-Gothic -"His Eyes Deceived Her," (originally published by iUniverse). Short stories fiction: "A Matter of Atonement," and "Walking the Crooked Mile" - both detective genre. Between the years 1989-1992 I've also won four Golden Poet Awards as well as three Merit Awards for outstanding poetry.

Radio Interviews regarding "Ultimate Betrayal" - The Mike Welsh Drive Show, Australia, Dads on the Air - Australia, Children Need Both Parents - Rockin' Robin Dennison, Florida.

Interests: Photography and creating art from my pictures, riding (when and if time will allow), design and redesign, painting with watercolor and oil, sculpture.

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sedibus writes:
on October 10th, 2013 at 1:05:44 AM

Is interesting what you posted, Plastic Man, thanks, I have never heard of Bill Meier and all that stuff, but then again, there are misteries in the world besides man made bullsh*t, indeed.

So, who knows, and better to be part of the action.

But, then again, sometimes might be good just to be an spectator and just sit and wait and see.
seveltoto writes:
on October 20th, 2017 at 3:28:41 PM

aleale writes:
on November 7th, 2017 at 9:04:18 AM

recreator9 writes:
on November 9th, 2017 at 10:39:13 PM

sevelace writes:
on November 12th, 2017 at 11:02:01 PM

nikitavirza writes:
on January 13th, 2018 at 11:29:11 PM

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